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She Who Persisted. The Nasty Podcast.

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    Episode 44: #YesMyAriel - Black Mermaids and Disney

    16 AUG 2019 · When Disney announced that Halle Bailey would be playing the new Ariel in the live-action version of The Little Mermaid, people lost their minds. We're here to break down the nonsense and support an inclusive Ariel. Tracey Baptiste - "Mermaids have always been Black." -
    36m 20s
  • Explicit

    Episode 43: The Herstories of PerSisters Marsha P. Johnson and Brenda Howard

    31 JUL 2019 · What do you know about the history of Stonewall and the history of Pride? Today we talk about the importance of making visible the contributions of women of marginalized identities to history. Marsha P. Johnson and Brenda Howard. Remember their names. Remember their stories. For links and show notes, check out our website
    49m 5s
  • Explicit

    Episode 42: Abortion Access Hellscape America (and Europe)

    25 JUN 2019 · Before we start, two things: 1. Happy Pride!! 2. Enjoy some Women's World Cup!!! That should cheer you up before we look at the recent abortion restrictions being passed throughout the feminist hellscape that is the United States and the anti-choice discourse that has started to become more relevant in many European countries too.
    42m 34s
  • Explicit

    Episode 41: We're going to Ibiza, or How to Oust a Corrupt Government

    5 JUN 2019 · As you may know, the right-wing/conservative Austrian coalition government was ousted from office via a no-confidence vote from Parliament after a video surfaced that showed the vice-chancellor in Ibiza promising favorable treatment for government contracts to a (supposed) niece of Russian oligarch and basically suggested selling Austria's biggest tabloid to her. Sound shady? Yep, it's super shady. This is how you oust a corrupt government. Join us in our conversation about the political situation in Austria and what it means for the future of feminist politics.
    36m 34s
  • Explicit

    Episode 40: Gamer Girls and Games Culture with PerSister Dr. Emma Vossen

    15 MAY 2019 · In this episode we talk to Dr. Emma Vossen, award winning public speaker and a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at York University with a PhD from the University of Waterloo. Her research looks at the myriad of different ways marginalized people have difficulty accessing gameplay and games culture both historically and in the present. She is the co-author and co-editor of the anthology Feminism in Play. Check out Emma online at or on Twitter @emmahvossen
    36m 32s
  • Episode 39: Fighting the Tech-Bro Stereotype with Dr. Mar Hicks

    23 APR 2019 · In this episode we finish up our interview with Historian Mar Hicks and talk about contemporary issues facing women in computing, the impact of globalization on IT, and how pink-collar jobs impact everyone. Tip: the answer to all of our problems may be labor organizing.
    31m 14s
  • Explicit

    Episode 38: Creepy Politicians, Periods, and Microfinance - The State of Women Today

    2 APR 2019 · We interrupt our two-part interview with Mar Hicks to bring you this episode. Liz sits down with guest co-host, Amy Drayer (@amydrayer) to talk about WTF is going on in politics today, the state of women in the world, and how we can resist the patriarchy. Follow Amy on Twitter @amydrayer Show notes and links on our webpage:
    34m 42s
  • Episode 37: The History of Gender in Computing with Historian Dr. Mar Hicks

    20 MAR 2019 · In celebration of women's history month and the 30th anniversary of the world wide web, we are kicking of our third season with a two part interview with historian Mar Hicks (@histoftech). Mar's research explores the intersection of computing, gender, and labor and this first part of our interview looks at how important it is to include gender in our explorations of the past. For more information on their research check out
    38m 11s
  • International Women's Day - New Season Trailer

    7 MAR 2019 · Happy International Women's Day and welcome to the new season of She Who Persisted. The Nasty Podcast.
    3m 44s
  • Episode 36: Fighting Intimate Partner Violence with PerSister LY Marlow, Founder of "Saving Promise"

    18 DEC 2018 · In our last episode before Christmas (and our last episode in 2018!), Bea sits down to talk with acclaimed author, compelling storyteller and inspiring advocate LY Marlow about her organization "Saving Promise", whose goal it is to “disrupt the cycle of intimate partner violence in at-risk adolescence and young adults and create safer communities for generations to come.” for their new campaign "Don't Just Give a Damn" go to: Our listeners get 15% off FUR products: visit and enter the code “PERSIST15” at check-out. Check our homepage for further shownotes, sources and resources: Check our Instagram for pics: Please support SWP on Patreon:
    57m 47s
One American. One Austrian. Too much to talk about.

biweekly feminist podcast

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