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Savvy With Faith Teope

  • Beyond the Game

    20 DEC 2023 · When he was in the NBA, there was no nutrition coach, no weight room, no financial literacy…so he decided to change that for future athletes. Tune in to hear how NBA Hall of Famer, Ralph Sampson, changed the game for players by coaching them, at a young age, on how to prepare beyond their athletic career.
    Played 21m 17s
  • Culture on Hand

    6 DEC 2023 · When financial advisor Anjali Jariwala wanted to enrich her daughter with her south asian roots and couldn’t find children’s books that fit the bill, she decided to write one herself. What’s the significance of culture on the topic of financial literacy? Catch this episode to hear the power of understanding cultural filters in order to create wealth and enjoy hard-earned money.
    Played 23m 12s
  • Exclusively For Everyone

    22 NOV 2023 · While preparing to testify before the United States Senate, Petros Koumantaros lamented the lackluster job we, as a society, are doing to prepare young people for the world. In this episode, Petros shares how he has addressed financial literacy with layers and language conversion to kindle the fire in middle schoolers and the opportunity that early learning can create. His broad charge to families and individuals is pointed and clear because, after all, we all use money.
    Played 21m 28s
  • Time Travel With, Ed McGowen

    8 NOV 2023 · Host, Faith Teope, found a man who served in the military, is a veteran competitive bodybuilder, has been working in financial services for over 30 years…and now is using his acquired skills to target his younger self with a very particular message. Content creators and educators tune into this wild ride. What fresh ideas will your mind discover?
    Played 18m 49s
  • Neurons That Fire Together

    25 OCT 2023 · Our education system may not be aligned with the way the brain learns best. In this episode, Dr. Cristina Wohlgehagen, a neurologist and founder of the International Headache Center, discusses brain health, lifestyle modifications, and trial-and-error to create brain resiliency. She is also a mom. Tune in to hear how she brings brain science into the money conversations with her 5 kids.
    Played 18m 17s
  • Savvy With Faith Teope: First Comes Love

    11 OCT 2023 · The creepy part is that the biggest indicator of future violence to come starts out looking a lot like love. In this episode, Caroline Markel Hammond shares another reason to give attention to financial literacy. Warning signs, prevention, and navigating escape, but perhaps even just as important…awareness so that we can be a ready-help.
    Played 24m 17s
  • Savvy With Faith Teope: Mindset Legacy

    27 SEP 2023 · Have you ever made a smart money decision and wondered how it would affect your family 2 generations from now? No? Well, maybe we should. We historically see the first generation makes the money, the second enjoys it, and the third destroys it–it stands to reason that it’s not the money that leaves the strong legacy, it’s the mindset. In this episode, Faith interviews Alan Gradzki, the youngest of 12 and father of 3. They dive into the fascinating story of his parents who, with very little formal education, bought a supermarket to feed the family. They discuss the mindset that was passed down, with a few tweaks along the way.
    Played 20m 30s

The investigative mini-series explores the systemic gaps in financial literacy, why some people can make something from nothing and others continue to financially fall. The goal is to unearth every...

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The investigative mini-series explores the systemic gaps in financial literacy, why some people can make something from nothing and others continue to financially fall. The goal is to unearth every angle so that educators, inventors, and families can draw conclusions about how to help the next generation. This mini-series brings in experts and individuals from across multiple industry verticals to explore every angle including the psychological, the emotional, and the learned behavior.

Faith Teope is a multimedia journalist, advocate, and retirement industry expert serving as the
visionary and CEO of Leverage Retirement, the 401k provider inspired by people. Faith’s active
advocacy is in the areas of financial independence, raising money-savvy kids, and domestic
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