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    Always Room For More Girl Talk

    18 AUG 2022 · It's another Girl Talk episode and it's another NSFW episode. This week we chat CBD oil, The Rose, and other bedroom topics. Mom & Dad, you'll wanna skip this one! For more RW&C, visit our website: Are you The Rose company and want to send us some merch? We'll take it! Send us and email:
    52m 22s
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    The DREAMY Free Run Cellars Episode

    11 AUG 2022 · We've been talking about it for weeks and the day is finally here! This week we review our dinner with Free Run Cellars ( and Kitchen & Kegs ( - and, spoiler, not a single course or wine dissapointed! Join us as we walk through each dish, each wine, and the overall experience from start to finish in this dreamy, fairytale like venue. Should out to the marketing team at Moersh Hospitality Group and Free Run Cellars for the fantastic bottle and the wonderful experience. We could not have asked for anything better. For more RW&C, visit out website: Want to collaborate with us, send us an email:
    53m 29s
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    Can You Say "Chaos"?

    4 AUG 2022 · Happy Birthday Lar! This week we are celebrating Lar's birthday by doing what we do best...jumping all over the place. We chat football, going back to school, funny things kids say, and more. It's messy, it's chaotic, and it's totally us! For more RW&C visit our website:
    1h 3m 11s
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    Get Outta Your Head

    4 AUG 2022 · Like all things in life, nothing is promised and healing is not linear. While we believe all stories are meant to be told, we also believe there's a time and place to tell them. This week we are giving Lar the grace she deserves to heal so we can tell her story the right way - when she's ready. Instead we chat about being in our heads. The only person who cares what you wear is you. So wear the outfit, wear the bathing suit, and do what makes you happy. Your resident winos are cheering you on!! For more RW&C visit out website: Got something to say? Send us an email!
    56m 43s
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    Sensies and Blendies

    21 JUL 2022 · In a different life, what would you have done for your career? Thish week Lar and Ash talk about what they would have done from teaching to being a chef and everything in between. There's a lot of laughs, a delicious blend, and an intro in the next journey of Red Wine & Chaos. We promise, you're not going to want to miss it. For more RW&C, visit our website: Wanna be a guest? Maybe send us some wine (yes please!)? Send us an email:
    58m 18s
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    Hot Mess Express

    14 JUL 2022 · With full bellies and good wine, it's no wonder we're a hot mess this week. Join us as we turn nothing into something and chat about getting older to talk to text messages from friends. We're all over the place on this one but, it starting to become our style...and we don't hate it! Got something on your mind? Let's chat about it! Send us an email: Don't forget to visit us on social media!
    48m 53s
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    Roadies & The Right To Choose

    7 JUL 2022 · Thanks to the EP, we're back in the studio this week with a delicious bottle of wine and boy do we need this wine! This week we are chatting about the recent SCOTUS decision to over turn Roe v. Wade. While we know it's a divisive topic but it is also an important one that we feel very passionate about. We believe in everyone's right to choose - whether that choice is the right to medical procedures or the choice of religion. We just want people to be respectful of other peoples choices and honestly, we don't think that's too much to ask.
    50m 59s
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    Sangria Summer and Technical Difficulties

    30 JUN 2022 · After losing what day of the week it was two weeks ago to technical difficulties last week, your Resident Winos are FINALLY back! This week we go back to our roots and chit chat about all the things after a day at the pool. We even decided that sangria needs the limelight for a bit so moving forward it will be all about the Sangria Summer. We’ll try new sangria recipes, rate and review them, and let you know if you should try them too.
    43m 12s
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    9 JUN 2022
    42m 16s
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    Wear The Damn Shorts

    2 JUN 2022 · It's hot this week so we thought it was a good time to remind all of you that you deserve to be comfortable. We know that you are not always comfortable in your own skin, especially as women, but we have to stop letting what other people may or may not think of us hold us back from wearing the clothes we want to wear! Other women aren't judging you, we promise, so put on what you like. And if they are judging you, well they're clearly a dick and they don't listen to this podcast. Just know we have your back and you deserve to wear what you want, when you want, and feel as good as you can all summer long! For more RW&C, don't forget to visit our social pages and our website -
    1h 4m 13s

As working moms, Laura & Ashley always knew there was more to their identities. After a few bottles of wine and a lot of good conversations, Red Wine & Chaos...

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As working moms, Laura & Ashley always knew there was more to their identities. After a few bottles of wine and a lot of good conversations, Red Wine & Chaos was born with the mission to share their chaos so that others don’t feel so alone in theirs. With honesty and humor, Laura & Ashley will share their stories of parenting, relationships, health & wellness, and everything in between.
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