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People In Your Neighbourhood

  • S4E5 - Family Fuse - "We Don't Have Time To Be Nice, We Only Have Time To Be Kind."

    4 SEP 2023 · The start of a new school year is the perfect time to get to know Family Fuse! Family Fuse exsists to "help Black Canadian parents, caregivers, and guardians, living across Windsor and Essex County, to navigate the education system"., and share their collective vision for the organization, the soundtracks of their lives and the diverse professional skills that assist them in tackling the unique challenges that their clients face. You can find Family Fuse at their, on, and, and you can also contact them directly at As always, our soundtrack is provided by bandmaster
    40m 17s
  • S4E4 - Salem Berhane (IncluSV Beauty Solutions) - "It's Never A Fail, It's A Lesson Learned."

    24 AUG 2023 · I had an IncluSV and enlightening conversation with Salem Berhane about working as a probation officer and building her business in the middle of a global pandemic. Come celebrate their - 849 Walker Road, Windsor, Ontario on Sunday, August 27 from 10 am to 6 pm! Click You can find IncluSV Beauty Solutions on their,,, or by email at
    45m 28s
  • S4E3 - Chayron Rennie (Osmosis Glow) - "There’s Got To Be A Way That I Could Fit A CNC Machine In My Room!"

    12 JUL 2023 · On this episode, Osmosis Glow founder and bringer of Light Chayron Rennie discusses his fascination with reverse engineering, the spiritual aspects of Dreams, the joy of connecting people, researching and using available technology to fulfill a need - just generally thinking outside the lines. Needless to say, we cover a lot. There are many places to find Osmosis Glow and hire them to light up the room for you: or directly at
    43m 44s
  • S4E2 – AK Jasper (LitRosi Day Spa) - "Bali or Windsor?"

    6 JUL 2023 · World traveller and 'Serial Entrepreneur' AK Jasper takes copious notes wherever she visits, and has poured her experiences into the LitRosi Day Spa, located at the scenic waterfront of Windsor, Ontario. It was a delight to discuss her journey in helping her clients find freedom, the joy in giving back to your community and the importance of finding ‘home’. Find AK at Be sure to ask about Halotherapy! Featured music:
    34m 4s
  • S4E1 - Christie and Jeff Denomme (Halo Heats) - "Uh, Wayne Brady's My Cousin."

    10 APR 2023 · What an amazing way to kick off Season 4... with some Heat! Jeff and Christie share all things Halo Heats and working in a Hive. Find them today at
    1h 11m 24s
  • People In Your Neighbourhood Presents: The True Groove February 2023

    19 FEB 2023 · Wrecks – Leaderdogs Million And One – Royal Blood A Bullet's Worth A Thousand Words – Chagall Guevara Crunk Pow - Freddie Bruno Wishing Well - Trump Dawgs Spotlight – MuteMath Feel This - Leaderdogs
    31m 24s
  • S3E4 - "Check Out My Dad Pod" with Patrick Thibert and Adriaan Verhulst

    20 JUN 2021 · I've been holding on to this for a while. This podcast features two of my Dad's closest friends talking about Dad (1945-2016), fatherhood and lessons learned. First, we jump right into a conversation with acclaimed visual artist Patrick Thibert, who also happens to be my Godfather, my personal Marlon Brando. We conclude with Adriaan Verhulst delivering his amazing tribute at Dad's celebration of life service. Dad met both when he moved to Canada from Bermuda in the early 1960's, and they always had his back. I am forever grateful to both gentlemen. Happy Father's Day! You can find Pat at Music as always from composer and and Fantastic Father Lyndon Perry!
    29m 52s
  • S3E3 - Joe Yerke (Average Jerks Podcast) - “It’ll Be A Whiz Bang Of A Time!”

    10 APR 2021 · Last year, we got Nate, Todd and Joe The Insyderz back together, near the dawn of the Sunken Place. Couldn't wait to Welcome Back Joe, founder and co-host of both the Average Jerks Podcast and the brand new Pickle & Boot Shoppe Podcast! Shenanigans ensued... Here are some of the things we covered: Average Jerks Podcast The Pickle & Boot Shoppe Podcast Letterkenny Huey Lewis & The News Woodward Dream Cruise Five Iron Frenzy The Insyderz Nightmare at 20000 Feet Dreamwater Barret Jones Gene Eugene Ethan Luck - Let It Burn The X Files
    1h 6m 59s
  • S3E2.2 - Matt Bissonette (Elton John Band) - "Gregg And I Looked At Each Other And Said... We've Gotta Do This!"

    5 MAR 2021 · In Part 2 of this conversation with my gracious buddy Matt, we find out why he still enjoys working with his brother Gregg (Spinal Tap, Ringo Starr, Sheena Easton, David Lee Roth, everyone), taking his son to every baseball stadium in the country, how he met Rick Springfield in Canada of all places and his new fascination with Chopin and classical music. He also talks about he stays humble on the road with an actual Knight - Sir Elton John. A Knight who really does hit record stores every time he plays a new town. I hope you enjoy! Look him up: Matt Bissonette: The Reddcoats: Gregg Bissonette: Elton John: Rick Springfield: Mary Bissonette - Featured Music Feem Song - "Wrecks" Leaderdogs For The Blind: "C-mon" - Jughead "Audience Of One" - Matt Bissonette
    26m 51s
  • S3E2.1 - Matt Bissonette - Beatles For Sale ($2.50 Ticket To Ride)

    4 MAR 2021 · Today, Part 1 of my long overdue conversation with Matt Bissonette, among his many talents, currently known as the BassMan in the Elton John Band. Maybe you've heard of them? We talk seeing the Beatles then playing for Ringo, parenting, family road trips, faith, why Rick Springfield is such a great guy and much much more. Part 2 to follow soon! Look him up: Featured music: Feem Song: "Wrecks" - Leaderdogs For The Blind: "Just Gimme The News" and "Redcoat" - The Reddcoats
    31m 19s

Who are the people in your neighbourhood? Sometimes life makes us stop and take inventory, and you realize just how impressive the people in your neighbourhood really are. Listen in...

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Who are the people in your neighbourhood? Sometimes life makes us stop and take inventory, and you realize just how impressive the people in your neighbourhood really are. Listen in on our conversations.
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