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  • Red White & True | Episode 11 | From Morning In America To Marxism In America In Only 36 Years? How To Crush The Movement

    22 JUL 2020 · In this 27 minute tour-de-force, Catherine Engelbrecht makes it crystal clear like never before on the series of steps already in motion as a coordinated drumbeat toward the deconstruction of America. From Reagan's Morning in America to the George Soros Marxism in America in only 36 years, the plan is in full swing. From Biden's 600 lawyers on retainer to challenge his loss and the virus eating America to the Marxist training of Black Lives Matter and the potential fraud of mail-in voting, this episode gives you the no BS, unfiltered truth about the takedown of American democracy. But you'll also learn that America is worth fighting for and how you can take up the proverbial arms and fight for her. From voting, voting in person, protecting your vote and calling your county. Catherine lays out the playbook to save America, the greatest and kindest nation ever.
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  • Red White & True | Episode 10 | “They Know The Truth” | Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

    15 JUL 2020 · When we say Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is fighting 1000 fires at once, you can believe it. In this great interview with Attorney General Paxton, you’ll hear the chilling words that mail-in voting is the “strategic plan of the Democrats” and “they know the truth” about the opportunity for fraud with mail-in voting. You’ll also hear in no uncertain terms that he will be prosecuting any and all Texans who violate the law on requesting a mail-in ballot. Disabled - no issues. Faking a disability because of covid fears? You will be prosecuted! Listen to Attorney General Paxton discuss his trip to the US Supreme Court, the Texas Supreme Court and having to advise 1000 mayors and town officials during a year he calls “an alternate universe”! Remember to subscribe to the Red, White & True podcast on your favorite podcast app. And stay in touch and up to date on voter integrity, litigation and other essential matters of democracy by visiting
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  • Red White & True | Episode 9 | Debbie D’Souza Exposes The Scary Parallel Tracks of Venezuela and the USA

    3 JUL 2020 · One of the most unnerving interviews you’ll ever hear between Catherine and Debbie D’Souza, democracy warrior and co-producer with her husband Dinesh D’Souza of the soon to be released movie “Trump Card.” The parallels between Venezuela under Hugo Chavez and the current fracture in the US is frightening. “Hope and change” campaign name? Check. Trigger racial unrest? Check. Take down historical statues? Check. Discuss changing the electoral process? Check. Change from a Republic to a Marxist country? Check. Listen to Debbie D’Souza tell the story of how even her family fell for the pitch and lost it all, including their country. Is the USA quickly becoming the VSA - the Venezuelan States of America right before our eyes? Let’s hope note. But pay attention to Debbie’s words: get involved, vote and maintain voting integrity. To stay in touch and up to date on voting issues, voter integrity and other challenges we’re fighting to preserve American democracy, please visit
    Played 30m 35s
  • Red White & True | Episode 8 | Citizen Watchdog Colleen Vera Prompts Voter Fraud Investigation By Texas AG |

    24 JUN 2020 · If you’ve heard the song “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover” then this episode will make you think of the 50 ways to defraud the voters! Listen to Citizen Watchdog and long time True The Vote supporter, Colleen Vera, tell Catherine the fraud and corruption she uncovered in Harris County, Texas during her two year investigation. An investigation which has been picked up the Texas Attorney General as an official investigation of rampant fraud. From vote harvesting in nursing homes to stamp fraud to unmarked and unsorted mail, this episode proves the exact type of shenanigans and theft the left is saying never happens. To stay on top of voter integrity news and other key True The Vote fraud-busting initiatives, please visit And remember to subscribe to this podcast through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart and other leading podcast apps.
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  • Red White & True | Episode 7 | Dinesh D'Souza: United States of Socialism, the Venezuelan Connection & The Election

    17 JUN 2020 · With his ever prescient eye, Dinesh D'Souza clearly sees around corners. The best selling author of many books including the all-new United States of Socialism, and political filmmaker extraordinaire, Dinesh discusses with Catherine the horrible marriage of identity politics and classic socialism racing through America - "identity socialism" he has named it. Dinesh lays out the case that class warfare never worked in Marxist socialism, so a new scheme was hatched and identity socialism is now successfully dividing as many people as possible - class, race, sex, immigration status - to gain a majority to suppress the rest. Dinesh and his brilliant wife, Debbie D'Souza, also chillingly state that Venezuela is the model, not Scandinavia, for the cabal of leftist politicians, media, academia and Hollywood. Perhaps the Venezuelan States of America is where it all ends? Don't rule it out as Dinesh tells us that coronavirus was a nice preview of socialism - think food shortages, economic devastation and civil liberties under lockdown. Ah, but all is not lost. Dinesh discusses his upcoming movie, Trump Card, and provides some hope to fight the leftist gangsters coming for America. How? Dinesh says it clearly: "all hands on deck" and the need to fight for voting integrity. As to this election season, Dinesh lets us know that the leftists have learned, "it's the count, not the vote" when elections get stolen. That is some wake up call from the man who sees around corners, Dinesh D'Souza. To buy Dinesh's new book "United States of Socialism" and to learn more about the upcoming "Trump Card" movie, please visit To stay in touch and up to date on the battle for values, rights, and voting integrity, visit To make sure you never miss any great updates from Catherine or her stellar interviews with interesting, powerful and brilliant people, please subscribe to the show through leading podcast listening apps including Apple Podcast, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Spreaker and more.
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  • Red White & True | Episode 6 | The Magic Eye: Seeing The World Clearly With Brandon Darby, Informant, Infiltrator and Thought Impressario

    10 JUN 2020 · In this episode, listen to Catherine Engelbrecht discuss the "Magic Eye" (the need to unfocus the eye to see clearly) with the legendary Brandon Darby, a Director with Breitbart and their Border and Cartel Chronicles. If you're not familiar with Brandon, listen to his cascade of intrigue as a former left activist who became an FBI informant and infiltrator in an effort to root out crimes in some leftist organizations. He also provides a brilliant overview of the "opportunistic endeavors" running amok during the unfortunate and tragic murder of George Floyd. Seasoned, organized provocateurs pulling strings to manipulate youngsters into action? Yes, says Brandon. You'll also hear him lay out the evolutionary case for the Occupy to Antifa transformation. Even more revealing (and scary) is Brandon's view that the FBI is seemingly focused on stopping right of center groups while letting Antifa and left of center groups get a pass. Why? He's not sure. This episode is white hot. To stay in touch and up to date on the battle for values, rights, and voting integrity, visit
    Played 43m 6s
  • Red White & True | Episode 5 | Chain of Fools, Chaos & Voting Sins In Nevada | Interview With Founder Megan Barth

    3 JUN 2020 · In this whirlwind of an episode, Founder Megan Barth and Catherine Engelbrecht discuss how Nevada plays the "heads I win, tails you lose" voting game like a Bugsy Siegal casino! 114 year old voters and many more above age 110? Plenty of them in Nevada - must be the healthy buffets. Disappearing ballots which could be designed by Siegfried & Roy! Chain of custody issues, trust-me citizenship and utter chaos appear to be the "votus operandi" in Nevada. Forget about the 21st Century - Nevada prefers the old wild, wild West when it comes to voting. Take a deep breath and listen to what is a sad take on voting in 2020. And, what is Megan's prediction for November? Supreme Court, here we come. You can bet on it. To stay in touch and up to date on the battle for values, rights, and voting integrity, visit
    Played 27m 27s
  • Red White & True | Episode 4 | Continue To Serve: Voting Lessons From Ramadi For OUR Republic | Interview With Navy SEAL Lt. Cmdr. Ed Hiner

    28 MAY 2020 · When a legendary Navy SEAL calls you back into duty to "Continue To Serve" it makes sense to listen. During this episode, Catherine discusses with Ed Hiner, a 20 year Navy SEAL Commander and the CEO & Founder of The Hiner Group and Asymmetrical Evolution, the importance of voting and the perils of mail-in voting when wholly unprepared. Ed expresses his concerns about the perils ahead during this contentious election season and the need for veterans and essential personnel (meaning all of us!) to pitch in and serve this country by assuring smooth elections. Ed's message: time to get back into action and serve the most the fundamental aspect of our republic: voting. To stay in touch and up to date on the battle for values, rights, and voting integrity, visit
    Played 22m 59s
  • Red White & True | Episode 3 | The Cygnal & The Noise: Interview With Polling Superstar Brent Buchanan, CEO & Founder of Cygnal

    25 MAY 2020 · In a world where trust is a commodity on the decline, is it a surprise that even poll results are questionable? Well, as Brent Buchanan, the brilliant CEO & Founder of Cygnal and one of the trustworthy leaders in polling, reveals in this interview, it is critically important to obtain a true representative sample of the people if you want to obtain reliable data. Brent discusses the multiple channel polling strategy deployed by Cygnal to assure a quality and believable poll. In short, if you want bad results, just call landlines and cell phones! Or ask the wrong questions with intentional bias in mind before you even start the poll. You'll also hear Brent discuss a key issue regarding mail-in voting: the problem isn't mail-in voting; the disaster ahead is the lack of preparation for the volume of mail-in votes that might be coming. Brent also shares a few surprises he's thought of for the November season! To stay in touch and up to date on the battle for values, rights, and voting integrity, visit
    Played 21m 54s
  • Red White & True | Episode 2 | The Mail-In Election of 2020: "Voter Confidence Could Be Gone For A Decade" | Election Commissioners Speak

    24 MAY 2020 · Boy, oh, boy. Citizens are lucky to have the US Election Assistance Commission ( to try to keep our elections free and fair. And, we were lucky enough to have Commissioners Christy McCormack and Donald Palmer join us on this episode to discuss the November election. While we've confirmed it will be a free election, we're not sure about the fair part! These two Commissioners are sounding a VERY loud warning bell about the potential disaster ahead and we hope the States are listening to the sound advice from these Commissioners. Dirty voter rolls? Yes. Logistical challenges? Yes. Paper shortages? Possible. Post office problems? Maybe. No decision on election night? Very possible. When the EAC says a 5-10 year process gets condensed to 5-6 months, then chaos mitigation becomes the mindset. When asked about the prognosis for this year's election ending up at the Supreme Court, "I wouldn't be surprised" was the answer. And we should pay special attention to the Commissioner McCormack's words as to what is at stake if we don't get it right: "voter confidence could be gone for another decade." If you care about democracy, clean elections, and the need to heed the advice of a non-partisan and independent election Commissioners, you want to listen to this episode. To stay in touch and up to date on the battle for values, rights, and voting integrity, visit
    Played 35m 32s

Welcome to Red, White & True News, hosted by Catherine Engelbrecht, a tough Texan who takes on all comers. A warrior for conservative values, American liberty and the power of...

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Welcome to Red, White & True News, hosted by Catherine Engelbrecht, a tough Texan who takes on all comers. A warrior for conservative values, American liberty and the power of the people, tune in weekly to hear Catherine roll through The Scroll of amusing media dogs that won't hunt, get into it with hard hitting guests on The Interview, discuss The People's Poll and close by answering questions from her supporters and followers. Uncensored, unparalleled, but Red, White & True!
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