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Power2Protect by Dell Technologies

  • Episode 104: The University of Barcelona's Zero Trust Transformation Post-Ransomware Attack

    18 JUN 2024 · Join us as we dissect the University of Barcelona's intense encounter with ransomware. Learn how adherence to Zero Trust principles can be the difference between a cyber catastrophe and a resilient recovery.
    Played 31m 59s
  • Episode 103: Decoding PowerProtect Data Manager's #1 Customer Satisfaction Ranking

    14 MAY 2024 · Tune into this episode to learn why PowerProtect Data Manager was ranked #1 in customer satisfaction for two years straight versus Rubrik, Cohesity, Commvault and Veritas. 
    Played 14m 52s
  • Episode 102: Harnessing AI with CyberSense: A Deep Dive into Next-Gen Cybersecurity

    2 MAY 2024 · In this episode of the Power2Protect Podcast, host Colm Keegan from Dell Technologies and guest Jim McGann of Index Engines discuss the critical role of AI in cybersecurity, focusing on the capabilities of CyberSense in detecting and responding to cyber threats. They explore the current cyber threat landscape, highlighting the importance of early detection through advanced scanning and alert thresholding provided by CyberSense. 
    Played 26m 39s
  • Episode 101: Securing the Future: Cost-Effective Data Protection in the AI Era

    9 APR 2024 · Explore how Dell's data protection solutions offer cost efficiency and cyber resiliency, enabling organizations to innovate and secure data in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. #DataProtection #CyberResiliency #AI #GenAI #CloudDR
    Played 14m 42s
  • Episode 100 Celebration: Reflecting on the Journey, Anticipating the Road Ahead

    30 JAN 2024 · Join us in celebrating our 100th podcast episode as we delve into the dynamic realm of data protection and cyber security in hybrid, multicloud environments. Engage with insightful discussions, relive key segments, and explore the innovative future of cyber resiliency, cloud-native protection, and simplified IT operations through automation. Don't miss this milestone episode!
    Played 43m 40s
  • EP099: Securing Tomorrow: Navigating the Cyber Resilience Landscape with Dell and C1

    16 JAN 2024 · Join Colm Keegan, host of the Power2Protect Podcast, in a conversation with Dr. Vito Nozza, Director – Chief Advisor for the InfoSec Capabilities Group at C1, a Dell Partner. Explore the rising cyber threats and the critical need for organizations to enhance cyber resilience. Learn about strategies to combat ransomware, vulnerabilities in application software, and the role of GenAI in automating cybersecurity. Discover how Dell and C1 collaborate to empower organizations in their journey towards cyber resiliency, featuring insights from the Dell 2024 GDPI survey.
    Played 23m
  • EP098 - Navigating SEC Cybersecurity Disclosure Rules: Insights and Compliance Strategies for Public Companies

    17 OCT 2023 · Exploring the SEC’s new cybersecurity disclosure rules, this podcast navigates through material incident disclosures and strategic cybersecurity management, providing insightful discussions and practical examples to decipher regulatory compliance, while balancing investor transparency and cybersecurity. Join host Colm Keegan, Attorney Eric Gyasi of BakerHostetler, and Dell Director of Cybersecurity and Compliance Practice, Jim Shook, for an enlightening dialogue on these pivotal regulations.
    Played 26m 3s
  • EP097- Mitigating Cyber Threats Amidst Tool Proliferation: Strategies for Enhanced Data Protection and Organizational Cybersecurity

    10 OCT 2023 · In this episode, host Colm Keegan and Yaniv Valik from Continuity Software explore the paradox of increasing organizational vulnerability to cyber-attacks amidst the proliferation of cybersecurity and data protection tools. The discussion delves into strategies organizations can employ to mitigate associated risks and fortify their cyber defenses.
    Played 16m 44s
  • EP096- PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance: Simplifying & Securing Modern Workloads

    29 SEP 2023 · Join Colm Keegan and George O’Toole as they explore how the PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance delivers increased IT simplicity, modern data protection capabilities for diverse workloads, and resiliency against cyber threats.
    Played 16m 18s
  • EP095 -Distributed or Centralized Data: The Age-old Dilemma in a Modern Age

    29 AUG 2023 · In the latest Power2Protect Podcast, host Colm Keegan and Glenn Dekhayser from Equinix delve into the challenges of managing data across hybrid multicloud environments. They discuss the tug-of-war between the need for distributed data accessibility and the imperative of centralized security and compliance. Key insights include the advantages of multi-cloud adjacent data centers and innovative strategies for optimal data management.
    Played 13m 17s

Welcome to the Dell Technologies Power2Protect podcast! Tune in and listen to experts in the field and discover newsworthy updates on Dell’s latest and greatest Data Protection and Cyber Security...

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Welcome to the Dell Technologies Power2Protect podcast! Tune in and listen to experts in the field and discover newsworthy updates on Dell’s latest and greatest Data Protection and Cyber Security offerings.
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