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  • Haleon’s Julie Chan and Farhad Nadeem Discuss Innovation in OTC Marketing by Delivering Better on Everyday Health

    3 NOV 2022 · GSK Consumer Health is now Haleon as GlaxoSmithKline debuted a new standalone company earlier this year, which maintains its extraordinary portfolio of category-leading brands, including Sensodyne, Voltaren, Panadol, Centrum, and Otrivin, among others. Julie Chan, Global Media Director for OTC, and Farhad Nadeem, Sr Global Director of Marketing and Digital for Nasal Health, share their excitement about being part of a company that’s beginning a new chapter. They also reveal extraordinary insights regarding two of Haleon’s brands—Panadol and Otrivin. Both put humanity at the heart of their communications and focused on creating initiatives that set new standards in the support of patients and healthcare professionals, while encouraging everyday health and well bring.
    26m 34s
  • Wilson Controls Insects with Real-Time Digital Innovation and a Data Ecosystem through the Help of Touché

    14 SEP 2022 · Wilson, Canada’s leading insect control brand, was looking for an innovative approach to disrupt the category and grow sales. With support from their Omnicom Media Group agency, Touché in Montréal, they built a data ecosystem that would help consumers predict a wide range of insect invasions based on temperature, humidity, geography, and seasonality … along with a little media help from The Weather Network. Today, Gabrielle Côté and Alexandra Cloutier, both of Touché, tell us about this extraordinary digital initiative that generated limitless message combinations in real time… with record results.
    26m 32s
  • Allianz Creates High Interest & Strong Result in Specialty Insurance through Innovative Digital Solutions  

    9 SEP 2022 · The Allianz Group is one of the world's leading insurers and asset managers with 126 million private and corporate customers in more than 70 countries.   While Allianz customers benefit from a broad range of personal and corporate insurance services, the company also offers many specialty lines.  One such example is their extensive coverage for German civil servants-- policemen and -women, teachers, administrative staff.  This is wonderful option, but the approach to targeting, media, and overall marketing strategy was quite challenging.   Max von Reden, Marketing Manager at Allianz, and Tom Lehmann, Executive Client Service at Omnicom Media Group, talk about the difficulties of reaching people who are generally unconcerned about additional insurance, and the ways in which they encouraged them to learn more.  Remarkably, this became one of Allianz’ most successful recent initiatives. 
    26m 8s
  • How Scanmarker Defied Traditional Classification to Achieve Outstanding Growth

    18 AUG 2022 · Sometimes, a great product needs to be looked at a little differently to breakthrough or to rise in the ecommerce ranks on Amazon.  The extraordinary Scanmarker is one such example. It’s a combination digital highlighter and scanner that can also convert full text to speech and translate up to 40 different languages with a single pen.  With overcrowded categories and fierce competition from brands of all sizes, innovation without the right product depiction often ends up lost in the noise.  That’s why Scanmarker engaged with ecommerce and retail media agency Channel Bakers to increase its presence in the European region. 
    24m 41s
  • McDonald’s Challenges Germans to Love Breakfast in an Initiative that Breaks Traditions

    4 AUG 2022 · While McDonald's has celebrated a half-century in Germany as one of the restaurant chain’s largest markets, its breakfast offerings have not always been top-of-mind in a country where people traditionally frequent their 40,000 local bakeries. Yet, through an initiative called “Good Morning, Germany,” McDonald’s presented the allure of their breakfast options in ways never done before-- to change habits and drive strong results.
    27m 25s
  • Walgreens Demonstrates How Data Insights, Performance Modeling & Tailored Messages Create Extraordinary Results

    15 JUN 2022 · While many brand marketers today talk about how data and technology should be used to bring a more personalized or “human” element to their customer connections, Walgreens, one of the leading retail pharmacies in the US, has not only proved this is indeed possible, but their “Vaccine Readiness Model,” created during the COVID -19 pandemic, has entirely changed the industry dynamic in terms of understanding consumer intentions, gauging predictability, and offering tailored and timely messages.
    35m 50s
  • SEB Baltics Challenges Cybersecurity Threats with an Inventive Campaign for Banking Customers

    21 MAR 2022 · SEB is a leading Nordic financial services group with a strong presence in the Baltic region. Addressing customer pain points is a hallmark of SEB, and an extended part of their corporate belief that innovative companies are key to creating a better world. The bank’s latest initiative for Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia focused on cybersecurity – an issue that touches every level of society given how scamming techniques have now become so advanced.
    34m 31s
  • HSBC’s Sarah Mayall & Shelter UK’s Michael Stickland—Banking Services for Society’s Most Vulnerable 

    1 NOV 2021 · HSBC UK differentiates itself from other banks with the suite of products and services it offers some of society’s most vulnerable people, particularly the homeless. When you don't have a home, it's hard to open a bank account. When you don't have a bank account you have no safe space to keep your money and it is hard to access government benefits and wages.
    24m 29s
  • Ben Stuart, CMO of Bank of the West, Discusses the Many Benefits of their 1% for the Planet Efforts

    26 OCT 2021 · Bank of the West launched a new brand positioning around sustainable financing by joining forces with 1% For the Planet to launch the first checking account of its kind, designed to empower consumers to take climate action. For every account opened, the Bank donates 1% of net revenues to support environmental non-profits.
    26m 8s
  • Renault Germany’s Media Team Delivers e-Car Growth through Infotainment

    5 OCT 2021 · E-mobility is a trending topic in Germany given climate issues and an electric car bonus introduced by the government.   As every potential car buyer asks questions about electric cars, Renault’s challenge was to remain the best-selling e-car in Germany-- despite high-profile competition and statistics proving that more than 60% of potential buyers are not yet committed to a brand or model of electric car.
    22m 40s

This series from The Internationalist highlights the people behind brand strategies that have made a difference and provides insights from winning Internationalist case studies. By Deborah Malone, Founder of The...

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This series from The Internationalist highlights the people behind brand strategies that have made a difference and provides insights from winning Internationalist case studies.
By Deborah Malone, Founder of The Internationalist
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