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  • RA episode 118 Fox Science

    9 MAY 2024 · We begin this episode with some heart breaking news regarding the cast, it's been a hard topic to approach, but we all felt that our listeners needed to know. Despite the sad news, we press on and review The Fox Experiment, a game about breeding the perfect fox. Like Gloomhaven? WE have a mini review of Bugs and Buttons. And we finally do more than complain about Lorcana.
    1h 17m 53s
  • RABL 019 The Well Red Mage

    13 APR 2024 · Bonus Level time, and we've got the amazing Well Red Mage! Hear all about Gamelogica, a micro documentary series sharing various myths, legends, folktales, religious, and spiritial aspects within video games. We talk the influence video games have had on his professional career and games that all new gamers should try.
    40m 21s
  • RA episode 117 HungerTrek

    3 APR 2024 · We have returned from a long hiatus (episode was recorded a while ago) and it's time to stalk humans in The Hunger. This deck builder is another fantastic Richard Garfield game and we have all the details and a few tips to win! And what's an RA episode with some Startrek talk? We have a few updates regarding various Startrek ttrpgs.
    1h 2m 47s
  • RA episode 116 Purrfect Accents

    9 MAR 2024 · Our second episode in our Magical Kitties playthrough is here! Amanda and D are in search of thier humans and the only help they have is a hurtful book that says mean things to Amanda's cat. Will the kitties survive a trip into a magical story book?  And be sure to check out Gamelogica by checking the link below:
    55m 17s
  • RA episode 115 Chet Chadley's Cat

    18 FEB 2024 · We are back after a long break with a brand new playthrough: Magical Kitties! Can D and Amanda save the day and thier humans? Will James defeat his cohosts with a series of diabolical traps? Will Levar Burton curse our heroes dice rolls? Listen in and find out!
    1h 4m 39s
  • RA episode 114 Startrekking Across the Table

    25 DEC 2023 · Our season finale brings us to the Startrek universe with our review of Startrek Adventures! Before we can delve into that however, we talk some of our favorite things regarding Startrek. And since it's been a thorn in many gamers' sides, we complain about Lorcana to finish up.
    1h 27m 8s
  • RA episode 113 Kombat of Champions

    21 DEC 2023 · RA is back with a double shot of gaming review goodness. First up is Contest of Champions, not only a little on the mobile game but a review of the boardgame. Like Mortal Kombat? D has you covered on Mortal Kombat 1, as well as a quick plot synopsis of the previous 3 games (spoiler warning).
    38m 50s
  • RA episode 112 Puppet Call of Booty

    27 OCT 2023 · It’s spooky season and we have a couple games to really celebrate the season! The classic game Grape Escape is our first game, it’s like Saw for kids with how you destroy your grapes! Second, it’s the game of Gen Con, Boo-ty Call! Which ghost has a thing for your medium? James has thoughts on Lorcana and the availability of cards. And who doesn’t like puppets and cosplay? We have the process of James’s new hobbies.
    1h 5m 53s
  • RA episode 111 Gloom for WotC

    19 OCT 2023 · Back from a hiatus and we have a lot to talk about! First, a quick review of the console version of Gloomhaven. We then move onto news involving Wizards of the Coast; from Magic the Gethering news to Dungeons and Dragons news. To cap it all off, D discusses life after death for Live Service Games and what that could mean for the future of those games.
    33m 53s
  • RA episode 110 Return of Mystic Days

    1 SEP 2023 · The team from Mystic Days is back to tell D all about the new Kickstarter campaign and new tweaks to the game. Be sure to check them out!
    51m 56s
Board games! Card Games! Video Games! All things gaming and entertaining regarding gaming! Pull up a chair and listen in.

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