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Shoot From the Heart with Diane Bell: Filmmaking, Screenwriting, & Inspiration

  • Ep #66 - Money and Movies

    11 SEP 2021 · To make a movie, you need cash and it's easy to feel like THE thing stopping you from achieving success as a filmmaker is a lack of finance. In this episode, I invite you to think about what money is and how it relates to making movies. Join me for a free masterclass on this topic, starting September 15:
    Played 19m 35s
  • Ep #65: On Being a Female Artist

    6 AUG 2021 · In this episode, I share a little about my own personal journey as a woman and an artist, and a few things that I've learned a long the way. To register for the free masterclass FEMALE ARTIST RISING -->
    Played 20m 33s
  • Ep #64: The Rise of the Female Artist

    5 AUG 2021 · Women are still dramatically under-represented in the film world. It's easy to look outside of us at the systemic injustices (which are real) but in this episode I invite the women amongst us to look inside. When we understand our deep coding - not just from our lives being born into a patriarchy, but our genetic heritage as women who are daughters of generations of suppressed voices - we can start to create a healing and transformation that will change the world.To sign up for the free masterclass Female Artist Rising --->
    Played 16m 38s
  • Ep #63: The Standout Screenplay

    11 JUL 2021 · Most screenplays will never sell or get made into movies. So how do you write one that really has a shot at standing out? In this episode, I dive into the idea of writing from your heart and why it matters so much. To sign up for the masterclass Screenwriting From the Heart:
    Played 18m 12s
  • Ep #62: What if it's not meant to be easy?

    14 JUN 2021 · We often think if something is hard, then we should give up. We should leave it to the people who are naturally talented, who make it look easy. Today I want to offer you another perspective on this. If you've ever felt like your path is just too hard, please listen to this episode! It will be a game-changer. To join the Shoot From the Heart Society: To sign up for the EMPOWERED free masterclass: learn more about the Screenwriter's Pro Mastermind:
    Played 23m 2s
  • Ep #61: How to Protect Your Work

    31 MAY 2021 · It's every screenwriter's worst nightmare - that their idea will be stolen. But how common is it really? In this episode, you'll learn how to protect your work in the practical sense, but also how to shift your understanding so that you can release the fear of theft. To join the Shoot From the Heart Society:
    Played 21m 10s
  • Ep #60: Overcoming Fear

    11 APR 2021 · If you know that it's fear that's stopping you, you're halfway to winning the battle. In this episode, I talk about why fear is the #1 enemy of all artists and how to handle it. If you'd like to join my FREE masterclass this month, MAGNETIC, sign up here:
    Played 20m 12s
  • Ep # 59: Creating Unforgettable Characters

    5 APR 2021 · The key to writing a stand out script is creating unforgettable characters. In this episode, we'll explore why that is - and crucially how to do it. Say goodbye to 2 dimensional stereotypes and instead start writing the kind of characters that great actors will kill to play! If you've written a screenplay (or more than one) and you'd like to be part of a supportive group (including monthly zoom calls with me, I'd like to invite you to join The Screenwriter's Pro Mastermind: If you'd like to join my FREE facebook group for monthly masterclasses, please join The Shoot From the Heart Society:
    Played 30m 53s
  • Ep #58: Someone Else's Story

    30 MAR 2021 · Do you want to tell a story that isn't yours? Is that okay to do - or are you appropriating someone's story in a way that is inappropriate? How do you make sure that in telling someone else's story you are not committing an offense? How do you navigate getting the rights to tell someone's story? All these questions (and more) are part of today's episode. To join The Shoot From the Heart Society for monthly free masterclasses, go to:
    Played 34m 9s
  • Ep #57: The Exceptional Myth

    6 MAR 2021 · Do you believe that in order for you to sell a script it has to be EXCEPTIONAL? If so, you'll fallen victim to a power-sucking myth. In this episode you'll learn what your script really has to be, and why you get to decide what is worthy of selling (and trust me, once you really get this, it will make selling your script so much easier!). To join the Shoot From the Heart Society, for free monthly masterclasses, go here:
    Played 27m 17s
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