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Paranormal UK Radio Network

  • Paranormal Dimensions - Time for Disclosure with Nancy Thames

    27 MAY 2024 · For this latest scheduled show David talks to guest Nancy Thames as she tells us that it is well overdue for the time of the 'Disclosure' concerning UFO's and aliens. She will also tell us about her own amazing experiences.
    1h 10m 55s
  • Paranormal Dimensions - Paranormal Investigations with David Jon

    20 MAY 2024 · For this Special EXTRA show, David talks to active UK police officer David Jon, who is setting up a new paranormal investigation team which he intends to turn international. The name is the S.E.P.I. Agency - SEPI stands for Supernatural Extra-terrestrial Paranormal Investigations.
    2h 1m 56s
  • Mack Maloney's Military X-Files - Experts Get Very Scared About Artificial Intelligence

    18 MAY 2024 · The gang takes on the question of how terrorized we should be by AI. Video game producer Greg Masto explains how AI will soon be part of our everyday lives and Sara & Kim Scheie talk about a dangerous AI technology called CRISPR. Also, Agent X reports about getting attacked by a ghost in a supermarket, Juan-Juan tells about how he drove a massive D-9 bulldozer when he was 10 years old, a news report on a “Diaper Spa,” near the gang’s radio station, and a discussion about the strangest bar drink ever.
    1h 59m 40s
  • Paranormal Peep Show - Secret Bases, Sleep Paralysis & the Trial of Richard D Hall

    16 MAY 2024 · Ben Emlyn-Jones joins as guest presenter with Neil Ward who discuss Secret research bases in the UK with Box residents who live near one, Mark and Liz Froud, otherwise known as The Crafty Nialist . We also discuss secret tunnels and the reasons that maybe they were designed, and also discuss the Cern project and the strange opening ceremony that introduced the world to the sub-atomic super tunnel. Neil talks about strange shadow hunter beings and the origins of Pan and the word Panic. What also is Sleep Paralysis? Do old Hags really keep you up at night, or do they eventually draw a pension? We then turn out attention to the case of Richard D Hall of Richplanet TV who is being sued by Manchester Bombing survivors and asks is it going to be a fair trial given that he is not allowed to even present evidence to support his case? Has the world gone mad? Yes, ever so slightly more than it was the day before!
    2h 13m 31s
  • Paranormal UK Radio - Dominion Lost with Bruce Rapuano

    15 MAY 2024 · Irene returns as she and Mark talk with scientist Bruce Rapuano about his book Dominion Lost: A Scientists Own Alien Abduction Encounters which chronicles his own alien abduction experiences since childhood and examines it from a scientific perspective.
    1h 7m 33s
  • Paranormal Dimensions - Cosmically Connected with Cortney Kane Sides

    13 MAY 2024 · For this latest show, David talks to international medium Cortney Kane Sides. Cortney is an internationally renowned evidential medium, spiritual advisor, energetic artist, speaker and published author. Gifted with a unique form of synesthesia, Cortney combines her mediumship skills to connect with her clients on topics of life, love, work and healing, creating unique spiritual paintings for each session.
    1h 13m 4s
  • Paranormal Pendle - Rendlesham Forest Special

    10 MAY 2024 · Host Craig Bryant discusses the famous Rendlesham Forest UFO case from the 1980s.
    29m 20s
  • Mack Maloney's Military X-Files - The Killer Asteroid Show!

    10 MAY 2024 · The gang dives deep into all things asteroid. Clubb on when scientists say the Big One will hit. Al Renaldo on some really bad asteroid movies. Mack on the more than 30,000 killer asteroids lurking out in space. Also, Switch and Superfan Susan K talk about their recent meet-up in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, home of the Mothman and Dr. Bob explains why he got a tattoo for his birthday.
    1h 59m 40s
  • Seventh Sanctum - Kaedrich Olsen

    8 MAY 2024 · Kerry and Natalie speak with Kaedrich Olsen Kaedrich Olsen is an author, speaker, teacher, and paranormal expert with over 30 years of experience guiding people through their supernatural and spiritual concerns.  From early childhood and throughout his life, Kaedrich Olsen has led a paranormal life. Living in a haunted house full of spirits taught him how to connect with the spiritual realms. Growing up attending a spiritualist church, he learned the art of seance and channelling. His lifetime connection with advanced beings called the Whisperers gave him a keen awareness of the landscape of the afterlife and knowledge of how to work with various entities. His specialities include paranormal arts training, shadow work, runes and Norse mysticism. He is the author of Runes for Transformation, published by Red Wheel/ Weiser, and has appeared on numerous shows and podcasts, as well as lecturing at events across America.
    58m 5s
  • High Strangeness Factor - James A. Willis of Weird Ohio

    7 MAY 2024 · Steve, Andy and guest host Susy talk with James A. Willis Founded in 1999 by James A. Willis, The Ghosts of Ohio is a nationally recognized paranormal-research organization that uses scientific and historic methods to investigate and document reported hauntings in the state of Ohio. We are one of the most reputable and prominent not-for-profit organizations in the state and have been in continuous operation since our founding.  Find James  here -
    1h 37m 1s
Paranormal UK Radio Network offers a variety of paranormal talk radio shows that cover all aspects of the strange and paranormal in the United Kingdom and beyond!

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