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Relatable Life Chronicles

  • Episode 303 Be Mindful and Aware of Others and of Yourself

    14 MAY 2024 · It's important to love and know yourself. When you love and know yourself you can see more clearer. It prevents you from making bad choices and decisions. It also open your eyes to the truth, which can prevent a lot of headaches and heartaches in your life. The world is full of people who are wicked, evil, mean, bitter, hurt, lost, confused, mad, etc. You must be aware of your surroundings and of who you've allowed in your life. People smile in your face while they're stabbing you in your back. They may be in your corner, but it doesn't mean they're on your side. You never know the motive of others. Be careful!
    23m 19s
  • Episode 302 Idolizing People and/or Things

    4 MAY 2024 · Where does idolizing people and things get you? How does it enhance your life? I guarantee you if you take a true hard look, you will see idolizing people and/or things will always take from you in some way. Turn that energy around and focus time on yourself, getting to know you, and loving yourself. Your life will be better and you will see how much a difference it will make in your life.
    28m 55s
  • Episode 301 Blaming Others When It Falls On You

    27 APR 2024 ·  Unfortunately, despite of status, titles, position, money, etc., most people in this world blame someone or other people for who they've (you), chosen to become. Blame does nothing to help a person to heal and become better, instead it keeps people in the same cycles with the same mindsets. As I always say, no one can grow by remaining the same! Prisoner to your own mindset.
    27m 44s
  • Episode 300 The Color of Jesus or God Doesn't And Shouldn't Matter

    23 APR 2024 · People who are focused on the skin color is focused on the wrong things. Your distraction will lead you to Hell! Get your mind right!!
    18m 1s
  • Episode 299 You Are Too Afraid To Protect The Child/ren

    20 APR 2024 · If you're too afraid to protect your child/children you are in the wrong relationship, with the wrong person. No man or woman should allow their children to go through any form of abuse because as the parent, they're too afraid to protect the child. You're too worried about your own well being and not the well being of the child/ren. You as the adult can take what you choose to, but no child should have to go through abuse because you're taking the heat off of yourself. It's not always biological parents it's also other caregivers who are the guardian. If you don't protect the child/ren, you are wrong!
    15m 59s
  • Episode 298 You Act As If It's True Even Though It's Not

    16 APR 2024 · Many people go through life causing unecessary drama in their lives and in the lives of others based on something they percevie as true, although it's not. People have ruined their own lives and destoyed the lives of others based on what they've made up or based on what someone else has said that wasn't true. If you believe something wrong long enough, it will affect you mentally in a negative way. 
    26m 37s
  • Episode 297 Can't Be Lukewarm or Double Minded

    13 APR 2024 · If you love the Lord, you'll serve HIm and nothing or no one would cause distraction and take your mind off of Jesus. Many people profess their love but it's a lie. Their hearts are far from Him. You can't be lukewarm or double minded. If you're going to serve Jesus you have to be all in or not in at all.
    31m 46s
  • Episode 296 Confidence to do Wrong by Way of Monkey See Monkey Do

    6 APR 2024 · Unfortunately it happens all too often. Some people give power to their thoughts but don't act out on them, but there are those who are consumed by their negative thoughts. I'm referencing those thoughts you give power to. People go through life causing their own mental anguish, which often leads to self destruction. When you know it's abad thought don't allow yourself to keep fueling the fire to let it grow. If you do it can lead to destruction.
    20m 50s
  • Episode 295 People Are Far More Concerned About the Eclipse Than the Return of Jesus

    2 APR 2024 · Many are worried about the solar eclipse, when they should be concerned about the return of Jesus! If you had Jesus then you would know there's no need to worry about anything else. Man uses events to cause planned diasters in certain areas, but one day God's destruction will be felt all over the world! God don't need an eclipse to skake things up! He created the moon and the sun!!!! It's completely nuts to me how people run here and there to see the eclipse, but won't attempt to worship Christ.  Trust in Jesus! Repent and turn away from your wickedness, greed, and lust for the ways of this world!!!!!!
    22m 43s
  • Episode 294 Lust Feeds the Flesh Not the Spirit

    30 MAR 2024 · Lust is all about satisfaction of the flesh in some form or another. People will do and have done anything to fulfill the desires of their flesh for (money, fame, fortune, recognition, validation, love, material things/possessions, titles, positions of power, sex, success, etc. It has nothing to do with the spirit. People are caught up in the tangible (what they can see, feel, etc.). However, to serve the Lord you have to be on a supernatural/spiritual level and when you truly serve Him, you don't care about the rest, because you know what's for you is for you. No man can give it or take it away! You don't have to worry, seek, chase, or do any and everything, because God our Father will supply all your needs. The devil wants people distracted and continuing to chase those tangible things. When you do he knows your eyes are on him and not Jesus the Son or God the Father.

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Relatable Life Chronicles is a podcast about many different topics people all over the world can relate to in some facet or another. No one is exempt! The mindset is...

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Relatable Life Chronicles is a podcast about many different topics people all over the world can relate to in some facet or another. No one is exempt! The mindset is everything! How you think prior to any situation determines how you'll go through it.
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