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  • Empowering Community Growth: SBCCI Funding with Karen Soltau

    8 DEC 2023 · Empowering Community Growth: SBCCI Funding with Karen Soltau Episode Number: (No episode number) Episode Summary:In today’s episode, we're unpacking the transformative impact of funding for Black-led, Black-focused non-profit organizations. I had the pleasure of speaking with Karen Salto, head of the SBCCI Tropicana Community Services, who enlightened us on the success of the program, the benefits to the community, and the importance of taking advantage of this opportunity.Guest Bio:Karen Salto is the head of the SBCCI at Tropicana Community Services, leading an initiative that provides critical funding for capacity building in Black Canadian communities. Her work focuses on empowering grassroots organizations to achieve sustainable growth and create lasting impact.In This Episode, You’ll Learn: - The goals and growth of the SBCCI program since its inception in 2020. - The importance of funding for capacity building in Black-led non-profit organizations. - Real-life examples of how SBCCI grants have made a difference in communities. - The challenges faced by the program and how they're being addressed. - Tips for non-profit organizations to make their grant applications stand out. Resources Mentioned: - https://TropicanaCommunityServices - Follow PegCity Chat with Nat: - If today’s chat inspires you and want to learn more or apply for a grant, remember the deadline is December 15th! Don’t forget to share this episode with someone who could benefit from these insights.Special thanks to Karen Soltau for her time and wisdom, and to all of you for tuning in and engaging with these important conversations.
    28m 17s
  • 5 Summer Home Improvements with Bailey Carson

    27 AUG 2021 · Summer is a great time to tackle your to-do list, but where do you start? Some projects can wait, but there are a few that should be completed now. I recently interviewed Home Care Expert Bailey Carson, Head of Book Now with ANGI for her expertise on this subject! We chatted about: • Home maintenance improvement projects that should be top priority • How to budget and prioritize home maintenance projects • Priorities for new homeowners • When to decide to DIY or go with a pro Shoutout to Bailey for sharing her home improvement knowledge with us! This episode is brought to you by ANGI Recorded June 23, 2021
    12m 19s
  • 2h 28s
  • How to Deal with Covid Stress with a Quick Local Getaway

    9 NOV 2020 · Dr Mike Dow, psychotherapist and author of The Brain Fog Fix, Healing the Broken Brain and Diet Rehab joins the show to chat about how travel, even a quick trip, can boost one's mental health. (recorded prior to increased restrictions) Dr Mike Dow Links: Instagram Facebook Twitter This episode is brought to you by: Hotwire
    15m 21s
  • New Season Relaunch

    1 SEP 2020 · I had taken a bit of a hiatus, and on this episode I explain why. Everything is still a work in progress but I'm excited to see how it all evolves!
    7m 47s
  • #inTheCarCast - Representation Matters For Your Brand

    4 OCT 2019 · I recently had the opportunity to attend a travel destinations conference and as a con list I spoke on the topic of representation this car cast it’s just a quick summary of that passion
    10m 58s
  • EPS 68 - Interview: Canadian Study - Children Nearsightedness Epidemic

    3 APR 2019 · Did You Know…Too Much Time Indoors Could Have a Major Impact on a Child's Vision? A new study conducted by The Centre for Ocular Research & Education (CORE), the University of Waterloo’s School of Optometry & Vision Science and the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, reveals myopia is a global epidemic with prevalence rates in Canadian children increasing at an alarming rate. So why is there so much attention around nearsightedness now? Other than a child needing to wear glasses or other vision correction, why should we be concerned? Joining me to talk about this problem and ways to help combat this issue is Dr. Deborah Jones, Clinical Scientist and member of the research team at CORE. BIO: Dr. Jones graduated in Optometry from City University in London, England. She is a fellow of the British College of Optometrists, holds a UK Diplomate in Contact Lens Practice and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry. RESOURCE:
    10m 20s
  • EPS 67 - #Interview - Home Improvement Trends with @MsAmandaAerin

    1 APR 2019 · PegCityLovely chats with Amanda Aerin about home improvement trends this year! Instagram: and @wpghomeshows Website:
    25m 50s
  • #Interview - Common Myths About Estrogen & Hormone Therapy

    11 DEC 2018 · PegCityLovely chats with Dr. Lauren Streicher about some of the myths and common questions about estrogen and hormone therapy. Ever since the 2002 Women's Health Initiative (WHI) report, women have been cautious about the use of estrogen therapy. Many women endure years of uncomfortable symptoms of perimenopause and menopause without relief. When taken at the right time, and in the right way, estrogen therapy can reduce vasomotor symptoms (hot flashes) due to menopause. Http://
    10m 4s
  • Eps 65 What A #RealMorning Looks Like for #BackToSchool with Cat and Nat #PegCityChat

    6 SEP 2018 · Every new school year presents new opportunities. With high hopes, parents aim to do things differently. They plan to lay their kid's clothes out the night before. To wake up earlier. To eat healthier and be more patient with the kids. We all pledge our School Year's Resolutions... Then reality kicks in To find out what the back-to-school morning hustle is really like for parents, Kellogg's Nutri-Grain surveyed parents about their routines and the results were surprising! Natalie chats with dynamic YouTube duo Cat and Nat about those crazy back to school mornings, how to minimize mishaps and lists great tips for transitioning back to routine. Recorded: Wed Aug 29/18 PegCityChat with Nat podcast show: With seven kids between the two of them, Cat & Nat know just how lonely and isolating motherhood can be. With honesty and humor, Cat & Nat rewrite the paradigm of "the perfect mom" and dismantle the unrealistic portrayals of motherhood that are often presented in the media. Through their virally famous #MOMTRUTHS, Cat & Nat share everything moms think but are too afraid to talk about. Cat And Nat website: Cat and Nat YouTube: Cat and Nat Twitter: Cat and Nat Instagram: Cat and Nat Facebook:
    8m 30s

Digital creator, HR queen and seasoned interviewer Natalie Bell oozes energy and passion as she showcases the awesomeness that is Winnipeg and chats with influential people across the globe about...

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Digital creator, HR queen and seasoned interviewer Natalie Bell oozes energy and passion as she showcases the awesomeness that is Winnipeg and chats with influential people across the globe about everyday life topics!
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