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Real Weddings with Sara

  • Series 3 Episode 1 Dave (Happy Pear) and (Author) Sabrina Vande Cotte

    11 JAN 2022 · Welcome to a brand new series of Real Weddings With Sara! It`s series 3 time and we are kicking off episode one with one happy doom tish! We`ve got our coats. Sara talks to one half of the Happy Pear duo Dave Flynn who recently got married to author Sabrina Vande Cotte. This is a real eye opening conversation on their approach to building a solid foundation for their relationship and making sure they both were fully committed to the journey ahead and the bond of marrriage. They talked openly about how they have not annual but quarterly check -ins with each other to find out what is working and what isnt working for the other person. Refreshingly honest Dave says the big arguments in most relationships are around sex and finance so its about being open and honest and keeping the conversation going. This one was a real dive into the inside workings of a relationship and there may be some takeaways for people here! ( that food pun was purely accidental) please sit back, walk, or run and enjoy!
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  • Series 2 Episode 7 The Wedding Guests Special with comedian Emma Doran

    24 SEP 2021 · Welcome to episode seven of Series two of Real Weddings With Sara. This week Sara chats to the comedian, writer, podcaster and helarious instagrammer , Emma Doran. Get ready for this episode as Sara nd Emma go through the full list of your typical wedding guests, the funny to the annoying to the infuriating! This is an episode where you will probably recognise a few characters and know exactly who they are talking about! Sit back and get ready for a laugh!
    Played 48m 21s
  • Series Two Episode 6 Ailbhe Garrihy

    19 JUL 2021 · Welcome to episode six of Series two of Real Weddings With Sara. This week Sara chats to the fabulous Ailbhe Garrihy , general manager of Dublin Bay Crusies and PR/Talent Manager. Ailbhe was so happy to get to go back down memory lane to her fab two day wedding to husband Ruaidhri. They met through one of Ailbhe`s best friends in Clare and hit it off in college, after 10 years together - Ailbhe recalls the proposal, the hair gel! and the beaming that came from being a bride to be. She gives some top advice for wedding dress shopping, how to manage two day weddings and has some wise words for treasuring every moment of it! What a fab lady for this chat, sit back and enjoy!
    Played 29m 54s
  • The Wedding Etiquette Special (Weddiquette)

    8 JUL 2021 · Welcome to a once off special in Series 2 of Real Weddings With Sara where Sara chats to Fionnuala Jones (fionnualajay) the host of The Band Wagon podcast , pop culture queen of the Six O`Clock show and Love Island extreme enthusiast! The theme of this week`s podcast is wedding etiquette! The do`s and don`ts of weddings in today`s world. Mid-Week weddings, plus one or not plus one, dancing, posting to social media and MUCH MORE..! Sara and Fionnuala have wrapped it all up nicely for you in this episode and warning- they are not holding back!
    Played 40m 48s
  • Episode 4 RuthAnne Cunningham

    7 JUN 2021 · Welcome to episode 4 of Season 2 of Real Weddings With Sara. This week Sara chats with the phenomenal Irish singer/songwriter RuthAnne Cunningham. RuthAnne is a multi talented and multi award winning artist. She has penned songs for Britney Spears, Niall Horan,Westlife, JoJo -the list could go on! She is now penning music for her own performances and her singles include "The Vow" and her most recent release "Safe Place". RuthAnne met her fiance Ollie who also works in the music industry three years ago at a concert where RuthAnne was performing - she said she knew of him and spotted him in the crowd with one of her friends and starting to sing in that direction! They got to know each other over the months and then started to officially date. RuthAnne says from their first date - they became pretty much inseparable and the jouney for them had officially begun! RuthAnne tells Sara all about the surprise proposal in Christmas 2019 and what she is planning for the big day that is taking plcae next year! Sit back and enjoy!
    Played 31m 47s
  • Episode 3 - Siobheal Nic Eochaidh (Rosie and Dott)

    31 MAY 2021 · Welcome to episode 3 of Season 2 of Real Weddngs With Sara where Sara chats to Siobheal Nic Eochaidh, the proud creator and owner of Rosie and Dott - a gorgeous accessory business based in Kildare. Siobheal has helped create so many amazing touches to so many weddings with some beautiful pieces from clutches to earrings to ring boxes, Siobheal has everything to make any special occasion look amazing! It was time to look back on Siobheal's wedding, back in 2011 when Siobheal was the Dublin Rose and did that amazing hip hop performance, this was where she met her now husband Brian. She tells us about the journey and the big day, the joys and the stresses and how planning her own wedding spurred her on to launch the amazing Rosie and Dott!
    Played 41m 22s
  • Episode 2 - Sarah Hanrahan

    22 MAY 2021 · Welcome to episode 2 of Season 2 of Real weddings With Sara! This week Sara chats to Irish Influencer and Personal Irish Experience Planner Sarah Hanrahan who recently got engaged to her boyfriend Sean. Sarah is a travel enthusiast and is known for her exceptional planning from her experience planning business. Sara asks what it's like planning an experience now for her wedding! While Sarah says she didn't always have an urge to get married - now that she's engaged she knows what she wants. She is hoping for a Dublin City wedding with family and friends - where people can hop in on the bus and enjoy the day with them. We love the idea of this! Listen back to hear some of Sarah`s plans and how she is going to plan the big day!
    Played 29m 8s
  • Episode 1: Maeve Madden

    15 MAY 2021 · Welcome to the first episode of Season 2! Sara chats to the fabulous Maeve Madden founder of "Queens Don’t Quit" an online fitness community, Maeve is a former professional dancer, best selling author and personal trainer. She can be found on Instagram where she shares some really positive education on fitness and wellbeing for all women. Maeve recently got engaged to her fiancee and was said to have shocked her Instagram followers of over 300K followers and many of them didn't know Maeve was in a relationship! Maeve lets us in on where she met her fiance and the lead up to the engagement which involves her thinking all she was getting for Christmas was a vegetable patch! ( Which she now is growing many veggies in!) Sit back and enjoy this one as Maeve lifts the spirits as she looks forward to her wedding day and the celebrations.
    Played 40m 49s
  • Episode 15 - Vanessa Butler

    13 APR 2021 · Welcome to this weeks episode where Sara chats to Vanessa Butler. Vanessa is a wedding singer, music teacher and sister to James Patrice- she talks all things countdown and anticipation in planning a wedding in a pandemic. Vanessa thankfully got to marry her fiance Sean in Cabra Castle last month. With guests reduced from 200 to 6 people - it did not dampen spirits on the day.. There was even a mini viral moment of the social media kind when Vanessa and James got to dance to Steps' song Tragedy on the steps of Cabra Castle! All days can be made memorable is the message that comes across here and there are some laughs to be had along the way! Sit back and enjoy this one!
    Played 31m 4s
  • Episode 14 - Kat Williams (Rock 'N' Roll Bride)

    3 APR 2021 · Welcome to episode 14 where Sara talks to founder of Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride Kat Williams. Kat offers information on all aspects of organizing a wedding, as well as refreshingly honest advice, answering those difficult questions on every modern bride’s mind – from family politics to dealing with anxiety on your wedding day. Being a Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride is not about being cool, a rebel or even thinking of the most unique idea you can. It’s about planning a day that reflects you and your partner and allows you to be you. Your wedding, your rules! Sit back and enjoy this episode!
    Played 14m 40s

Hosted by Sara Kennedy of Irish Wedding Blog, Sara delves in to the wedding memories and wedding plans of her guests. Her guests include a fantastic bunch of celebrities from...

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Hosted by Sara Kennedy of Irish Wedding Blog, Sara delves in to the wedding memories and wedding plans of her guests. Her guests include a fantastic bunch of celebrities from both home and abroad who have been either an inspiration creatively in weddings, have some great insight in to married life or are right in the whirlwind of planning their own wedding.

Real Weddings with Sara focuses on the human side of weddings such as it’s the romantic story, the stresses in the lead up, tips on how to plan or how couples are navigating married life.

During the last few months of Covid Wedding doom and gloom, this Podcast is guaranteed to lift the spirits for couples on their wedding planning journey. It’s not just for those getting married, those day dreaming about getting married and for those married and interested in how others are getting through married life will love this too.

Sit back, relax and tune in to….

Episode One: Chupi Sweetman
Episode Two: Monte Durham (Say Yes To Dress Atlanta)
Episode Three: Blathnaid Tracey
Episode Four: Keith Walsh
Episode Five: Suzanne Kane
Episode Six: The Saccone Joly’s
Episode Seven: Grace Mongey (Faces by Grace)
Episode Eight: Lisa Cannon
Episode Nine: Don O’ Neill
Episode Ten: Kat Williams (Rock n Roll Bride)
Episode Eleven: Mario Rosenstock
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