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Raising Freethinkers

  • A Different Kind of Game

    9 SEP 2020 · A growing game genre replaces mayhem with thinking and empathy.
    Played 12m 41s
  • Finding a Crew

    5 AUG 2020 · Sometimes 'citizen of the world' didn't cut it. That's when I needed a crew.
    Played 14m 12s
  • Rescuing the Word 'Privilege' for our Kids

    17 JUN 2020 · When 'privileged' becomes an epithet, it loses its power.
    Played 17m 8s
  • A Face for the Universe

    7 JUN 2020 · It's hard to live in a universe that doesn't care. So we give it a face.
    Played 12m 54s
  • When Huxley Lost His Darling Boy

    23 MAY 2020 · In the shadow of his terrible loss, Huxley wrote a moving testament to integrity.
    Played 14m 45s
  • The Science You Will Never Know

    6 MAY 2020 · The science you will never know can kill you, and it can save your life.
    Played 19m 49s
  • Normalizing Disbelief

    24 APR 2020 · Our kids' generation sees religious disbelief as kind of...normal. Let's catch up.
    Played 13m 14s
  • The Devil You Know (Religious Literacy)

    2 MAR 2020 · When teaching your kids about religion, cast a (very) wide net.
    Played 15m 38s
  • From the God Fight to Georgia Tech

    17 FEB 2020 · Once my daughter decided what she believed, there was another question waiting.
    Played 13m 1s
  • Of Ant-Squishing, and Crystal Meth, and Jesus

    3 FEB 2020 · Our conversation about moral development is all wrong.
    Played 16m 19s
A podcast about raising compassionate, curious kids without religion. Hosted by Dale McGowan, editor and co-author of Parenting Beyond Belief and Raising Freethinkers.
Author Dale McGowan
Categories Education
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