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Perfect Pair

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    Don't Take It Personally

    20 JUN 2024 · Let's discuss Father's Day celebrations and the challenges of communicating effectively, especially with busy schedules. It's also important to show empathy, and understanding, and not take things personally in a relationship.  Link: Promo code:  PERFECTPAIR for 50 Free spins with $50 minimum deposit
    Played 23m 44s
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    Does She Need Her Ass Whooped or Not?

    13 JUN 2024 · I think this woman hit her head because she should be getting up out of there after finding out about her partner being in a hot tub with her sister exposing her breasts. What do you all think? Promocode: PERFECTPAIR Link: Promo code description: 50 Free spins with a $50 minimum deposit
    Played 19m 34s
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    Hilarious & Shocking Letter Reading

    6 JUN 2024 · In this episode of the Perfect Pair Podcast, Rock-T and Krystal dive into a shocking letter from the Steve Harvey Morning Show's 'Strawberry Letter' segment. They discuss a woman's dilemma with her manipulative preacher husband who claims to have unusual abilities and offers 'therapeutic' solutions to his ex. Green Chef: Use code: PERFECTPAIR50 for 50% off + 20% off your next 2 months.
    Played 28m 55s
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    Overcoming Trauma with Yunetta Spring

    23 MAY 2024 · In this special edition of The Perfect Pair Podcast, Rock-T, and Krystal engage in a powerful conversation with a licensed professional counselor, Yanetta Spring Smith, known for her appearances on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show. Yunetta, with eight years of experience in her private practice in Tennessee, discusses the importance of seeking therapy for emotional wounds, comparing them to physical injuries that are often more visible and socially acceptable to treat. The discussion delves into the stigmas associated with mental health in culture, the impact of childhood trauma on adult relationships, and the process of healing through therapy. Yunetta also details her work as a trainer for therapists and her efforts to help individuals heal from trauma, emphasizing that healing is possible and necessary for holistic well-being.
    Played 31m 1s
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    The Real Reason Some Men Keep You Around

    9 MAY 2024 · Rock-T and Krystal light up the Perfect Pair Podcast with a fiery discussion on why some cling to partners even when the love fades. They dive into the cycle of possessiveness versus true affection, the ripple effect of parental relationships on kids, and the art of respectful arguing. Emphasizing the importance of genuine change, they passionately advise against staying where you have to threaten to leave for action. An energizing blend of tough love, wisdom, and a call to prioritize self-worth in relationships.
    Played 22m 22s
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    Navigating Emergencies and Marriage Insights

    2 MAY 2024 · In this episode of the Perfect Pair Podcast, Rock T and Krystal share their recent scary experience with Krystal having an allergic reaction, requiring ER visits. They detail the initial symptoms, misdiagnoses, and Crystal's struggle with symptoms reminiscent of her Lyme disease condition. Additionally, Krystal shares five crucial tips for understanding and supporting your partner in a marriage, emphasizing gratitude, loyalty, sex, understanding, and attention to detail. This episode blends personal storytelling with advice on maintaining a healthy and supportive relationship, offering insights and laughs along the way. + code PERFECTPAIR50 for 50% off your first month + 20% off your next 2 months
    Played 23m 29s
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    Should Men Be Lead By Women?

    25 APR 2024 · Rock-T and Krystal discuss the provocative topic of whether women should lead men, specifically in the context of coaching in the NBA. The conversation is sparked by a statement from Mase, discussing the increasing presence of women as assistant coaches in the NBA and contemplating their potential as head coaches. Rock and Crystal explore the qualifications and respect women coaches like Dawn Staley and Becky Hammond command in basketball, considering their potential to succeed in traditionally male-dominated roles. They also touch on broader issues of gender roles in coaching across other sports like the NFL, debating whether a woman's success in coaching women's teams could translate to leading men's teams. Throughout the conversation, they emphasize the importance of qualifications over gender and push for equal respect and opportunities for women in coaching positions.
    Played 20m 55s
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    Rock-T Drops the Ball on Travel Plans

    18 APR 2024 · Tune in as Krystal and Rock-T spill the tea on their epic clash over booking hotel rooms for their son's baseball tourney! Krystal's steaming mad as Rock-T drops the ball on snagging a sweet deal, leaving them high and dry. Get ready for some serious relationship real talk as they hash out their communication issues, unpack their decision-making process, and reveal their secret to keeping the love alive amidst the chaos. Don't miss out on this rollercoaster ride of emotions, lessons, and laughter! #RelationshipGoals #PodcastDrama #CommunicationIsKey
    Played 20m
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    Navigating Trust and Control in Relationships

    11 APR 2024 · In this episode of The Perfect Pair Podcast, Rocky and Crystal dive into the complexities of trust, forgiveness, and control within relationships, particularly focusing on a situation where a woman struggles with her ex's actions and her desires for control and trust. They explore the implications of controlling behaviors post-cheating, the importance of communication and setting boundaries, and how to move forward in a relationship after trust has been broken. The discussion emphasizes understanding personal flaws, the significance of mutual respect, and finding a balance between control and trust. The episode also touches on coping with life's challenges and the necessity of personal growth both within and outside of relationships.
    Played 20m
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    The Age Of Virtual First Dates. Do They Work?

    4 APR 2024 · We live in a new sort of society that does everything online, and that includes dating. We are going to break down what we think about having your first date virtually, long-distance relationships, and do they work. Sponsor: + Code PERFECTPAIR50 for 50% off your first month and 20% off your next two months!
    Played 29m 37s

Rock-T from The Rickey Smiley Morning Show and his Better Half "Krystal aka "SNOOKUMS" are here to share their STORY and reveal the TRUTH behind everyone thinking they are a...

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Rock-T from The Rickey Smiley Morning Show and his Better Half "Krystal aka "SNOOKUMS" are here to share their STORY and reveal the TRUTH behind everyone thinking they are a "Perfect Pair." Rock-T & Krystal will be the first to tell you, they are FAR from perfect, but they are PERFECT for each other. Each week Krystal & Rock-T will express their thoughts and opinions while sharing advice on how to have a perfect, NON-Perfect marriage… OH, by the way. They both love SPORTS… Krystal loves Fashion & Make-Up… and they both love discussing Celebrity Entertainment stuff. So buckle up and get ready for the… PERFECT PAIR PODCAST!

*Our Social Handles: * @RockTHolla @KrystalsKiss
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