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Outside the Box with Grant Pruitt

  • Episode 8: Generation Zeal Estate with Beth Burke

    10 DEC 2018 · The world is always turning. The sun comes up, the sun goes down, people join the workforce, and people leave the workforce. And while the baby boomer generation is still working hard (or hardly working), when it comes to Real Estate, there's no shortage of opportunity for young blood. And in a company as fresh as Whitebox Real Estate that was forged in the fires of change, it's safe to say growth in an ever-changing market needs to be handled with an ever-changing mindset. That's why Grant invited Beth Burke into the studio to talk about her new role at Whitebox, how she'll be integrating into the team in what Grant deems as an absolutely crucial role at the company, and the steps she'll be taking to work on Whitebox's culture in the age of the millennial workforce and the introduction of Generation Z into the modern workspace.
    29m 37s
  • Episode 7: Amazon Headquarters & Buyer Beware

    13 NOV 2018 · This week on Outside The Box, Grant returns from hiatus to fly solo and talk about his predictions (which, as of this posting, have now become reality) for how Amazon will lean in the location of their new headquarters and offer an honest welcome-warning to real estate entrepreneurs looking to buy in the DFW area.
    30m 45s
  • Episode 6: Getting Real in Real Estate with Andy Bartels

    1 OCT 2018 · Real Estate in Dallas is booming, and while it's easy to get into the business, it's a lot harder to stay relevant in an ever-changing industry. That's why Grant invited Andy Bartels from the Whitebox Real Estate Operations department onto today's episode of Outside the Box to talk about his gig heading up recruitment efforts for the company. What does a shop like Whitebox look for in a candidate? How can you set yourself apart from the pack in the real estate world? And most importantly, is there a position at Whitebox for you? Tune in to find out.
    24m 43s
  • Episode 5: Tactical Sales with Jason Putnam

    16 AUG 2018 · Buying a car can be a stressful experience. You've gotta dance with a salesman, a manager, a finance manager, and that's just the paperwork. Fact is, it can be a fairly intimidating process. That's why Jason Putnam started Tactical Fleet Services, a high line preowned auto dealer focused on finding the quality vehicle for you (even if it's not on the lot) and a client experience that's simply unmatched in the automotive industry.
    34m 36s
  • Episode 4: Disruptors

    13 JUL 2018 · Everything is being disrupted today - retail, technology, real estate - so what does that mean to you? Grant will take you through some of the more surprising aspects of our changing world.
    27m 33s
  • Episode 3: A Most Trusted Advisor with Beigel Macaraeg

    14 JUN 2018 · Biegel Macaraeg isn't just any business adviser. He's an investor; one who believes in putting the time in. And when you're looking for a business adviser you can trust, wouldn't you want an adviser who's as invested in you as you are in them? That's the idea behind Biegel's company HarloKyn Advisers, where he and his team proved advisory services for and direct investment in seed-stage to lower-middle market companies in Texas and the surrounding states.
    34m 56s
  • Episode 2: Shifting Gears with Dan Jensen

    11 JUN 2018 · There's nothing wrong with the occasional side hustle, especially when it comes to real estate. But when you're talking about a side job, most people don't assume that means running your own dental office. This week on Outside the Box with Grant Pruitt, Grant sits down with entrepreneur and real estate expert Dan Jensen to talk about the boom in the metroplex, the secret to staying focused professionally, and find out what exactly Dan's doing in dentistry over at his company Shift Dental.
    36m 29s
  • Episode 1: Meet Grant Pruitt

    22 MAY 2018 · As we take this new show out for a stretch, now is as good a time as any to get to know your host. Grant Pruitt, along with producer Zach Lewis, weaves the tale of his path through the real estate market. Also, if you've ever wondered just where did the idea of real estate come from, we have the answers for you!
    41m 23s

Business and entrepreneur shows are a dime a dozen. They're everywhere. By now, you've heard every piece of advice someone can offer. On "Outside the Box with Grant Pruitt," we...

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Business and entrepreneur shows are a dime a dozen. They're everywhere. By now, you've heard every piece of advice someone can offer. On "Outside the Box with Grant Pruitt," we take that title to heart. Grant is a long-time real estate expert, and he could share with you all the knowledge he's gained along the way. But we're also offering takes on life, culture, and business as we go. It's all up for discussion, and nothing is too far "outside the box."
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