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Peace Be Still- Daily Prayer Download

  • Update from Gina on 2024 call shift

    8 JAN 2024 · Welcome to 2024 and blessings for His grace and power to you. I'm sharing more on how I am organizing to come in line with my shifted ministry call. I hope you sense the burden and also have eyes to see the importance of obeying. It has not been an easy move for me. But obedience will always be the right move. Thank you for understanding the period of silence and continuing to notice when I post another episode for the next update. I hope you are referencing old episodes and finding inspiration as you position in the New Year! Blessings!
    Played 19m 21s
  • Update on the waiting and what God is saying

    11 DEC 2023 · Today I share some translation of what the LORD has been speaking to me in the waiting. It's a call for you to follow me where the LORD is leading me. May you pray about it and follow the ministry more closely by signing up to receive my blog at! Blessings in His presence!
    Played 14m 10s
  • Waiting- Psalm 62 Reflective prayer through New Covenant eyes

    1 DEC 2023 · Hello! Still in a waiting process with God and bringing you alone so you can hear my prayer language. It's helpful to be still with Him by praying with another and to find inspiration by praying the Word of God. Today we pray into Psalm 62 which is language we speak to our soul to encourage us in God. We pray it through New Covenant eyes because Jesus is the fulfillment of all help, hope, and promises. He is our refuge, our fortress. Our Rock. We will not be shaken! Listen to the end to hear about the Advent series that will be starting via blog only next week! Blessings in His presence!
    Played 16m 29s
  • Why are you troubled? Peace be still.

    21 NOV 2023 · Today we start right out in prayer. We listen for the words of Jesus who says, "Why are you troubled? Why do doubts arise in your hearts?" Our Suffering Savior, our Victorious King is our life and promise. We need not be troubled. His Word is our assurance. He never leaves nor forsakes. So we cling. We abide in the waiting. We call upon Him as dependent children, that He may lift us up and strengthen us in the waiting. This life is not your home. Fix your eyes on Jesus. Blessings in His presence! Listen until the end to hear about the new content being released in the blog and why it is important to be in the know during these dark spiritual times. Visit to sign up.
    Played 10m 8s
  • A prayer over you

    17 NOV 2023 · Today I pray a prayer over you and then we slow it down and you pray the same prayer. I give you pauses so that you can talk to the LORD in the language I share. Pray outloud. Let Him hear your voice. Put passion and emotion into the prayer language. Go deeper. Open up. He loves you and is present to comfort and heal and help. Blessings in God's presence! Visit to sign up for our email blog!
    Played 8m 37s
  • Hope and wait quietly

    15 NOV 2023 · Today we'll be praying through 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 and Lamentations 3:22-26. There are cries of the heart contained within each, promises of being sustained alone by the LORD. The days are evil, this is a message I am supposed to be sharing more and more. Our only peace shall be found in the LORD Jesus. We are waiting. We are waiting for his deliverance. We are to be taking our eyes off this world and looking alone to Him. Press in and share these type of messages with others so they strengthen themselves for the coming days and look to Him to be sustained.
    Played 9m 38s
  • 11 10 23 Waiting- By hearing His Word

    10 NOV 2023 · How does God mainly speak to us? He speaks to us by His Word. The Holy Spirit puts scripture on our heart. As we meditate on the Word that speaks, our thoughts are redirected to His mind, His will, His heart. Right now the Spirit of God is longing for His people to return to Him, to return to their first love. He is asking us to turn from friendship with the world. In my waiting, this is a repetitive message that is coming. For our own sake and safety, we need to come out of the world. I pray that is a message for you to meditate upon. Times are evil. Put no hope in worldly systems or prosperity. Trust in God alone. Be reflective as you listen to the prayer and be willing to meditate on wordly things the LORD is calling you to turn from. Blessings in His presence!
    Played 14m 20s
  • How to wait- Ask for wisdom

    8 NOV 2023 · James 1:5-8 is our scripture focus for what to do in the waiting. God does not despise our asking. He gives generously and without reproach. Our part is belief. Oftentimes when He gives wisdom it will be contrary to our own ways and thoughts. He can challenge us to come out from the crowd and operate in a way that reveals His life and power. Too many shrink back and do not want that type of attention. Too many Christians want to blend in and be liked versus being obedient and following the leading of the Spirit. If you are someone who want wisdom, position for belief. It's the only solid ground to stand on by faith. Blessings in His presence! Please share us with a friend! Visit for more.
    Played 9m 24s
  • What does waiting on the LORD look like?

    7 NOV 2023 · As most are aware, the LORD is shifting me. In this time, I am in a holding pattern. Holding patterns are hard. It requires waiting without knowing. So what does waiting without knowing look like? Waiting with God is active and hope filled. We are to wait with expectation. Though I've felt great pressure during this time, I find peace and rest in time with God. He will bring me through. If that speaks to you, join me as I share a little how waiting and hope are intertwined. And how there is a picture behind hope in Hebrew, a rope. The rope represents an attachment that builds expectation. Press in during the waiting, the breakthrough is coming! Blessings in His presence!
    Played 12m 17s
  • Worship Wed: The Lamb in the midst of the throne

    1 NOV 2023 · Today position to hide yourself in the Peace who alone is Jesus. He is the Lamb in the midst of the throne who will shepherd us and lead us to eternal fountains of living waters. He is our focus of worship as we wait expectantly for His return and our homecoming. Blessings in His presence!
    Played 8m 9s

Interactive prayer podcast! Update for October 2023... uploads are not happening daily as Gina presses in for some new direction on content and use of time for ministry. Take time...

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Interactive prayer podcast! Update for October 2023... uploads are not happening daily as Gina presses in for some new direction on content and use of time for ministry. Take time to listen to the backlog of hundreds of episodes! There is a ton of prayer inspiration!

Peace Be Still- Daily prayer download is our Monday-Friday interactive prayer podcast! The program can be found on all major podcast providers! In 10 minutes or less you can experience the following prayer sessions with God:

- Mellow Mondays: Breath prayer and silence for peace
- Tranquil Tuesdays: Visualize scripture promises for peace
- Worship Wednesdays: Worship exercises for peace
- Thoughtful Thursdays: Repeat and reflect on scripture for peace
- Friend Fridays: Experience the presence and person of Christ for peace

​Often episodes include prayer over you, so take advantage and come under a covering of prayer!
Enjoy this time in God's presence, He has an unchanging Word to the chaotic waters of heart and mind, “Peace, be still.” He will calm and quiet the waters within, strengthening your soul in these tumultuous times. Blessings on receiving a greater measure of peace that surpasses understanding, guarding your heart and mind in Christ Jesus! Please share with a friend and consider leaving a review!
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