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    RS #191 - An Oooey Gooey Sticky Mess with Tommy Meehan | Squid Pisser

    19 MAR 2024 · In the music business, there are the normies, there are the crazies, and there are the in-betweens. There also happens to be an unspoken netherworld that aligns with something a little stranger and sits outside the boundaries of pretty much everything you know. My guest today, Tommy Meehan, dislikes the comparisons to the influences of his youth, but it's hard not to hear the tones that built the man. His absurdist venom-spouting new act, Squid Pisser, is nothing I've ever heard before.. and that means something extra extra to me. The man is already a guitar god of the underworld who also just happens to be an incredibly warm human which seriously belies his altered state of a stage personality. Squid Pisser's new EP, 'Vaporize a Neighbor' and it's big brother, 'Vaporize a Tadpole,' is out on Bandcamp now and requires listening of a most scrutinous level. It's also recommended that you are looking for something a little confounding, a lot distorted, and that which oozes a bit from a two week old wound. It's disgusting, yet somehow, some way... once you pick the scab off, it's perfect.  Welcome to the new world order of Squid Pisser. This is Rockstar Superhero.  Time Codes:  2:00 The insane vitality of the band 4:00 Hanging out with GWAR 6:30 Tommy's creative projects 9:40 What if there were 3 Tommy's? 13:15 Tommy will never be bored  16:10 Being in a band is like polyamory 18:20 How far is Tommy willing to go? 21:00 Turned on by new sounds and the risk it takes 23:40 Tommy isn't worried about the plan  26:45 When did Tommy become possessed by the magic of music 29:30 Tobi Vail started Riot Grrrl 32:25 New record available via Skin Graft or Squid Pisser Bandcamp pages  35:00 Ambitious metal punk Use of 'Liquified Remains' is provided by Squid Pisser and Skin Graft records, copyright 2023, All Rights Reserved.  The Rockstar Superhero Podcast examines the personal lives and creative careers of your favorite classic rock artists. We are obsessed with understanding the inner workings of the music business and all that it takes to remain in the public eye for as long as possible. Join us as we pursue conversations with legends and legends in the making. Copyright 2024 Rockstar Superhero Podcast - All Rights Reserved
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    RS #190 - The Hunt for the Soul with Anthony Jones | LoveLostUK

    12 MAR 2024 · For today's release, I am honored to have met and chatted with Anthony Jones of the significantly fantastic LoveLost from Southwest England. The band has recently released the mesmerizing single, 'Burnbright,' and the upcoming EP to follow will absolutely erase your brain's expectation of what modern music should sound like. LoveLost has a lot up their sleeve and this shining collective will prove their value. The near future is a wonderful place where their musical seed has already found a home. This is my interview with Anthony Jones of LoveLost and you're listening to Rockstar Superhero. The new single, 'Burnbright,' is graciously provided by LoveLost and Year of the Rat Records all rights reserved, 2024. Time Codes: 1:15 How Anthony discovered Slipknot 3:20 When bands aren't faking the anger 5:40 What a first name means 7:50 Why Anthony picked up the bass guitar from drums 10:00 Advocating mental health in the music business 10:52 LoveLost - 'Burnbright' - part 1 12:00 The meanings behind the pricelessness of everything 14:00 The requirements of love 15:30 Studying music in college 16:44 LoveLost - 'Burnbright' - Part 2 17:20 No ego behind LoveLost 19:20 Finding democracy in the music business 21:00 Developing a fanbase community 23:00 A discussion around Sleep Token 25:50 When bands hide their identities 28:00 Real fans will follow you to the ends of the Earth Copyright 2024 Rockstar Superhero Podcast - Rob Leland - All Rights Reserved
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    RS #189 - Music is an Act of War with Scott 'WINO' Weinrich | The Obsessed

    12 FEB 2024 · Scott WINO Weinrich is everything I ever wanted to be when I grew up. He's a pure soul, a fantastic guitarist and vocalist and boy... does he mean business. It's not often you get to chat with a legend but this was all the things for me. Listen to the show, buy the incredible new record and go see this electrifying unit on tour. Tell everyone. For real. Oh and to quote Scott, "Create or die!" This is Wino of The Obsessed and you're listening to Rockstar Superhero. Time Codes: 1:00 What was Scott trying to say with The Obsessed? 3:45 Wanting to prove oneself to the Punks 7:00 The best musicians from 1974 11:00 Finding the right lead singer 13:45 Stealing from the band 15:40 Bringing in the Second guitarist 16:20 The Obsessed - 'Daughter of an Echo' 16:45 Giggling from ear to ear 19:30 The Lifer Brigade and the Military 22:30 Finally finding the bass 25:30 Meeting Dave Grohl to do Probot 27:00 The Obsessed - 'Stoned Back to the Bomb Age' 27:50 Doing press everywhere 30:20 How does Scott weather the storm of life? 33:00 Money is money and art is art - Create or Die 35:45 The new album hasn't leaked yet 38:00 Next tour, next record 'Daughter of an Echo' and 'Stoned Back to the Bomb Age' are tracks from the upcoming 2024 release "Gilded Sorrow," and are provided by Scott Weinrich, The Obsessed, Jeff Keller Management, and Ripple Music, All Rights Reserved 2024. Gilded Sorrow will be released February 16th, 2024. Interview courtesy of Jeff Keller Management and Purple Sage PR. Rockstar Superhero Podcast is a Copyright of Rob Leland, All Rights Reserved, 2024.
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    RS #188 - From Ash to Thrash with Fates Messenger | Tony Maddocks and Ron D

    5 FEB 2024 · Recently, an email arrived from a trusted promotional source in the UK, and much to my surprise it was to let me know about a new band that had risen from the ashes of a legendary metallic hardcore act. I was surprised that a favorite band of mine, Above All, had gone into indefinite hiatus. However, the same musical pause had birthed a new project that excited me because my buddy, Tony Maddocks, of the aforementioned Above All, had a new thing and he was fronting it. We had to get together to chat about it, so here we are. Gratefully, we were also joined by Ron D, a monster guitarist and songwriter who has partnered with Tony to create this new metal monster and breaker of souls. I'm happy to be one of the limited few that get to announce the splash of this coming release! This, ladies and gentlemen, is Fates Messenger, and you're listening to Rockstar Superhero. Time Codes: 1:00 What is happening with Tony Maddocks? 3:00 After the reunion show 5:00 The legend that preceded him 8:00 Production and technology has improved music 11:30 The confidence in playing the material live 14:20 Fates Messenger - SCARS - part 1 17:20 Ron's musical story and future legend 20:20 Driving around and screaming 24:00 Everyone contributes to the songwriting 27:00 Being distracted while recording 29:20 Fates Messenger - SCARS - Part 2 30:00 Tony's voice has matured over the years 33:30 The purpose of others 36:45 Stepping away from music only to come back around 39:40 How do you explain what you sound like these days SCARS' provided for use by Ron D., Tony Maddocks, Fates Messenger, and All Rights Reserved. Special thanks to Jade Perry and Memphia Music Management for the connection to the band! Copyright 2024 - Rockstar Superhero and Rob Leland
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  • RS #187 - The Poetic Redemption of Love with Graham Russell | Air Supply

    2 FEB 2024 · Graham Russell is a true musical icon. He and his musical partner of 46 years, Russell Hitchcock, formed Air Supply, the song writing super duo, in the early 70's and really never looked back. Graham's childhood was anything but normal, leaving him without a mother at a very early age. However, these stark beginnings formed in him in a sort of poetry that eventually found its way into the hearts of millions of fans, as Air Supply became a genre unto itself. He is, and will always be, a passionate man, loving his friends and family and especially his fans, with the deepest sense of love and commitment. This is my interview with a sweetheart of a guy, and the writer of songs that make men and women fall in love over and over again. Please enjoy this very special conversation with Graham Russell, on the Rockstar Superhero Podcast. Time Codes: Time Codes: 1:00 The early days in the UK 2:30 Becoming mute 5:10 Air Supply is a rock and roll band 8:00 How to be a professional entertainer 10:15 How Graham got to Australia 14:30 Air Supply is quite sincere 18:00 The beautiful moments with his music 21:30 Graham loves his role in the band 24:50 How Russell and Graham met 28:00 The band that makes babies happen 31:30 Celebrity is a weird thing 34:30 Being on the road forever 37:00 Lunch with Princess Diana 40:45 Another album in the future? 43:30 Never quit. Ever.
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    RS #186 - The Distinct Difference with Ben Fordham | Swarm6ix

    29 JAN 2024 · I might say this more than I'd like to admit, but this time I'm 100% positive that UK based trapmetal band, Swarm6ix, is new, inspiring, and confrontational. Lead singer, Ben Fordham, is a quiet and complex man and I'm beyond thrilled he's my guest today. Enjoy the conversation with this fantastic human. This is Rockstar Superhero. Time codes: 1:00 What the heck is trapmetal? 2:45 Getting out and having drinks 4:20 Are Americans living to Swarm6ix? 6:00 Ben's lyrics are intensely personal 8:15 Is Swarm6ix fighting against bullying? 9:50 SWARM6IX - SOCIAL SUICIDE 10:15 Some people are assholes 12:30 Ben's spirit preceeds him 14:40 Speaking out on mental health 16:30 Putting yourself out there 16:40 SWARM6IX - LIPSTICK 18:00 Assumptions on Ben's early life 20:00 A fresh young mind 22:00 The process of songwriting for Swarm6ix 24:15 Ben is heading to Japan! The use of 'Lipstick' and 'Social Suicide' are provided and authorized by Swarm6ix, Ben Fordham, Saviour Management, and Out of Line Music. All Rights Reserved.
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    RS #185 - Behind the Scenes: Artist Management 101 | Tom Burger

    18 DEC 2023 · Much has changed over the last 40 years, but Tom Burger, owner of TAB Music Management, stands on the cutting edge of a new approach to the modern music business. Tom is one of the leaders in the industry and today offers up a few insider secrets into the process of becoming established as a professional musician. This is my friend, artist manager Tom Burger. This is my show, Rockstar Superhero. 1:00 Missing the boat to success 2:40 Tom's network and the who's who of everything 3:30 Getting into artist development 6:00 Trying to fill the current void in music genres 8:40 Attempting to get into management on his own 10:40 The beauty of the artist experience 13:15 Finding a way to pay the rent at the last minute 15:30 Looking to be successful at all costs 17:50 The success formula is all about filling the gaps with authenticity 20:30 Picking the right contacts to push the artist forward 23:00 What the artist believes about the power of a label 26:00 Leaning into the fan base 28:30 Not stealing revenue from the artist 31:00 Streaming is the way to the heart of the modern music business 34:00 What is more important: singles or albums? 36:25 Publishing might be the most important part of the business 39:00 Moon Walker coming to Seattle ----------- Wanna be on the show? Email me at The Rockstar Superhero Podcast examines the personal lives and creative careers of your favorite classic rock artists. We are obsessed with understanding the inner workings of the music business and all that it takes to remain in the public eye for as long as possible. Join us as we pursue conversations with legends and legends in the making. Copyright 2023 Rockstar Superhero Podcast - All Rights Reserved
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    RS #184 - The Lion in the Wardrobe with Liam O'Connell | My Octopus Mind

    12 DEC 2023 · Liam O'Connell is the vocalist and guitarist of My Octopus Mind, a Bristol based experimental rock band and one I've become a fan of in recent weeks. Liam is a kind and transparent guest, which makes him a perfect fit for our show. At times, our conversation was challenging, which made it worth the time to connect. Liam was openly candid about his life within the structure of music, the desire to overcome that which is seen as confusing or odd to an audience, and his complete satisfaction with playing to a small room of strangers taking a chance on his band. I hope you enjoy our conversation! My Octopus Mind is a high-energy experimental psych-rock four-piece comprised of drums, guitar, vocals and heavily effected double bass. Since their conception in 2017, the band has developed a wild form of experimental rock, taking a tongue in cheek ride through post-punk swagger and dysfunction, wonky riffs, balkan rhythms and moments of haunting grace. That last word means more than you know. Listen to our chat to learn why. 'Trying To Be Normal,' the third studio album from Bristol's experimental psych-rockers My Octopus Mind is out now on vinyl via Drongo Records. This is Liam O'Connell of My Octopus Mind and you're listening to Rockstar Superhero 1:00 Snippets of influence, especially Jeff Buckley 3:30 Being introduced to Buckley and Radiohead at the same time 6:20 Plumbing the depths of obsession 9:00 Parts of Europe have great musical support 12:00 A package of disparate influences 15:00 Mystery White Boy 17:10 My Octopus Mind - 'Sabertooth Monkey' 18:40 The madness of being a creative 21:20 Parents were eccentric musicians themselves 24:50 The programming of success 27:30 Listening through your own personal lens 29:11 My Octopus Mind - 'Made Outta Gold' 29:45 The ultimate sophomore album is... 32:50 Falling in love with albums you hated originally 34:39 My Octopus Mind - 'Minor Celebrities' 35:40 Dan Reed before the grunge era 38:30 Getting lost in a global market 41:00 Connecting with an audience that is actually listening 'Sabertooth Monkey,' 'Made Outta Gold,' and 'Minor Celebrities' are written and performed by Liam O'Connell and My Octopus Mind and are property of My Octopus Mind. All Rights Reserved. Artist PR courtesy of Memphia Music and Management. As always, I'm grateful for you, Jade! Copyright 2023 Rockstar Superhero Inc. - All Rights Reserved
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    RS #183 - The Reincarnation of Glam with Harry Springer | Moon Walker

    20 NOV 2023 · Harry Springer may compose, produce and perform all of Moon Walker's music in his bedroom, but the electrifying and eclectic sounds feel more fitting for a stadium. It's just that good. That immediate. When Harry formed Moon Walker at the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic, he was looking for a way to pass time and maybe make some extra money selling songs to music libraries. It turns out a lot of things were going to change. Quickly. I am thrilled that Harry shared so much about his history and what he believes to be his future. I'm sure you'll have questions, and I am positive Harry will answer them for you. Personally, I think it's so cool that you get to witness this moment in time where Harry is on the cusp of greatness. I hope you'll remember that you heard about him here first. This is Harry Springer of Moon Walker and this is Rockstar Superhero. 1:00 Bowie, T-Rex, and the Talking Heads 2:40 Pink Floyd is the favorite 5:10 Getting compared to his influences 8:00 Not interested in listening to new artists 11:45 An obsession over concept albums 15:40 Being a Freddie Mercury fan 16:21 Moonwalker - 'Monkey See, Monkey Do' 19:15 The coolest looking human on the planet 22:20 The cool factor and the feeling of the person 26:00 Justin Hawkins likes Harry's music 27:29 Moonwalker - 'Devil' 29:00 How to get different sounds on your record 32:30 How to make a music video 36:20 Scorsese and Kurosawa 40:20 Logical depression vs emotional depression 44:00 Harry's confident identity 46:53 Moonwalker - 'I'm Afraid I'll Go to Heaven' 47:35 Artistic and financial fulfillment 50:55 The goal is to pay the rent by doing what he loves 54:15 Harry's music will stand the test of time 58:10 Beating Spiderman 2 again 'Monkey See, Monkey Do,' 'Devil,' and 'I'm Afraid I'll Go to Heaven' are written and performed by Harry Springer and are property of Harry Springer/Moonwalker and Limited Edition Publishing. All Rights Reserved. Artist representation/Management by TAB Music Management (Tom Burger). Grateful for the continuing relationship, Tom! Copyright 2023 Rockstar Superhero Inc. - All Rights Reserved
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    RS #182 - Charles Cure returns | Hush | Spiritkiller

    30 APR 2023 · When I think of all the people I've interviewed over the years, very few fall into that short list of people I not only admire as a creative, but one in which I genuinely feel connected to on a cellular level. New York state's own Charles Cure, singer for the legendary hardcore band, Hush, has a new project that is way more than just another new idea. 'Spiritkiller,' which may be the best name for a band ever, is that which Charles is a part of, and who's music you are listening to at this very minute. Spiritkiller embodies all that which rocks and crushes and the music speaks to an era sadly long discarded, but also one of which has never been forgotten. It's musical bliss and takes your humble host all the way back to that first moment when hardcore meant something. On top of all this, Charles and I connect in a rare way, on a wavelength few are willing to straddle. I can't wait for you to hear what we chat about in this show. So, dig it. This is my conversation on the latest and the greatest from Charles Cure of the monstrously talented Spiritkiller, and this is THE Rockstar Superhero podcast. Time codes: 2:30 Finding common ground and respect with my brother, Charles Cure 6:30 We go on stage to put it out there 10:30 Compartmentalizing creative moments 14:40 Working out a licensing deal 19:00 Approaching bands in a new way 23:15 Social media isolates and destroys 28:10 Trying to be a part of a tribe 32:40 The city life vs the rural farm life 37:35 Opinion pieces vs news 42:15 Failing to connect with those you don't agree with 46:45 Falling off the cliff of value 51:00 Defining the singular vs the totality 55:00 Most people don't care and that sucks 59:00 Being good to each other for once 1:03:20 Receiving the best version of oneself Subscribe to both shows here: Wanna be on the show? Go here: The Rockstar Superhero Podcast examines the personal lives and creative careers of your favorite classic rock artists. We are obsessed with understanding the inner workings of the music business and all that it takes to remain in the public eye for as long as possible. Join us as we pursue conversations with legends and legends in the making. The Rockstar Superhero Radicals podcast was created to connect you directly to people, professional and private, who have lived lives worth discussing and offer solutions to our listeners, one heart at a time. If you are seeking truth and purpose beyond yourself, the Radicals podcast is for you. Copyright 2023 Rockstar Superhero Podcast - All Rights Reserved
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