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  • The ET Species Almanac & UFO Hotspots with Craig Campobasso

    26 JUL 2023 · Episode 129: On my final episode of the show, I welcomed guest Craig Campobasso. Craig is an award-winning filmmaker and Emmy-nominated casting director with a career that spans three decades. Craig has appeared on many radio shows, including Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Open Minds with Regina Meredith, and Beyond Belief. He has also appeared on the History channel’s Ancient Aliens. Craig is the author of the bestselling The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac and his more recent book, The UFO Hotspot Compendium: All of the Places to Visit Before You Die or Are Abducted. To find out more about Craig and his work you can visit his website at, Thanks Craig! Music by: Sergey Cheremisinovv #passion4theparanormal; #ETAlmanac; #MUFON; #UFOHotspots
    1h 12m 2s
  • Unexplained Reports in the Columbia River Gorge with James Szubski

    16 JUL 2023 · Episode 128: On this episode, James Szubski joins me on the show. James is the owner/operator of Margie’s Outdoor Store located deep within the Columbia River Gorge in Washington State. In 2022, his store initiated a paranormal reporting program which has now received well over 150 reports of strange activity in the Gorge, including Sasquatch sightings, UFO contacts, ghost experiences, and Klickitat Ape Cat encounters. James is a former Search & Rescue EMT, a wildland firefighter, and a highly decorated US Army infantry veteran who has experienced an array of unusual phenomena. In his free time, he conducts follow up research on the paranormal reports received by his store. During our discussion, James talked about some of the unique geology of the Columbia River Gorge, which may be part of the reason for the strange activity. He also talked about some of the unusual reports he and his employees have taken, to include Sasquatch sightings, UFO sightings (including at Mt. Adams and the ECETI Ranch), Klickitat Cat encounters, strange balls of light and even small huminoid type creatures witnessed there. You can find more out about James and the many strange reports he and his employees have filed at, Music by: Sergey Cheremisinov #Margiesoutdoorstore; #columbiarivergorgeparanormal; #jamesszubski; #Klickitat Cats; #Sasquatchsightings; #Bigfoot; #UFOs; #MountAdams
    1h 5m 57s
  • The Secret That is Holding You Back & ET Communication with Vincent Genna

    8 JUL 2023 · Episode 127: On this episode, Vincent Genna joins me on the show. Vincent Genna is known as a “tell it like it is,” truly authentic Psychic Therapist and Spiritual Teacher who uses his extraordinary psychic abilities to help clients clear unconscious blocks and fulfill their purpose. He shares his insights in his new book, The Secret That’s Holding You Back. Vincent has spoken at notable organizations such as Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research Enlightenment, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, The Shift Network, Afterlife Research and Education Inc, and the International Association of Near-Death Studies, along with several other media appearances. Vincent also hosts a weekly podcast, called Genna Effect, on, which is available on all podcast platforms and also talks about how ETs are visiting Earth, to help us. Vincent shared his journey of transformation and how he got involved in being a psychic and medium and psychic therapist. He also talked with me about how our subconscious really does hold us back, when deep down we have thoughts about being unlovable. He said this is something we are not even consciously aware of and can even be tied to past lives as well. Vincent went on to discuss how when his psychic abilities were turned on later in life, he also began to receive messages and communicated with ETs, to include what he calls the Intergalatic Council. He also talked about the role the recent UFO whistleblower, David Grusch is playing in the UFO disclosure movement. If you would like to know more about Vincent and his work, you can visit his website at, Music by: Sergey Cheremisinov #vincentgenna; #thesecrethatisholdingyouback; #ETcommunication; #DavidGrusch; #passion4theparanormal; #psychicmediums
    1h 16m 51s
  • Demonic Possession & Exorcisms with Scott L. Smith

    30 JUN 2023 · Episode 126: On this episode, Scott L. Smith joins me to talk about exorcisms and demonic possession. Scott is a Catholic author, attorney, and theologian. Smith is author of What You Need to Know about Mary, The Catholic ManBook and of Christian horror novels. His latest book is True Ghost Stories & Hauntings: Real Catholic Exorcisms. Scott also regularly contributes to his blog at, winner of the Fisher’s Net Award for Best Catholic Blog. During the interview, Scott first talked about things like Voodoo and curses, as is prevalent in his home state of Louisiana. He also talked about what he thinks ghosts might and talked a little bit about a famous haunted location, the Myrtles Planation, that is close to where he lives in New Road, LA. Scott and then moved on to the main topic, which was of demonic possession and exorcisms. We talked about some famous cases, to include the Roland Doe case, which the move, "The Exorcist," was losely based on. We also talked about the Emma Schmidt case of the 1920s and about the other famous case exorcism case of Anneliese Michel, which the Exorcism of Emily Rose was losely based on. Scott went on to talk about how catholic priests and the church separate mental illness from demonic possession and about some of things that the priests who have performed these possessions have written about. These include things like telekinetic powers, victims who have vomitied strange objects like nails and other things that are unexplaiable and things like words appearing on the victims skin and of body contortions and ancient languages beign spoken by the victims, like ancient hebrew and latin. It is an interesting yet frightening and even controversial topic for some and it was a pleasure to have Scott join me to talk about his research and knowledge of these exorcism cases. Scott has offered a audio promo for his book, True Ghost Stories and Hauntings: Real Catholic Exorcisms. Webiste: Promo Codes for, Real Catholic Exorcisms audiobook [] - - 9DRNQBXWQ3Q5G - BM2XMM5ANWUYD - DFSFCYCERQML3 Article Link on Senator Comments Concerning UFO Whistleblowers: Music by: Sergey Cheremisinov #RealCatholicExorcisms; #TheExorcist; #DemonicPossession; #passion4theparanormal
    1h 12m 6s
  • Analyzing UAPs with Mark Carlotto

    23 JUN 2023 · Episode 125: On this episode, Mark Carlotto joins me on the show. Marc is an engineer with over forty years experience in the aerospace industry. He explores a range of topics from extraterrestrial artifacts in our solar system to evidence of previous technologicial civilizations on earth, to Unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). He received a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1981 and has published numerous technical articles and books. He has also extensively investigated the face and other structures on mars, analyzed anomalous objects in STS-48 and STS-80 space shuttle videos, and participated in a study of unusual surface features on the far side of the Moon. His latest book is, Not of This World: New Edition: An Emerging Picture of the UFO Phenomena. Mark talked about how he came into looking into the UAP UFO phenomena and his analysis of many images and videos of UAPs, to include UAP footage from the Dome of the Rock / Temple Mount UFO case in Isarel, UAP videos from Space Shuttle missions and many others. He has also viewed so and done photo analysis of the so called face on Mars and other structures and has also viewed unexplained images on the dark side of the moon. He also talked about how UAP incidents, such as the Tic Tac UFOs have defied the laws of physics and how the phenomena may be too complex for us to yet understand. You can find out more about Mark and his work on his website at, Music by: Sergey Cheremisinov #markcarlotto; #notofthisworld; #structuresonmars; #UAPs; #passion4theparanormal
    1h 4m 43s
  • Cosmic DNA, ETs & Negative Energies with Eva Marquez

    16 JUN 2023 · Episode 124: On this episode, Eva Marquez joins me for a second time on the show. Eva is a spiritual consultant, soul healer, teacher author and writer with Pleiadian starseed ancestry. In her spiritual work she utilizes her Pleiadian energy. She remembers the Language of Light along with many other ancient soul memories and works with her guides – the Lights of the Universe who are a collective group of light beings from various star nations (Pleiades included). Eva and her guides assist starseeds to remember past life memories on Earth and beyond, to activate their sleeping cosmic DNA, and to connect them with their soul family. Her latest book is, Activate Your Cosmic DNA: Discover Your Starseed Family from the Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, Centaurus, Epsilon Eridani, and Lyra. Eva talked about what the cosmic DNA is, by saying that we all live multiple lives, some of which may be lives elsewhere in the universe as non-humans. She also suggested that perhaps many of these Star Beings or ETs also played a role in our development and evolution, to include modification of our DNA. She went on to talk about ways in which we can activate our DNA and become more in tune with our past lives and with our Starseeds. In the second part of our discussion, we talked about some of the negative energies that can attach themselves to people, to include disencarnate spirits and even negative ETs and how to prevent or rid yourself of these negative attachments. If you would like to learn more about Eva and her spiritual work, visit her website at, Music by: Sergery Cheremisinov #starseeds; #Lightbeings; #evamarquez; #Pleiadians; #Extraterrestrials; #negativeenergies
    1h 1m 35s
  • A Glimpse Into the Afterlife with Stephen Chong

    9 JUN 2023 · Episode 123: On this episode, author of the book, The Afterlife: A Journey To, Now You Will Know What Will Happen, joins me on the show. Stephen Chong has a Master’s degree in Education and is an author, speaker and screenwriter who draws his inspiration from life. Themes of life that relate to us all - love, grief, struggle, overcoming obstacles. Culminating in his five inspirational novels, five feature-film screenplays and multiple short-stories, he has converted these ‘life themes’ into stories that relate to us all. Stories that resonate in the soul. In this book, Stephen talks about how he was provided a guided tour and glimpse into the afterlife after a tragic accident. Stephen provides insight into the heavens and about the karmic principle at work determining what we may experience once our time is up here on earth. His insight into the heavenly realms is hopeful and insightful and provides us all hope that we will all one day experience the afterlife. If you would like to find out more about Stephen, visit his website at, Music by: Sergey Cheremisinov #afterlife; #heavanlyrealm; #stephenchong; #passion4theparanormal
    57m 45s
  • An Astronomer's Perspective on UFOs with Marc D'antonio

    26 MAY 2023 · Episode 122: On this episode, Astronomer Marc Dantonio joins me on the show. Marc D'Antonio is Director SkyTour LiveStream Observatories, CEO of FX Models, a model making and special effects company specializing in digital/physical models, and organic special effects in the film industry and Mutual UFO Network’s (MUFON) Chief Photo/Video Analyst. Marc will be doing a never-before-seen presentation at this year's Contact In the Desert (CITD) event, live streaming from a remote observatory in the Arizona Desert, where he will showcase amazing objects in the sky! Marc has appeared on a number of networks including programs on CNN, Discovery, SciFy, History, NATGEO and Science Channels, performing on camera work in his role as a UFO investigator, scientific presenter and photo/video analyst and he is also author of the book, The Populated Universe. Marc talked about how he went from having an interest in Astronomy to UFOs and he also talked a little about his involvement with doing video and photo analysis for MUFON. While he says that the vast majority of videos and photos he has analyzed have a prosaic explanation, he said that are still handful that are anomalous. He also talked about how there may be a scientific explanation for how UFOs travel, which may include the use of gravitons to accomplish a type of interdimensional travel. He also talked about how he believes whatever is piloting UFOs may have established bases under the oceans. To find out more about this year's Contact in the Desert, to include Marc's live stream event, visit This years event will be held June 2-4 at the Renaissance Indian Wells Resort and Spa in Indian Wells, CA. Music by: Sergey Cheremisinov #Contactinthedesert; #marcd'antonio; #USOs; #passion4theparanormal; #FXmoodels; #Thepopulateduniverse
    49m 10s
  • From the Archives_The Truth About the Afterlife with Stephen Hawley Martin

    18 MAY 2023 · From the Archives: My interview with Stephen Hawley Martin from July of 2019. Best selling author Stephen Hawley Martin joins me to talk about the topics in his book, revolving around the afterlife and what happens to us when we die. In his book, Afterlife: The Whole Truth, he covers what he believes to be proof of the afterlife and consciousness outside the brain through Near Death and Out of Body Experiencers, Channeling, Remote Viewing, Reincarnation and Past life Regression, Discarnate Spirits, Soul Progression and more. His research cites professional studies done on some of these phenomena, to include research done by the Monroe Institute, the Division of Perceptual Studies at University of Virginia, Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. Jeffrey Long, Dr. Julie Beischel, Dr. Bruce Greyson and many others. Offer a review of the show on Apple podcasts and I will read your review on an upcoming episode. Website: Music by: Sergey Cheremisinov
    1h 24m 43s
  • The Research Behind Near Death Experiences with Dr. Jeffrey Long

    12 MAY 2023 · Episode 121: On this episode, one of the foremost researchers on the subject of Near Death Experiences, Dr. Jeffrey Long, joins me on the show. Jeff is a medical doctor specializing in the practice of radiation oncology. As a scientist, Jeff founded the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) in 1998. Dr. Long wanted to know if NDEs were real by questioning the experiences. Jeff is the author of the New York Times best selling book Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences and has appeared several times in national media, to include on the O’Rielly Factor, NBC today, ABC with Peter Jennings, the Dr. Oz Show and the History Channel. As a result of he and his wife Jody’s research, they have amassed over 5,000 NDE cases from across the globe. Jeff shared some of his insights into his 30 plus years of research into Near Death Experiences and how he believes they offer the most compelling evidence for the existence of an afterlife. He also talked about some of the remarkable similarities and themes among those who have reported having an NDE, which include people from many different walks of life and from across the globe. To find out more about Jeff and his research and his foundation, visit the NDERF website at, Music by: Sergey Cheremisinov #neardeathexperiences; #afterlife; #dr.jeffreylong; #NDERF; #passion4theparanormal; #outofbodyexperience
    40m 55s

Passion for the Paranormal with host Curry Stegen covers a wide range of paranormal phenomena, to include UFOs and ETs; Ghosts and Hauntings; Bigfoot and other cryptids; Near Death and...

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Passion for the Paranormal with host Curry Stegen covers a wide range of paranormal phenomena, to include UFOs and ETs; Ghosts and Hauntings; Bigfoot and other cryptids; Near Death and Out of Body Experiences; the Nature of Consciousness; Psychic and Mediumship and other paranormal topics as well. The host has in-depth and engaging discussions with well know paranormal authors and researchers, even discussing issues and concerns skeptics might raise.

Offer a review of the show on Apple Podcast link below and I'll mention your review on an upcoming episode.

Intro and outro music by: Sergey Cherimisinov

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