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Reptile Chat WA

  • Explicit

    Episode 27 - Marcus Cosentino

    4 MAY 2022 · We had a great time catching up with Marcus talking about Snake Avoidance Training
    Played 1h 5m 22s
  • Explicit

    Episode 26 - Discover Deadly Live Podcast

    3 APR 2022 · What a great day chatting to reptile hobbyists down at Discover Deadly
    Played 1h 42m 25s
  • Explicit

    Episode 25 - Bill Gallagher

    30 MAR 2022 · We chat to Bill about his time working as a scientist with CSL creating antivenom
    Played 52m 16s
  • Explicit

    Episode 24 - Emma McLerie

    23 FEB 2022 · We catch up with vet nurse Emma who walked us through the rehabs she does
    Played 58m 17s
  • Explicit

    Episode 23 -Frank Colacicco from Reptilian Diaries

    12 FEB 2022 · We catch up with Frank to talk with him about herping and his trip to Australia!
    Played 1h 3m 59s
  • Explicit

    Episode 22 - Adam Brice

    7 FEB 2022 · Back into the swing of things again catching up with Bricey and getting some tips into photographing our awesome wildlife!
    Played 1h 1m 33s
  • Explicit

    Episode 21 - Season 3!

    17 JAN 2022 · We recap Season 2 and introduce Season 3!
    Played 1h 15m 43s
  • Explicit

    Episode 20 - Merry Christmas!!

    20 DEC 2021 · DISCLAIMER: If you hate swearing this is definitely not the episode for you. If you are easily offended again not for you. This in no way reflects the real views of SnakecityWA, Jay Exotic or Mad Paullys Reptile Removals. Its a rough one guys. Blame the booze. But... Merry Christmas and thanks for the support this year guys!
    Played 1h 48s
  • Explicit

    Episode 19 - Dr Luke & Nurse Amanda

    16 DEC 2021 · The doctor is in the house! Dr Luke and Nurse Amanda join us in the Snake Cave to talk medical issues with our beloved scaley mates!
    Played 1h 3m 25s
  • Explicit

    Episode 18 - Jake Manser

    5 DEC 2021 · Caught up with Jake from Victor Customs this arvo and had a good chat about all things reptile!
    Played 1h 11s
Lets talk all things reptile in the West Australian hobby!

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