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RE/MAX Real Estate Insights

  • 9 Surprising Things Homeowners Learn

    16 MAY 2024 · Buying a home is a milestone achievement, but let’s be real, it comes with its fair share of unexpected discoveries.  From quirky maintenance issues to navigating the wild world of HOA regulations to taxes and neighbors, we share some insights on all the things you never knew you needed to know.
    45m 44s
  • Open Conversation About the NAR Settlement

    2 MAY 2024 · The recent National Association of Realtors proposed lawsuit settlement has put a focus on various aspects of a real estate transaction including the representation of buyers and dialog about commissions.   We have an open and candid conversation explaining what has been occurring and what the future may look like and how it impacts sellers and buyers. 
    52m 42s
  • Is this a Crazy Market Or What?

    18 APR 2024 · If you have had a conversation with anyone about real estate lately the word crazy likely came in this market is crazy!  We share why the market is t crazy or out of control but that is complex and competitive but manageable when working with a professional.
    13m 14s
  • Market Overview

    28 MAR 2024 · This conversation spans topics that include the recent National Association of Realtors settlement and the impact it will really have on the real estate industry, what buyers and sellers can expect from the market this spring, interest rates now and later this year, and more.
    1h 6m 1s
  • Tips from Recent Seller/Buyer

    14 MAR 2024 · You can’t start the process too early if you are getting ready to sell and keep looking if you are buying are some of the take-aways from show host Jeanette’s recent purchase and sale of a home.  She shares how talking to an agent early in the process can help you be better prepared and save you time and money by using contractors and service professionals they can recommend – and who are likely to move you to the front of the line for scheduling.  She also offers a couple of questions to ask movers and repair folks as well the need to factor time to schedule pick-up of items you are donating, selling or trashing.
    26m 59s
  • Detroit’s Hot Real Estate Market

    15 FEB 2024 · We take a look at what has led to Detroit has the fastest rising home values in the county and discuss where there remain opportunities to buy in Detroit. We also highlight tips for buyers and what can happen to help the city continue this positive trend.
    43m 19s
  • What’s In and Out for 2024

    1 FEB 2024 · From paint color to bathrooms to smart tech and AI, we take a look at the décor, design and color trends that are anticipated to be popular in 2024 and what trends are on their way out.
    25m 17s
  • Understanding the Unique Charm of Historic Homes When Buying or Selling

    17 JAN 2024 · Historic homes have a unique charm that can be leveraged when it comes time to sell. We explore how to find your home’s history so that you can turn that into a compelling story along with exploring and sharing the architectural treasures older homes offer along with tips for both buyers and sellers.
    37m 4s
  • Best Tips from 2023

    14 DEC 2023 · 2023 was an interesting year for the real estate market that saw increasing interest rates and persistently low inventory. In this episode we review some of the top tips and information shared on a wide range of topics such as lending tips, how to buy a home with a friend, helping your elderly parent sell their home, how to be sure you have proper homeowners insurance coverage, new construction update, how to donate unneeded furniture and more.
    29m 20s
  • Holiday Home Safety Tips

    30 NOV 2023 · There is no place like home around the holidays and in this episode, we share important safety tips to keep you and your holiday guests safe. Home fires increase during the holiday season so we focus on tips for cooking, candles, fireplaces, Christmas trees and decorating to help you prevent a fire from happening in your home. We also discuss how to keep your home safe if you are traveling during the holidays, how to avoid food poisoning and things to do to help avoid a guest slip and fall in and around your home.
    37m 12s

RE/MAX of Southeastern Michigan presents RE/MAX Real Estate Insights, its audio program designed to keep you in the know about the housing market in metro Detroit. Show host Jeanette Schneider,...

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RE/MAX of Southeastern Michigan presents RE/MAX Real Estate Insights, its audio program designed to keep you in the know about the housing market in metro Detroit. Show host Jeanette Schneider, VP of Management Services, along with expert Realtors and related industry insiders provide trends, tips, techniques that help you buy, sell or maintain your home. Whether you are a buyer, seller or simply enjoy the topic of real estate you will find new content weekly so subscribe today.
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