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  • Episode 17-From Cuba with Love of the Game

    28 SEP 2021 · This program is a conversation with Kansas City Museum’s resident historian, Dr. Gene T. Chávez, and Pedro Sierra who left Cuba in 1954 at the age of 16 to pursue his dream, which he describes as “the only thing he’d ever dreamed of—to play professional baseball”, Much like Kansas City well-known local MLB celebrity, Diego Seguí who also left Cuba during the regime change there. After playing in minor leagues club, Seguí broke into the big leagues at age 24 on April 12, 1962, with the Kansas City Athletics. Sierra’s path to accomplishing his dream led him to Negro Leagues and eventually to the MLB. Both players baseball stories will be discussed. This virtual event is part of the educational programming associated with ¡Pleibol! In the Barrios and the Big Leagues / En los barrios y las grandes ligas. Organized by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service in collaboration with the National Museum of American History.
    1h 2m 14s
  • Episode 16-Community Journalism

    1 AUG 2021 · In this Restore KC, we'll be talking about Community Journalism and its importance to the overall health and vitality of Kansas City's neighborhoods. Since the year 2,000, over 250 small, locally owned newsrooms have shuttered their operations, leaving communities without a locally centered news source that covers micro-local news such as church fish frys, local school board activity or boy scout chili dinners. Larger news outlets traditionally don't or won't cover those events because they're more about "if it bleeds, it leads," ratings centered news. The Northeast News is an award winning, Community Journalism outlet that has served Kansas City's Historic Northeast community since 1932.
    58m 33s
  • Episode 15-Heartland Conservation Alliance presents Blue River, a documentary

    29 APR 2021 · Blue River features oral histories and the ecological and cultural history of the river. In conjunction with the Renew the Blue Campaign, the documentary brings attention to the river, its needs, and the many organizations and communities working to improve it. The documentary promotes positive outdoor experiences, reminds people of the river’s proud past and inspires them about its future, In 2020 it won a Mid-America EMMY in the Public Affairs – Special/Program category. After the film, meet local renowned filmmaker, Michael Price, English Landing Films, who captured the beauty and the challenges of the river in all seasons. He is best known for his films seen on KCPT Evicted and A City Divided
    58m 32s
  • Episode 14-1821 Missouri and Mexico’s Bicentennials – South and North Expansion

    13 APR 2021 · Join Dr. Gene T. Chávez, Historian for the Kansas City Museum and Dr. Sean Rost, Oral Historian at the State Historical Society of Missouri for a conversation of the significance of the Santa Fe Trail to both Mexico and Missouri.
    53m 34s
  • Episode 13-Selena Forever_Siempre Selena

    7 APR 2021 · The McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas pays tribute to 90s icon, singer, designer, and Texas legend—Selena Quintanilla-Pérez—with five photographs by award-winning San Antonio photographer John Dyer. Selena was the subject of Dyer’s photo assignments for the cover of Más Magazine in 1992 and again for Texas Monthly in 1994, just months before (March 31) she was tragically killed at age 23. Join us for a presentation followed by a conversation with Kate Carey, Head of Education, who curated this wonderful and colorful exhibition at the McNay Art Museum.
    46m 26s
  • Episode 12-Lifting Our Spirits: One Billboard at a Time

    7 APR 2021 · My Affirmation Project is local KC artist Nicole’s art practice, healing process, and heart for the world. It manifests as anonymous public art pieces, experiences, and intimate take-a-ways. There have been over 600 affirmation billboards posted globally since June 2019 that have been viewed by over 60 million humans. 20,000 people received anonymous “Affirmation Postcards” in 2020, each individually addressed by hand. My Affirmation Project has partnered with global brands such as Hallmark, Rareform, Outfront Media, Lamar Advertising, and Ballyhoo Media to embed messages of compassion into their corporate advertising. The project has been featured on The Today Show, NPR, The Washington Post, Inside Edition, and Yahoo. Nicole was awarded a Bronze OBIE, a lifetime achievement award in advertising, in the summer of 2020 for her work with the billboards. Join us for a presentation followed by a conversation with Nicole Leth, Kansas City artist and writer, about how one billboard led to more than 600 billboards around the world and the importance of compassion.
    35m 27s
  • 1h 6m 22s
  • Episode 9-Restoring Style during Unfashionable Times

    6 DEC 2020 · In this Restore KC program, West 18th Street Fashion Show’s Senior Artistic Director Peregrine Honig will have a conversation with artists Craig Rohner of NOWOE, Van Shawn Branch of Kayie, and Dionne Holt of Renee LaRouge about the creation of Summer In Hindsight—the full length movie created during the 2020 pandemic—and how they had to reimagine their thinking and designs.
    56m 4s
  • Episode 8-Restoring Our Humanity Re-humanizing Ourselves with Mindfulness (PART 2)

    7 NOV 2020 · In this two-part series, mindfulness teachers Tracy Ochester, PsyD and Sydney Spears, Ph.D., of Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness will hold an interracial conversation exploring how practicing mindfulness and compassion can support dismantling racialized trauma and help prepare us for sustainable racial justice work.
    56m 40s

Since spring 2019, the Kansas City Museum has been working with an education team on developing programs and experiences using a restorative practices methodology. The Restore KC program will create...

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Since spring 2019, the Kansas City Museum has been working with an education team on developing programs and experiences using a restorative practices methodology.

The Restore KC program will create a virtual community circle to learn about restorative practices and why the Kansas City Museum is embracing its core framework and strategies to advance a civic unity vision.
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