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    PFP #91 - Cherokee Creek Director Todd Jenkins

    1 FEB 2019 · On this episode we had the opportunity to talk with the director of Cherokee Creek, Todd Jenkins. Cherokee Creek is a hilarious comedy horror film with Bigfoot, blood, nudity, and just laugh-out-loud moments that Todd actually pulled from his own life! So grab a cold one and join the party! Things we discussed: Funk Brewing, The Disco Room, Winter is here, Polar, Mads Mikkelsen, Point Break, Bigfoot, Camping, how fast can a bear run, can Mark out run a turkey and more! ### About Cherokee Creek and Todd Jenkins: [Facebook]( Follow Us: * [Our Website]( * [Twitter]( * [Instagram]( * [Facebook]( Music in this episode by Leo Moracchioli: [YouTube]( [Patreon](
    1h 20m 40s
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    PFP #90 - Unbreakable

    11 JAN 2019 · On our first episode of the new year, we discuss the M. Night Shyamalan film, Unbreakable. This superhero thriller stars Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson. We chat about the film, a little bit about Split, the second film in this trilogy and a bunch of other random things. Join us! #unbreakable #brucewillis #mnightshyamalan #samjackson #mrglass #split Join us!
    1h 33m 9s
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    PFP #89 - Armageddon

    7 DEC 2018 · On this episode we talk about the 1998 film, Armageddon! Michael Bay directed this crazy movie starring Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, and Billy Bob Thornton. We laugh, we cry, we call Benny's Dad for his opinion. Plus we have some ConAir feedback, tell a story about selling a domain and just get goofy. Join us! #armageddon #brucewillis #baysplosions Join us!
    1h 35m 46s
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    PFP #88 - Con Air

    20 NOV 2018 · On this episode we have a hilarious discussion about the 1997 movie Con Air! This action movie starring national treasure Nic Cage along with John Cusack, John Malkovich, and Steve Buscemi is an insane film to behold. We also pay our respects to Stan Lee. Join us!#niccage #conair  ### Follow us!http://punchfarm.com
    1h 9m 20s
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    PFP #87 - Critters

    11 OCT 2018 · On this episode we discuss the 1986 science fiction comedy horror flick, Critters. We also talk about the new Halloween movie, James Gunn directing Suicide Squad 2 and more. Join us!
    1h 30m 51s
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    PFP #86 - Mandy starring Nic Cage!

    26 SEP 2018 · On this episode we chat about the new horror film, Mandy, directed by Panos Cosmatos & starring Nicolas Cage, Andrea Riseborough & Linus Roache. This trippy film is set in 1983 somewhere near the Shadow Mountains.Red (Cage) & Mandy (Riseborough) lead a quiet & reclusive life, where their conversations hint at a difficult past that they are trying to get through. Their peaceful life is turned upside down when they inadvertently come into contact with a deadly cult, the Children of the New Dawn.Join us as we talk about this psychedelic film, the Cheddar Goblin commercial, & Nicolas Cage in all his Cage-y glory!
    1h 30m 53s
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    PFP #85 - Science! with Ashley V. Robinson

    13 SEP 2018 · On this special episode we had the opportunity to hang out with comic book writer and content creator Ashley V. Robinson. She tells us all about her new comic she is writing with her husband, Jason Inman, called Science! Ashley let us know all about their kickstarter and gives us great advice on writing comics! We had a blast, we learned stuff and Science! Join us! Learn more about Science!
    38m 16s
  • Explicit

    PFP #84 - Summer of 84

    12 SEP 2018 · On this episode we chat about the film, Summer of 84. We also talk about some of our favorite movies from the 80's, riding our BMX bikes as kids, 80s synth music, and more. Join us! 
    1h 9m 55s
  • Explicit

    PFP #83 - Volumes of Blood Creator P.J. Starks

    15 AUG 2018 · On this episode we had the opportunity to chat with the always amazing and funny filmmaker, P.J. Starks. He talks about Volumes of Blood getting a new bluray release with special features and Volumes of Blood: Devils Knight. We also talk about Nic Cage's new movie, Mandy. Join us! #volumesofblood #horror #filmmaking
    1h 12m 36s
  • Explicit

    PFP #82 - Another Wolf Cop

    1 AUG 2018 · On this episode we talk about the sequel to Wolf Cop... Another Wolf Cop! This film by Lowell Dean has blood, guts, a Werewolf and even Kevin Smith! We also lament over the passing of Jon Schnepp, discuss James Gunn, Comic Con trailers and complain about the weather. Join us! #anotherwolfcop #wolfcop 
    57m 20s
We love horror movies. We love action movies. We love beer. And we sit around and talk about all of it. Join us!

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