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  • Going From Attempting Suicide To Becoming A National Speaker “From Tragedy To Triumph” The Daniel Gomez Story.

    17 MAR 2019 · On this episode of Rise Up Radio with host Tom Chesser, and featured guest, Daniel Gomez, Motivational Keynote Speaker, Leadership & Team Building Expert, Sales Trainer, Confidence Coach and Best Selling Author of “ You Were Born to Fly” talks about his suicide attempt. Recently, Gomez was a keynote speaker at a high school in San Antonio where he felt compelled to speak about the topic of “From Attempting Suicide To Becoming A National Speaker,” Gomez reveals how his attempt to commit suicide at the early age of 18 has changed his life forever. It has been over 27 years now, since his near-death experience and he has kept this part of his story a secret until now. As Gomez was about to speak to a large assembly of students, he recognized a young lady in the audience that had that look of desperation and despair on her face and changed his topic. Afterward, that female student approached him with tears in her eyes and thanked him for his speech. Saying, "Thank you for just saving my life. Your words were felt in my heart. My life does matter!" To learn more about Daniel Gomez Inspires go to Rise Up Radio
    35m 59s
  • Daniel Gomez Inspires Our Military By Focusing On A Leader's Journey To Influence: "Strengthening and Growing The Leader Within"

    7 DEC 2018 · As a trainer, Gomez has created programs and workshops specifically designed to raise effective and extraordinary leaders even in our military. Gomez has personally lead multi-million dollar organizations to record profits, showing them the leadership attributes needed to create the desired results for any organization. Gomez teaches that you must first grow yourself before you can develop other leaders. Growth doesn't just happen; you must be intentional about it. How fantastic it was in an organization when your leaders became exceptional leaders, improving the quality and effectiveness of leadership is a constant challenge within many organizations as they strive to improve communication, morale, and consistency. All successful organizations understand that effective leadership is at the heart of every business and Gomez prides himself on Leadership Development. These attendees learned: The "Two Rules" of great leadership. How to recognize and overcome "The Traps" that keep a leader from growing. Why complacency in a leader kills an organization. The importance of having a positive Influence instead of a negative one. The importance of instilling confidence in times of failure. Why mentoring young and aspiring leaders is vital to an organization's success. To learn more about Daniel Gomez visit Rise Up Radio
    39m 28s
  • Rise Up Radio Interviewed Doc Thompson, Host Of MOJO 5.0, A Fun, Upbeat, Live, On-Air Broadcast That Represents The Best Of America.

    3 DEC 2018 · On this episode, Doc Thompson, Director at MOJO 5.0 and a national radio show host of Doc Thompson’s Daily Mojo and the Doc Thompson Food Show on Spoony Radio talks about Mojo’s recent Black Friday “12-Hour Marathon Event” that was held on November 23, 2018. This segment was called “Building America – One Company At A Time” and to talk about MoJo’s plans to take its shows on the road in 2019, 50 States in 50 Days Tour, "Crossing The Country To Drive Change for America's Veterans." Mojo 5.0 can be found at featuring original content that will entertain and inform with fun, unapologetic truth, conservative talk, comedy, topical news, and a little sarcasm. Thompson also talked about how Spoony Radio stands for food and fun, and that’s what they intend to bring to you every day, 24 hours a day non-stop with Chef Patrick Mosher, Spoony was created to bring food, fun, and foodie related discussion to the masses. Their celebrity chefs and radio personalities will help you learn more about cooking, fitness, food trends, nutrition, wine, spirits, and culture. If you enjoy good food, having fun, then Spoony Radio is for you. Rise Up Radio
    24m 44s
  • Amy Wees, Inventor, Talks About The "Shark Tank Audition" For "SiftEase" Her Cat Litter Box Cleaning Solution On Business Innovators Radio

    26 OCT 2018 · On a recent episode of Business Innovators Radio with our host Tom Chesser, Amy Wees, Inventor, and Entrepreneur shared "How this San Antonio Entrepreneur got her Litter Box Cleaning Invention “SiftEase” auditioned on Shark Tank." During this interview Wees explains how SiftEase saves the day for cat parents by eliminating litter box odors, saving them time and money. She talks about launching her company Clean Litter Club, a retail brand, and now it has 10 successful products on the market for dogs and cats. Wees also announced the good news that SiftEase has become a #1 brand on Amazon and is getting great reviews. Because of her tremendous success, Wees started a Facebook Page called "Amazing At Home" mentoring and coaching other entrepreneurs and inventors helping them bring successful products to the market or bring dying products back to life and now has over 400 members. When asked about the future, Wees stated, " I want to get SiftEase to animal shelters to help them as well as reduce the number of cats that are re-homed in America due to litter box problems and make more great products for pets." To learn more about this incredible invention go to Rise Up Radio
    23m 3s
  • James Groh, Financial Advisor In San Antonio Shares Four Key Ways To Save Money, Make Money, And Plan Your Financial Future On Rise Up Radio

    28 SEP 2018 · On this episode of Rise Up Radio, James Groh, MBA a financial advisor at The Summit Group in San Antonio helps clients across the country manage their finances. As an independent financial advisor, he can use whatever products are best for the client and is not restricted to certain insurance companies or investments products. Most financial advisors cannot honestly say the same. He offers numerous types of insurance, including life, health, vision, dental, disability, and long-term care insurance and offers both group and individual plans. He provides clients with a broad spectrum of investments including mutual funds, ETF’s, stocks, bonds, SMA’s and annuity products. Finally, he helps clients plan for numerous financial goals including retirement, saving for college, and tax reduction. Today's Topics 1. How to use the 401k brokerage window in your company’s retirement plan to increase your portfolio’s return. 2. The best retirement plans for the business owner. 3. How to plan for long-term care and the different kinds of long-term care insurance. 4. The three big financial decisions veterans must decide on when leaving the military: A) Veterans Group Life Insurance. B) Survivor Benefit Plan C) Thrift Savings Plan Account For more information or call 210-970-5871 Rise Up Radio
    41m 36s
  • Dan Wilsford, President Of Balco Systems, Reveals How He Helps School Districts Keep Our Children Safe On Rise Up Radio

    28 SEP 2018 · On this episode of Rise Up Radio, our featured guests Dan Wilford, President of Balco Systems and Kenny Border, Superintendent of Shallowater ISD, talked about how Balco helps West Texas School Districts protect their schools and children. Wilford recognizes "There Is No Second Chance When It Comes Keeping Our Kids Safe In Our West Texas Schools." Balco has turned much of their company’s resources to providing critical communication systems in schools. Partnering up with Rauland, the industry leader in school communications, to bring the absolute top of the line critical communication system to their community schools. The system provides seamless communication in all the rooms, hallways, outbuildings, and to the entire district. The system can secure the entrance doors with a push of a button while alerting first responders and deploying a pre-recorded informational message to students and staff. Superintendent Border of Shallowater ISD states, "Balco’s critical communication system is a district-wide solution that can interact not only with every campus, but with every building on every campus in the district; and, includes one button district-wide lockdown. This type of integrated contact is a game changer when it comes to his school's safety." To learn more go to Rise Up Radio
    21m 53s
  • Ricky Sluder, Ex-Criminal Investigator, speaks from behind the badge straight from the heart, urging community involvement, on Rise Up Radio

    14 AUG 2018 · Ricky Sluder was recently interviewed on Rise Up Radio by Tom Chesser and OffBeat Business Media CEO Susan Hamilton about his story as a Dallas County Criminal Investigator during his 20-year history working investigations. Sluder shares his story from ‘behind the badge’ experiences to highlight the need for closer community relationships between the front lines and the public they serve. Says Sluder, “This is the most important factor, that we understand with our hearts and minds, the stresses these men and women experience every day to provide protection when they often feel unprotected by the policies in place or the communities they serve. A certain amount of bravado is necessary to deal with the routine depravity and senseless violence they must process internally every day, and don’t feel able to share those things with their closest circles - wives, children, family members, friends from church or the community. Most people cannot survive that type of pressure without a vent, and officers are people.” Discover how you can support the men and women who defend us on August 30-31 at Fort Worth ‘Developing a Bulletproof Mind And A Bulletproof Heart’ event. To learn more, go to Rise Up Radio
    37m 28s
  • Susan Hamilton, CEO OffBeat Business Media, talks about Fort Worth Event, August 30-31, for First Responders and Community on Rise Up Radio

    14 AUG 2018 · OffBeat Business Media CEO Susan Hamilton was Tom Chesser’s featured guest on Rise Up Radio talking about faster response training, recovery training, and community support for first responders event on August 30-31 at the Birchman Baptist Church, 9100 N. Normandale St. in Fort Worth, Texas at 8 AM, entitled, ‘Developing a Bulletproof Mind and a Bulletproof Heart’. During the interview, Chesser asked, ”In a time of escalated violence nationwide, we need to pull together. What can business owners do to help encourage a stronger community?” Hamilton responded, "Discover the elite Founder’s Circle and take your brand across the country as they kick off a six-city tour to enhance the skills, lives, and families of firefighters, police officers, security guards, and ex-military." The public is encouraged to attend, sit side-by-side with members of SWAT, ex-military, and their front-line protectors to learn how they are conditioned to process unsavory scenarios regularly, and healthier strategies that will improve their home life and communities they serve. Safer Communities, Safer Schools, Safer Churches, Improved Officer and Firefighter Safety and Recovery. It is Time To Respond Faster and Recover Better, To learn more go to Contact Susan Hamilton at 214-714-0495 or email her at Rise Up Radio
    27m 57s
  • Tiffany Thomson, Founder, Fight The Good Fight Foundation Reveals How She Builds Safe Houses For The Victims Of Human Trafficking

    11 JUN 2018 · Tiffany Thomson, Founder, Fight The Good Fight Foundation, discussed how the Build It Forward Movement can raise money to build safe houses worldwide. Thomson said, “We can no longer be silent, we need to raise our voice and be heard.” According to Thomson, there are less than 700 beds in the United States & only 35 beds in Texas and depending on their age, that without these safe houses these survivors are put into foster care, juvenile detention centers, or jail. Most become involved in illegal activities because there is no safe place to go and that is all they know. The Build It Forward Mission is a fundraising platform to get 100,000 people to donate just $10.00 a month. That would raise over 12 million dollars a year. Human trafficking is the fastest growing illegal business on the plant, every 28 seconds, a human being is sold into slavery. 40.3 million people are trapped in modern-day slavery, and it has become a local, national, global problem. Just giving $10.00 per month for those rescued needing a safe place to live and rehabilitate is a small price to pay. To learn more go to Rise Up Radio
    19m 36s
  • Bill King - Insurance Agent With AIG Indexed Universal Life Informing Us On How To Retain Our Hard-earned Money When We Retire, Tax-Free.

    5 JUN 2018 · We talked about how the road to retirement used to be comfortable. Pensions-401K – Social Security – Investments - Savings. That’s the way we were taught. Well, things sure have changed; Companies aren’t offering pensions, as well as 401K plans, Social Security had changed, People aren't able to save enough, especially with the cost of living and Investments in the Stock Market or Annuities have been all over the place. However the biggest problem with most of these options, you are still going to have to pay taxes. Now there is a better road to take. You can build a Tax-Free retirement, with an Index Universal Life policy that allows you to protect your money because it is an insurance contract. What this facilitates is · Tax-free at distribution to you. · You can put in an unlimited amount of money into the agreement. · Can grow your money without loss potential, unlike the Stock Market. · No phase out due to higher incomes, unlike 401k, IRA · No required minimum distributions (As with taxable distributions). “This kind of life insurance is the best and most predictable wealth creator.” To learn more call 888-901-9144 or go to Rise Up Radio
    25m 59s

This is " Rise Up Radio" We will CONNECT with our city’s people and businesses to INSPIRE all of us to achieve our dreams, TRANSFORM the city by focusing on...

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This is " Rise Up Radio"

We will CONNECT with our city’s people and businesses to INSPIRE all of us to achieve our dreams, TRANSFORM the city by focusing on the resilience of our people, and positively IMPACT all who live and work here.

We interview and feature top-performing professionals that can make a difference in our city and lives of people that live here.
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