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  • Insane COVID Vaccine Claims

    9 OCT 2021 · New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu called for a state lawmaker who’s repeatedly pushed COVID-19 misinformation to be stripped from his leadership position after he blasted out an email to colleagues suggesting that the coronavirus vaccine contains a “living organism with tentacles” and darkens the eyes of newborns. It’s hard for me to fathom that so many of the leaders of our nation actually believe that the COVID-19 vaccine contains mind-controlling nanobots, makes you magnetic, causes people to become zombies, contains tentacle-creatures, makes babies transhuman or any of the other non-proven crap that’s floating around on the internet. I can believe that most of the population believes this stuff because so many of us are complete idiots and don’t know how to do proper research. But our leaders? They’re supposed to be among the best of us. They’re supposed to be smarter than what they’re proving to be.
    23m 47s
  • Why You Should Get Vaccinated

    11 SEP 2021 · You really should get a COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of your feelings about it. Its safe, its as effective as it can be right now, and if you do happen to get a breakthrough case, the symptoms will be less and give you the best fighting chance at not dying! Plus, it’s really an issue of being a decent human being. This is a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. Its affecting the entire population of the world. As responsible adults, no, as responsible human beings, we should all do our part in trying to stop this deadly virus from spreading so it stops killing and we can go to whatever the new normal is going to be.
    30m 5s
  • COVID Vaccine Wars

    14 AUG 2021 · The apparantly never-ending war against getting vaccinated for COVID-19 is still raging on. Those who continually spread misinformation and lies about the vaccine are relentless in their unfounded battle. Rediculous claim after rediculous claim is easily disproven whenever you look at the real facts about the vaccine. But facts, however, doesn't concern the anti-vaxxers. Facts are nothing more than a minor inconvience to them.
    26m 6s
  • The Gun Violence Epidemic

    10 JUL 2021 · Mass shootings jumped nearly 50% in 2020, due in large part to a pandemic year rife with crippling unemployment, violent protests and idle youth. With COVID-19 cases falling and vaccines rolling out, some criminologists hope a rebounding economy and reopened schools will drive down those numbers in 2021. The new year, however, has brought a level of violence and death that Americans have become all too familiar with.
    27m 15s
  • Hot Car 2021

    10 JUL 2021 · Summer is officially upon us and the Pacific Northwest is already seeing record-high temperatures. And with that comes the tragedy of parents leaving their forgotten children inside sweltering hot cars for hours on end, where they die agonizing deaths. I have made it a tradition on this podcast to help bring about awareness to this tragic trend by reporting on it every summer. This year is no exception. Even though this is a completely avoidable tragedy that causes lifelong emotional trauma for those involved, there is good news. Every year since the record for deaths was set at 54 in 2018, the numbers have been steadily declining. In 2019, there were 53 deaths. In 2020, only 26 (a huge drop), and so far for 2021, there have been a total of 7, but we will definitely see that number rise. We are, after all, only less than one month into the Summer season.
    24m 25s
  • How Trumpism is Affecting American Politics

    29 MAY 2021 · Donald Trump isn't going anywhere anytime soon. And neither is the Republican Party. The stink of Trumpism is still lingering in the air of American politics and its having a very bad effect. Here are nine ways its doing it.
    25m 29s
  • Violent Crime is on the Rise

    10 APR 2021 · Back in 2017, then Attorney General Jeff Sessions warned us that the United States was experiencing a surge in violent crime that deserved a forceful response. He called for a restoration of law and order. He was ridiculed for this by a lot of the same liberal newspapers that today have abetted and enabled a shocking rise in violent crime. But it turns out that Sessions was right. New crime data from the FBI proves the point he was making. Violent crime has surged, and in fact, Sessions probably had no idea how bad things were going to get.
    26m 44s
  • Trump's March 4 Inauguration

    13 MAR 2021 · A small group of QAnon followers flew all the way from California to Washington DC on Thursday in the hopes of watching Former President Donald Trump's inauguration. The only problem with that is - it didn’t happen.
    24m 44s
  • The Fall of Q

    13 FEB 2021 · QAnon seems to be falling apart after their part in the insurrection of the Capital Building on January 6, 2021. Trump failed to pardon any of them, despite their pleas. Now that they're being held responsible for their actions, many of them feel that Trump abandoned them and they're turning on him left and right. That's no surprise. They're "prophecies" never even came close to coming true, and many of them don't know what to do with their lives anymore. Now the more extreme White Supremacist groups and others like them are attempting to recruit the QAnon failures into their ranks.
    30m 27s
  • Riots at the Capitol Building

    7 JAN 2021 · After a 5 year absence, Set It Off is back! I’m way over due to get this episode out. I’m sorry that it’s been so long. I decided to retire this podcast several years ago, but lately, the climate of the world has changed so radically that I decided that it was time to bring it back. For the return on Set It Off, I'm going to be giving my opinion on the Capitol Hill riots that occurred on January 6, 2021. So, stick around, 'cause you never know what I'm gonna say next!
    28m 13s

Are you fed-up with the way that things seem to be going in this world lately? Have you ever just wanted to say whatever was on your mind without having...

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Are you fed-up with the way that things seem to be going in this world lately? Have you ever just wanted to say whatever was on your mind without having to listen to someone bitch about it or suffer any repercussions? That's what this show is about. I'm sick and tired of the stupidity that goes on in this world and I'm going to express my opinion about it. Hop on board this train and fasten your seatbelt because I'm about to Set It Off!
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