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  • Episode 15: Maternal Health

    1 FEB 2023 · Guest Andrea Ippolito joins host Jonathan to discuss the importance of Maternal Health. They discuss topics of breastfeeding, formula feeding, formula shortage, working parents, and how partners can help new mother’s during post-partum feeding. Andrea Ippolito is a "health tech nerd," a maternal health technology expert, and the Founder and CEO of SimpliFed - the maternal health tech platform helping new parents access the baby feeding support they need, when they need it. A Rad Mom of two under 5yo, she is a biomedical engineer by training, has worked with the VA, founded a number of health tech companies (one sold to athenahealth), has testified before Congress and is a faculty member at Cornell University. An advocate for female entrepreneurship and women in STEM, she also is an expert in maternal leave and workplace efforts around new parents.
    Played 1h 3m 39s
  • Episode 14: Imperfectly Perfect

    14 DEC 2022 · Dr. Dan Ward joins Host Jonathan Lopez from Salt Lake City, Utah. Dan and Jonathan discuss how we all have imperfections and how that makes us perfect. They discuss the mistakes we make as dads, cultivating a positive self-image, and how having discipline can help correct a lot of issues society and individuals have. Dan is the founder of Ward MD and other businesses, he is a facial plastic surgeon, proud husband, and Rad Dad to 5 awesome children.
    Played 58m 46s
  • Episode 13: Accountability

    30 NOV 2022 · Jorge Arzate joins Jonathan to discuss managing a company as CEO and being a present dad. Jorge discusses setting boundaries for work, having friends to hold you accountable, and how that helps with marriage and other relationships. Jorge is the Founder and CEO of Makina Benefits a Healthcare Third Party Administrator. Originally from Juarez, Mexico and a recent implant to Tulsa. Jorge is a Coast Guard veteran, proud husband, and Rad Dad to an awesome 6-year-old daughter.
    Played 1h 5m 52s
  • Episode 12: Co-Parenting

    16 NOV 2022 · Today’s guest is extra special, not only is she the first female to join the Rad Dad podcast, but she is also the reason Dr. Jonathan Lopez is a father. Dr. Tiphany Hall is the Chief Growth Officer for Aesthetic Record. She is also the host of For The Record podcast where she discusses the latest and greatest developments in the Aesthetic Industry. Tiphany grew up in rural Arkansas, she earned her Bachelor’s from Mississippi State, MBA from Arkansas State, and PhD from North Central University. She is a serial business builder, avid tech junkie, and has a voracious appetite for success. More importantly, she is the mother of Christian and co-parents with Rad Dad host. Jonathan and Tiphany discuss the journey of co-parenting. How they went from competitors to co-parents by putting aside their differences and focusing on a child-centric relationship. Tune in for great tips on co-parenting!
    Played 55m
  • Episode 11: Be Kind

    2 NOV 2022 · Host Jonathan Lopez and guest Jon Hill discuss how Jon started his real estate journey, how he found his passion for what he wanted to do, coaching hockey and how hockey helped them both become better dads.
    Played 53m 37s
  • Recap of Episode 10

    23 SEP 2022 · Catch-up on the podcast with a recap of episode 10 featuring Jeremy White!
    Played 15m 47s
  • Recap of Episode 9

    23 SEP 2022 · Catch-up on the podcast with a recap of episode 9 featuring Luke Ferrell!
    Played 17m 37s
  • Recap of Episode 8

    23 SEP 2022 · Catch-up on the podcast with a recap of episode 8 featuring Vince Conley!
    Played 16m 32s
  • Recap of Episode 7

    23 SEP 2022 · Catch-up on the podcast with a recap of episode 7 featuring Brett Bailey!
    Played 14m 11s
  • Recap of Episode 6

    23 SEP 2022 · Catch-up on the podcast with a recap of episode 6 featuring Will Russ!
    Played 16m 16s
A twice monthly podcast with dads discussing all things dad. Everything from education, fitness, family, faith, and more.
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