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Skirmish Supremacy Podcast

  • Episode 137 - The Genesys Project with Gary Krieger

    19 JUL 2019 · Nick and Robin sit down with Gary Krieger to talk about his game Genesys. This game brings the concepts of Civilization, Stellaris, Masters of Orion, and more to the tabletop. You create your faction using attributes and as you play games you don't just level up your warriors, you level up your entire faction. Over time you progress through the ages. It is currently on Kickstarter funding and has nearly reached its goal.
    1h 15m 31s
  • Episode 136 Zone Raiders

    18 FEB 2019 · Nick and Robin sit down with Tony Xiao and talk about his game Zone Raider. Zone Raiders is Action Skirmish Game featuring dynamic movement, engaging story, and multiple factions with their own speciality.
    58m 21s
  • Episode Two: WarGamerGirl Miranda Bourke

    19 FEB 2016 · We sit and talk with Miranda about how she builds her videos on YouTube and the work that goes into it.  I also get harassed about not seeing Deadpool yet while Nick constantly struggles with his mic.  Check o
    1h 6m 55s
  • Episode One: Channel Introduction

    12 FEB 2016 · Welcome to the first episode of Skirmish Supremacy!  I am joined by my co-host, Nick Bogart, as we talk a bit about the channel, what games we are excited for, and what we have on our project lists.  We strive to do something a bit differen
    1h 5m 41s

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