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ShopTalk 360

  • ShopTalk360 Ri Chan interview

    22 MAR 2021 · In this episode of ShopTalk360 - my guest and dear sister Ri Chan, author of 'Stories From Grand Street Journey' shares this fiction collection of an immigrant family's struggles growing up in Chinatown, NYC. So true to my upbringing and a vital read for folks to get a glimpse of the immigrant experience. These stories magnifies both life's little joys and heart wrenching moments as seen through the eyes of this young protagonist. A heartwarming and tender read to the end - especially during these times we all call for peace, inclusion and racial equity.
    43m 4s
  • ShopTalk360 Jim Wexler interview: How Gamification helps with Talent Development

    9 SEP 2020 · Thank you Jim Wexler, President of Experiences Unlimited and Persona Labs, for such an engaging discussion on gamification and how this tool provides perspective and solutions - now more than ever - in the areas of remote learning and working. Love your passion for what you do in utilizing technology and data to share human behavior and improve experiences!
    1h 4m 6s
  • ShopTalk360 Bonnie Canal interview on Covid19, the Economy, Racial Equity

    15 JUL 2020 · Really enjoyed our 1 hour in depth conversation with current issues: the coronavirus, reopening businesses and the fight for racial equality. Bonnie has an incredible background of Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Resiliency, combined with her innate care of others - we had an incredible discussion. Check out the complete video interview on ShopTalk360's youtube channel
    53m 44s
  • Brennan, Walton prerecorded May 2020 from video interviews

    15 JUL 2020 · Always great touch base chats with Marilyn Brennan and then Curt Walton, recorded from our video interviews May 2020. Love their energy during these challenging times! Check it out on ShopTalk360's youtube channel
    26m 13s
  • Jerome Ryan Interview - Re-Opening Businesses during COVID-19

    5 MAY 2020 · Jerome Ryan, business continuity and crisis management Industry leader shares what we should be preparing for as some states consider re-opening for business during this pandemic. We also discuss questions we should be asking ourselves as business owners, as well as, thoughtful approaches when working with our employees. Thank you Jerome for sharing your insightful point of view on operational resilience as we plan to settle into a new normal. Jerome Ryan can be reached at
    41m 27s
  • COVID19 Berman Carra Brennan

    18 MAR 2020 · COVID-19 Updates from our Industry: Al Berman, Chairman of the Board, Disaster Recovery Institute International; Angel Cara, Sparks Marketing Corp; Marilyn Brennan, Cummings Signs
    34m 42s
  • Valentine Edition2 Weis-Mitchell-Cabrera

    19 FEB 2020 · The love continues with Industry leaders: Randy Weis, Thomas Mitchell and Isyol Cabrera sharing what inspires them to do what they love each and everyday! Get Ready, Get Inspired!
    46m 59s
  • Valentine Edition Zoegall-Mulcahy-Walton

    14 FEB 2020 · ShopTalk360 Valentine Edition sharing what we love about our Industry with Chip Zoegall/Pacifica Contractors, Paul Mulcahy/Right Path Windows&Doors and Curt Walton/Saks Fifth Ave. Thanks so much for spreading the love in our Industry of Commercial Design, Construction & Facilities!
    37m 56s
  • ShopTalk 360 Greg Carpenter

    30 JAN 2020 · Back in the swing of podcasting - so excited to chat with dear Industry friend Greg Carpenter on our Commercial Design, Construction & Facilities Industry! Get Ready, Get Inspired!
    24m 24s
  • Julie Fox Interview

    17 APR 2018 · Just loved chatting with Real Estate Industry Leader Julie Fox and learning more about The PIPELINE and their mission! Thank you Julie for what you do for our Industry! I'm Ready, I'm Inspired!
    23m 4s
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