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Podcast Growth Tactics by Podder

  • #18 - Why Your Podcast Needs a Break: The Unexpected Benefits of Going on Hiatus

    9 NOV 2023 · Before we dive into today's topic, I want to say thank you for joining me this season. If you have ideas for topics we should cover in season two, let me know at or on social media. In this grand finale episode, we explore the unexpected upside of taking a break from your podcast. We discusses the benefits of going on hiatus and how it can reinvigorate your show and creativity long term. Taking an extended break allows for creative recharging, giving your mind space to relax and inspire new perspectives. It also provides time for production improvements without the pressure of live episodes, allowing for refinements and enhancements to your podcast. A hiatus can build listener anticipation and generate buzz upon your return, creating a season launch moment. It also provides hosts with much-needed work-life balance, allowing them to recharge personally and avoid burnout. Additionally, the break provides valuable audience data, revealing your true fans and helping you better engage and serve your community. Don't fear reasonable breaks from the episodic grind. See them as a secret creative weapon to start your next season strong. Use the downtime wisely to refine your craft and processes while also rejuvenating personally. For more podcasting tips and to stay updated on our upcoming season, make sure to subscribe to our podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
    6m 56s
  • #17 - Podcasters: Why You Should Gate Your Best Content Behind a Paywall

    2 NOV 2023 · Join us as we dive into the controversial topic of paywalls in podcasting. Discover how strategic paywall implementation can elevate your show's value, increase engagement, and cultivate a dedicated subscriber base. We explore the psychological effect of paid content, enticing subscribers with exclusive insights and samples. Real-world examples and execution strategies offer valuable insights. Learn how paywalls can set clear expectations, strengthen your core community, and ultimately enhance your podcast's appeal. Don't miss this thought-provoking episode! Brought to you by Lease us a review on Apple podcasts
    6m 18s
  • #16 - Podcast Promo Swaps: Controversial or Genius Growth Tactic?

    26 OCT 2023 · In this episode, we dive deep into the art of promo swaps in the world of podcasting. Promo swaps offer a powerful way to expand your show's reach and connect with new, engaged audiences, all without breaking the bank. First, we break down the promo swap model, explaining how it works and why it's a game-changer for podcasters. Discover how shows exchange short promo spots and the mutual benefits of this practice. We'll also share insights from Jordan Harbinger, who swears by promo swaps as a top organic marketing tactic. But that's not all. We'll explore the key elements of crafting compelling promo spots that leave your audience craving more. Learn how to create a strong hook, craft persuasive descriptions, deliver clear calls to action, and include direct response links to track your promo's success. To execute promo swaps seamlessly, you need the right partners. We share best practices for finding shows with audience overlap, establishing organized systems, recording multiple promo versions, setting clear expectations, and nurturing long-lasting relationships. Promo swaps can be a podcast's secret weapon when executed strategically, and this episode equips you with the knowledge and tools to make it happen. Tune in to learn how to expand your podcast's reach, engage your audience, and foster meaningful collaborations with your fellow podcasters. Don't miss it! Brought to you by Lease us a review on Apple podcasts
    7m 36s
  • #15 - Why Podcasters Should Ignore Reviews

    19 OCT 2023 · In this episode, we explore why you should consider ignoring podcast reviews. While feedback is valuable, obsessing over ratings can be counterproductive. We discuss how reviews often provide limited perspectives due to the minimal volume of ratings and flawed rating systems. Negative feedback can carry disproportionate weight, affecting your podcast's perception. We encourage you to focus on your core audience, your loyal listeners who deeply appreciate your work. We also emphasize that growth metrics and tangible goals matter more than subjective star ratings. Setting benchmarks for downloads, email list growth, and revenue increases is crucial for your podcast's success. Chasing great reviews can backfire and hinder your creativity. Instead, stay true to yourself and your core community, creating content that naturally earns ratings. In summary, this episode highlights why reviews should not dictate your podcasting priorities or content. We've covered the limitations of reviews, the impact of negative feedback, and why core fans matter most. Focus on clear goals and growth metrics to measure your success. If you've enjoyed this perspective, we'd appreciate an honest review. Thanks for listening and remember to create amazing content without worrying about reviews!
    4m 40s
  • #14 - AM/FM Radio: An Overlooked Medium to Promote Your Podcast

    12 OCT 2023 · AM/FM radio is an overlooked goldmine for podcast promotion. Learn proven tactics top podcasters use to tap into substantial audience crossover and cost-effectively expand reach. We dive into data revealing most radio listeners also tune into podcasts. Get case studies demonstrating direct response radio ads' impact for leading shows. Uncover how to strategically select genres and shows aligned to your content. Plus, craft compelling creative that intrigues radio audiences. Whether you're a new podcaster or have an established show, AM/FM radio belongs in your marketing mix. Join us as we explore an underutilized channel to promote your podcast to legions of proven on-demand audio fans. Brought to you by
    7m 12s
  • #13 - How to Maximize Your Podcast Interview After it Airs

    5 OCT 2023 · The real work begins after your podcast interview wraps. Don’t leave visibility on the table - learn proven tactics to maximize your episode reach. We dive into creating shareable content like smartlinks, blog posts, and social graphics to promote across both networks. Uncover how to collaborate on giveaways, thoughtfully follow up with guests, and cultivate ongoing partnerships. Whether launching your first interview or optimizing your 100th, you’ll get data-backed strategies to extend exposure, build relationships, and get the most value from podcast appearances long-term. Join us as we demystify post-interview best practices so you can unlock the lasting power of your podcast conversations. Say goodbye to one-and-done guests and hello to maximized marketing power. Brought to you by
    6m 37s
  • #12 - How to Prepare and Host Captivating Podcast Interview Conversations

    28 SEP 2023 · In this episode, we dive into the art of preparing and facilitating compelling interviews. Discover how to select guests who resonate with your audience, conduct thorough research for insightful questions, and shape engaging introductions. We share tips on blending prepared questions with genuine conversation and offer insights from successful podcast hosts. Plus, don't miss out on our exclusive masterclass on growing your podcast, happening on October 3rd. Tune in for actionable strategies to enhance your podcasting skills Save a spot for our FREE MasterClass "Top 7 Secrets to Growing a Podcast" here:
    6m 36s
  • #11 - Acing the Interview: How to Prepare as a Podcaster for Guest Appearances

    21 SEP 2023 · Learn how to confidently prepare and perform as a podcast interview guest. From pre-interview research to thoughtful follow-up, we provide actionable tactics to ace guest appearances. Discover how to actively engage through compelling talking points and anecdotes. You'll get tips to ensure flawless technical execution plus grow your authority and cross-promotion. Whether it's your first interview or 100th, proper prep is key to creating memorable conversations that deliver value. Join us for insider strategies to represent your brand and maximize exposure from guest spots. Say goodbye to interview anxiety and hello to confident, engaging discussion. Save a spot for our FREE MasterClass "Top 7 Secrets to Growing a Podcast" here:
    7m 36s
  • #10 - Expanding Your Podcast's Reach: Creative Collaboration Strategies Outside of Podcasting

    14 SEP 2023 · Ready to take your podcast growth to the next level? In this episode, we're stepping beyond the boundaries of traditional podcasting to uncover innovative ways to expand your podcast's reach. We're diving deep into the world of creative collaborations that can breathe new life into your show. Discover why collaborating with influencers, speaking at events, and partnering with aligned organizations can be game-changers for your podcast. We'll walk you through practical strategies and real-world examples to inspire your next steps. Join us for a no-nonsense conversation on unlocking fresh opportunities to grow your podcast audience. If you're finding value in this episode, consider leaving a review and sharing it with your fellow podcasters. For more insights, check out the show notes for additional resources. Let's embark on this journey of creative collaboration and watch your podcast soar to new heights. Thanks for tuning in! Brought to you by
    7m 28s
  • #9 - Best Podcast Review Strategies - Get 30+ Reviews Monthly

    7 SEP 2023 · Ready to level up your podcast? In this episode, we're diving straight into the facts on how to boost your podcast's visibility and engagement through reviews. We'll discuss why reviews matter, how to ask for them effectively, and where to ask for them. No fluff, just practical strategies that work. Plus, we'll share creative ways to make the review process engaging for your listeners. Join us for a no-nonsense conversation on supercharging your podcast with more reviews. If you find this valuable, consider leaving a review and sharing it. Check out Podder's Audience Personality Assessment tool in the show notes for more insights. Thanks for listening!
    7m 27s

Podcast Growth Tactics by Podder is your go-to resource for actionable, bite-sized insights and innovative strategies to boost your podcast's growth. Brought to you by the team behind Podder, a...

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Podcast Growth Tactics by Podder is your go-to resource for actionable, bite-sized insights and innovative strategies to boost your podcast's growth. Brought to you by the team behind Podder, a premier podcast analytics and enrichment platform, this podcast is designed for podcasters of all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros.

Each episode dives into a range of topics including SEO, email marketing, analytics, interviews, paid ads, audience engagement, content creation, and more. We provide practical tips and growth hacks, all backed by data from over a billion data points from podcasts worldwide.

But what truly sets us apart is that we leverage our data of over 2B data points to bring you the most relevant and effective podcasting strategies. Whether you're looking to fine-tune your show, connect with your audience, or boost your podcast's visibility, 'Podcast Growth Tactics by Podder' has you covered. Tune in to discover proven tactics to elevate your podcasting journey.
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