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Shadow of the Zodiac

  • 4th Attack - Presidio Heights

    17 FEB 2024 · In this gripping episode of our true crime podcast, we delve into the chilling fourth attack attributed to the enigmatic Zodiac Killer: the murder of taxi driver Paul Stine. On a seemingly ordinary night in San Francisco's upscale Presidio Heights, the Zodiac took a sinister turn from his previous patterns, leaving behind a trail of clues that baffled investigators. We'll explore the timeline of events leading up to Stine's tragic death, the critical eyewitness accounts that nearly captured a phantom, and the perplexing evidence, including a piece of Stine's bloodstained shirt sent to the press. Join us as we dissect the mistakes that allowed the killer to slip through the fingers of law enforcement and the haunting legacy of this case that remains unsolved. This episode is a deep dive into the mind of a murderer and the ongoing quest for justice in one of America's most mysterious unsolved cases.
    Played 32m 2s
  • 3rd Attack - Lake Berryessa

    6 SEP 2020 · In this episode, we journey back to the serene yet deceptive tranquility of Lake Berryessa, the site of the Zodiac Killer's chilling third attack. On a sunlit afternoon turned nightmare, a young couple's picnic by the lake's edge became the stage for a harrowing encounter with the elusive murderer. We'll recount the events of September 27, 1969, when the Zodiac, donning a sinister costume, executed an attack that was as theatrical as it was brutal. Through detailed accounts of the survivors and analysis of the killer's cryptic messages left behind, we unravel the complexities of this case. Join us as we delve into the psychological implications of the Zodiac's costume, the significance of the location, and the impact of this attack on the broader investigation. This episode aims to shed light on the darkest corners of the Zodiac saga, bringing us closer to understanding the mind behind the mask.
    Played 36m 30s
  • 2nd Attack - Blue Rock Springs Park

    11 AUG 2019 · In this compelling episode, we turn our focus to the second horrifying attack by the Zodiac Killer, an event that unfolded in the quiet darkness of Blue Rock Springs Park in Vallejo, California. On the night of July 4, 1969, what began as a typical Independence Day celebration ended in a nightmare when the Zodiac struck just minutes after midnight, targeting a young couple parked in a secluded lot. Through a detailed examination of the events, we'll explore the sequence of the attack, the killer's chilling phone call to the police confessing to the crime, and the subsequent letters that taunted authorities with encrypted messages. This episode delves deep into the investigation's challenges, the clues left behind, and the impact on the Vallejo community. Join us as we piece together the puzzle of the Zodiac's second known attack, shedding light on the darkness that enveloped Blue Rock Springs Park and forever changed the lives involved.
    Played 38m 16s
  • Zodiac’s First Victims - Lake Herman Road

    2 JUL 2019 · In this episode, we take you back to the chilling onset of the Zodiac Killer's reign of terror, starting with the first known attack on Lake Herman Road. On the cold night of December 20, 1968, the quiet outskirts of Vallejo, California, became the grim setting for a double murder that would mark the beginning of a series of horrifying events. We meticulously reconstruct the events leading up to the tragic deaths of two high school students, found shot at a lovers' lane, igniting one of the most perplexing investigations in American criminal history. Join us as we uncover the details of this fateful night on Lake Herman Road, setting the stage for a mystery that continues to captivate and haunt the world.
    Played 30m 36s
  • The Zodiac Killer

    6 MAY 2019 · We introduce the listeners to the Zodiac Killer and the events that transpired in the Bay Area that made the case famous. This is just the first step on a long journey to understanding the mind of a serial killer.
    Played 54m 11s
  • Introduction

    7 APR 2019 · This episode introduces the podcast series and our hosts, Destry and Mike.
    Played 35m 51s

My father was Detective Harvey Hines. He pursued the Zodiac Killer for over 30 years. His dedication inspired us to tell these stories. The stories of serial killers and other...

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My father was Detective Harvey Hines. He pursued the Zodiac Killer for over 30 years. His dedication inspired us to tell these stories. The stories of serial killers and other true crimes that shocked the world.
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