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  • Estate Planning Essentials: The Top 5 Legal Documents Every Family Needs

    26 SEP 2023 · Have you ever wondered what documents you really need to have in place should the unthinkable ever happen? What is a DNR? Do I need a POA? Does anyone know what to do with a TOD? Are all of these titles found in Alphabet soup? Worry no longer! On this episode Estate Planning attorney, Jasmine Dodson breaks down the top 5 documents we ALL should have in place. This episode will bring some clarity to a very foggy topic. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to stay up to date on the hottest topics in aging!
    38m 5s
  • Episode 8 – Crisis Care in Hospice Services Explained

    24 MAY 2023 · Hospice has many benefits for individuals approaching end of life. Crisis care is a service provided in moments when the patient or family is in significant distress. Desiree Lawing, Executive Director of Concho Hearts Hospice helps explain what conditions qualify for crisis care, expected duration of care, and much more in this episode of Senior Living Simplified.
    28m 54s
  • Looking for a “One Stop Shop” for Senior Care needs in the DFW? Come take a visit in the NEST!

    28 APR 2023 · NEST (Navigating Elderly Solutions Together) is an organization that as formed with senior care industry professionals of a multitude of disciplines. For people searching for any need related to aging a member of NEST can connect you to a vetted and trusted partner in the market. Health care, housing needs, legal needs and more! The group is as warm and inviting as their name. Join me in the NEST for this episode of Senior Living Simplified!
    30m 11s
  • Exploring Senior Care Options Available in Your Own Home

    20 APR 2023 · Brittany Hamilton, CDP, PAC-T with Care Crew Home Care sits down with me to discuss what options are available to seniors that need help, but have selected to stay in their own home rather than move into a community setting. What will home care offer? When is it time to consider hiring professional care? These questions and more answered in this weeks episode. Let’s talk options!
    29m 12s
  • Episode 5: De-escalation Techniques and Crisis Intervention for Dementia Care

    13 APR 2023 · Adrian Bledsoe passes along best practices and tips for de-escalation and redirection approaches that can be used in a senior living setting or at home if you are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's or dementia. Having the appropriate tools to manage behaviors can have a significant impact on the day to day lives of the patient and all involved with their treatment and care. Join me and let's learn something new!
    28m 58s
  • Episode 4: Creative Ways to Fund Your Senior Living Needs

    6 APR 2023 · Logan Hassinger, owner of Sage Senior Support explains how his company offers a quick and hassle-free way to sell your home and other potentially profitable assets when you need the cash to fund your own or a loved one's transition into a senior care setting. Let's find your buried treasure!
    28m 58s
  • Episode 3: What is Hospice?

    15 MAR 2023 · Facts and Myths discussed with Knights of Comfort Hospice and Palliative Care founder and Nurse Practitioner, Waldo Rios.
    27m 13s
  • Episode 2

    17 FEB 2023 · Brian Harmon, PT, MBA, owner of Nexus Home Health discusses the functions, benefits, and when to seek home health services.
    27m 23s
  • Episode 1: Aging with Options with Dr. Alex Anastase

    17 FEB 2023 · Dr. Anastase discuses preventative measures for the natural aging process and what levels of assistance are available.
    29m 36s

Host Bio: Christina began her career in the healthcare industry as a geriatric nurse. She has held nursing and administrative positions in acute and long term care settings. With Sage...

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Host Bio: Christina began her career in the healthcare industry as a geriatric nurse. She has held nursing and administrative positions in acute and long term care settings. With Sage Oak Assisted Living and Memory Care she has served as Executive Director for the Dallas and Denton locations. With an extensive knowledge of senior healthcare, operations, and sales and marketing she will help you simplify the complexities of the Senior care world. Welcome to your boutique experience!

Show Bio: The Sage Oak Assisted Living and Memory Care offers a boutique experience for families and residents alike. We believe in Great Food, Great Care, and Great Communication. With those core values in place we are able to offer truly individualized experiences for each resident that joins our Sage Oak family. We know the senior living industry can be an overwhelming undertaking for many families. We want to be a trusted guide for you through the process. Let’s start the journey together.
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