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  • Ep. 113: 🏠Importance Of Home Maintenance: Avoid These Mistakes As A Homeowner And Repair Before Selling!

    4 JUN 2024 · Welcome to our channel where we delve into the essential aspects of homeownership! In this video, we explore the critical importance of home maintenance and highlight common mistakes that homeowners often make. Whether you're planning to sell your home or simply want to ensure its longevity and value, understanding these maintenance pitfalls is crucial. From neglecting routine upkeep to overlooking minor repairs, we discuss the detrimental effects of ignoring maintenance tasks and how they can impact the overall condition and value of your home. We also provide practical tips on how to identify potential issues early on and address them effectively, saving you time, money, and headaches in the long run. Whether it's fixing leaky faucets, addressing electrical issues, or maintaining your HVAC system, proactive maintenance not only enhances your quality of life but also maximizes your property's resale potential. Join us as we navigate through the dos and don'ts of home maintenance, empowering you to be a proactive and savvy homeowner. Don't let neglect undermine the value and comfort of your home. Tune in now to learn how to avoid common maintenance mistakes and ensure your home is in top-notch condition, whether you're staying put or preparing to sell! #HomeMaintenance #HomeImprovement #DIYHome #HomeRepairs #HouseMaintenance #PropertyCare #HouseRenovation #HomeCareTips #HouseUpkeep #HomeOwnership #HouseProjects #HomeInspection #HomeRepairTips #PropertyMaintenance #FixerUpper #HomeDIYProjects #HouseholdRepairs #MaintainYourHome #HomeMaintenanceTips #HouseFixes
  • Ep. 112: Who 🤬 Did I Marry?! - The REAL ESTATE Edition

    4 JUN 2024 · Welcome to our latest episode where we dive into the shocking, jaw-dropping, and sometimes downright unbelievable stories of real estate couples gone wrong! 🏡💔 Join us as we navigate the murky waters of real estate relationships gone sour. Whether you're a homeowner, an investor, or just love a good story, this episode is packed with drama, intrigue, and valuable lessons. Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe for more real-life stories and expert advice! 🔔
    52m 28s
  • Ep. 111: 🤔What is a Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement?

    4 JUN 2024 · Are you buying or selling a home and wondering about the importance of a Seller's Property Disclosure Statement? In this video, we dive deep into what a Seller's Property Disclosure Statement is, why it matters, and how it impacts both buyers and sellers in the real estate market. You'll learn about the seller's responsibility in providing accurate information and how buyers can use the disclosure to make informed decisions. Understanding this crucial document can protect both parties from future legal issues and ensure transparency in the transaction, making it essential whether you're a first-time homebuyer or an experienced investor. Don't miss out on this comprehensive guide to navigating the Seller's Property Disclosure Statement with confidence and ensuring a fair deal for everyone involved!
    18m 41s
  • Ep. 110: 🏡Selling My Home: Should I Update It? 🤔

    17 MAY 2024 · Are you planning to sell your home but unsure whether to invest in updates? Is it worth updating your home before putting it on the market? If you're selling an older home, updating it can be crucial for attracting buyers and maximizing its value. In this video, we'll delve into the significance of updating your house before selling, especially if it's older. We'll explore how strategic updates can enhance your home's appeal, increase its marketability, and potentially yield a higher sale price. Stay tuned for expert insights and practical advice on navigating the real estate market and ensuring a successful home selling journey! #RealEstateTips #HomeSelling #PropertyMarket #HomeUpdates #RenovateToSell #HouseForSale #SellYourHome #HomeImprovement #RealEstateAdvice #MaximizeValue #InvestInUpdates #HouseRenovation #PropertyInvestment #HomeStaging #SellSmart #ListingAdvice #UpgradeToSell #MarketStrategy #HouseFlipping #ROI
    2m 52s
  • Ep. 109: 📚Best Schools in Georgia 2024 💯

    14 MAY 2024 · Looking for the best educational institutions in Georgia for 2024? Discover the top schools that stand out for their academic excellence, innovative programs and supportive learning environments. Whether you're seeking primary, secondary or higher education options, this video covers the leading institutions shaping the future of Georgia's education landscape. Stay tuned to make informed choices for your educational journey! #GeorgiaEducation #SchoolRankings #AcademicExcellence #Education2024 #TopSchools #GeorgiaSchools #LearningEnvironment #EducationalInstitutions #StudentSuccess #FutureLeaders #QualityEducation #EducationalExcellence #GeorgiaStudents #SchoolCommunity #LearningIsFun #ScholarshipOpportunities #InnovativeEducation #StudentAchievement #HigherEducation #EducationGoals
    2m 49s
  • Ep. 108: When Buying or Selling an Older Home - Be Prepared! 😱😤

    9 MAY 2024 · Are you prepared for the challenges of buying an older home? Join us today as we take a walk through a house together, uncovering the common issues that can arise with aging properties. From structural concerns to outdated systems, we'll explore the ins and outs of inspecting older homes. Whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned real estate pro, this guide will arm you with the knowledge to tackle any challenges that come your way in the world of vintage real estate. Let's step inside and decode the mysteries of older homes together! #OldHouseProblems #VintageHomeIssues #HomeInspectionTips #AgingProperties #StructuralConcerns #OutdatedSystems #RealEstateAdvice #PropertyInvestment #HomeBuyersGuide #HouseHunting #RenovationChallenges #HomeOwnership #HistoricHomes #PropertyInspections #BuyersBeware #RealEstateTips #HomeInvesting #HouseHuntingTips #VintageRealEstate #HomeMaintenance
    10m 32s
  • Ep. 107: 🤔Is Moving To Atlanta Georgia Still Worth it 2024?

    23 APR 2024 · Thinking about making the move to Atlanta, Georgia in 2024? Join us as we explore the pros and cons of life in this dynamic city! From its rich cultural scene to the challenges of traffic and cost of living, we'll provide you with the information you need to decide if Atlanta is the right place for you. Whether you're contemplating a relocation or just curious about what Atlanta has to offer, this video has got you covered. Don't hit the road without watching!  #Atlanta #ATL #AtlantaLife #MovingToAtlanta #AtlantaLiving #Georgia #CityLife #SouthernLiving #UrbanExploration #AtlantaBound #Cityscape #ExploreAtlanta #ATLifestyle #GeorgiaOnMyMind #ATLTraffic #AtlantaCulture #ATLCommunity #AtlantaVibes #AtlantaDreaming #ATLAdventures
    7m 14s
  • Ep. 106: 🏡Home Selling Musts! (Home Staging, Lighting, & Photography)Are you ready to elevate your home selling game? Look no further! In t

    9 APR 2024 · Are you ready to elevate your home selling game? Look no further! In this must-watch video, we're diving deep into the essential elements that will make your home stand out in today's competitive market. Join us as we explore the art of home staging, uncovering tips and tricks to transform your space into a buyer's dream. From decluttering to strategic furniture placement, we'll show you how to highlight your home's best features and create an irresistible atmosphere that will leave potential buyers eager to make an offer. But that's not all! We'll also shed light on the importance of proper lighting and photography in showcasing your property. Discover how to use natural and artificial light to your advantage, and learn the insider secrets to capturing stunning photographs that capture the essence of your home and leave a lasting impression on buyers. Don't miss out on this invaluable advice – hit play now and take the first step towards maximizing the value of your home! #HomeStagingTips #SellYourHome #RealEstateAdvice #PropertyPhotography #HomeSellingTips #InteriorDesign #LightingSecrets #DreamHome #BuyersMarket #MaximizePropertyValue
    6m 53s
  • Ep. 105: Selling A Home - Anticipate This When Moving 😲 | Must-Know Home Selling Tips In 2024!Embarking on the journey of selling your home

    2 APR 2024 · Embarking on the journey of selling your home? Prepare to be amazed by what you need to anticipate when moving! This video is packed with essential advice and tips every homeowner should know before putting their house on the market in 2024. Dive deep into professional home selling strategies that guarantee a smoother transaction. Discover proven tips to enhance your home's appeal and secure the best possible offer. Got questions or personal experiences to share? Drop a comment below! #HomeSelling #RealEstateTips #SellingYourHome #HomeSelling2024 #RealEstateAdvice #MovingTips #HomeSaleStrategies #HomeSellingStrategies
    6m 19s
  • Ep. 104: 🤔 Should You Use The Builder's Preferred Lender When Purchasing A New Construction Home?

    27 MAR 2024 · Congratulations on your decision to invest in a new construction home!! But as you embark on this exciting journey, one question looms large: should you opt for the builder's preferred lender or stick with your own outside lender? It's a dilemma many homebuyers face and the answer isn't always straightforward. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned property investor, understanding the nuances of lender selection is crucial to securing the best deal for your new construction home. Don't miss out on our expert advice to make an informed decision that aligns with your unique needs and financial goals. And if you've got questions or insights to share, don't hesitate to comment below. Your thoughts could help others facing the same decision! #HomeBuying #RealEstateAdvice #PropertyMarket #FirstTimeHomeBuyer #NewConstructionHome #PreferredLender #HomeLoan #FinancialPlanning
    12m 34s

My name is Natasha Bazile and I'm a full-time Realtor® & Associate Broker in and near Gwinnett County, Georgia. This podcast is an extension of my YouTube Channel where...

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My name is Natasha Bazile and I'm a full-time Realtor® & Associate Broker in and near Gwinnett County, Georgia.

This podcast is an extension of my YouTube Channel where I post weekly videos.

In addition to educating & guiding SELLERS & BUYERS through their real estate transactions, I also post content for real estate agents and I share my #realtorlife. Trust me... there is never a dull moment!

Want to work with me:

My name is Natasha Bazile and I’m a full-time Realtor® & Associate Broker with VPR (770) 495-5050. I enjoy serving as a guide to my clients in their real estate transaction(s). You can reach me at or call (404) 857-2508. Not local? No problem! I will get you in contact with one of my colleagues in your area.

I specialize in Guiding Individuals & Families in Transition:
• Dual Moves (selling starter home & buying DREAM HOME)
• Moving-up / Downsizing
• First Purchase / Sale
• New Construction
• Relocation
*I also facilitate workshops & seminars on various topics of Homeownership and Financial Education.


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