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  • 008 Do Our Leaders Suck?

    10 SEP 2019 · Do our leaders suck? And if so––what can we do about it? I hope you enjoy this (relatively) unfiltered rant on the quality of today's leaders.
    12m 37s
  • 0007 - ROI? RTL! What you can expect from human-centric leadership development

    9 MAR 2019 · Show me the money! What, exactly is the ROI on human-centric leadership training? (The type of training we do at THE SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT!) I'll share some data and talk about what you can expect when you invest in the support and development of human-centric leaders… And what happens when you don't! In this episode I refer to the SLM Blog post: "Screw the ROI." Here's a link: Learn more and join THE SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT at
    12m 11s
  • 0006 - Dan Pink is Dead Wrong!

    22 FEB 2019 · First, I am a tremendous fan of Dan Pink and I respect his work. However, as I was listening to an interview with him the other day I heard him say, "Empowerment is bullshit!" I could not disagree more! In this episode I talk about why I think that on the subject of empowerment, Dan Pink is dead wrong!
    9m 38s
  • 0005 Two types of people––leaders––and those who refuse!

    14 FEB 2019 · There are only two types of people in the world today: Leaders––and people who refuse to be. Which will you choose? Part of the problem is that there is no consensus definition of "leader" or exactly who should be one. In this episode, Jim addreses this issue head on. Learn more at
    10m 33s
  • 0004: How to get people to be open and honest with you––even when they work for you!

    7 FEB 2019 · One of the biggest problems facing leaders today is how to get people to open up. To be honest and not just say what they think we want to hear! In this ONE STEP we take a children's game and turn it into a powerful tool for creating an honest and open communication environment. Learn more at
    12m 42s
  • 0003: Winning is everything?

    31 JAN 2019 · Winning IS everything. If you're a 4 year old child––or a politician. What, exactly is winning, how does it become a destructive obsession and what can we do about it? No soft pitches here––this is a hard-hitting discussion about what it really means to win and how to do it the right way––with some wisdom from the ancient sage Sun Tzu of Art of War fame…
    9m 53s
  • 0002: Be a teacher, coach and Mentor…

    29 JAN 2019 · Our SL 15 poll asks how important having a mentor is to your career and life as a leader. 100% say "important" or "very important." When asked if someone has a mentor––or is actively mentoring someone––30%. Just 30%!!! Let's close the gap…
    13m 3s
  • 0001: DISCIPLINE

    28 JAN 2019 · To-do lists are wish lists! How to transform strategies and ideas into meanginful, purposeful actions––DISCIPLINES!
    11m 38s

Take your first step to leadership––or your next step to realizing your full leadership potential. Each episode features ONE STEP you can take on your journey to becoming a better...

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Take your first step to leadership––or your next step to realizing your full leadership potential.

Each episode features ONE STEP you can take on your journey to becoming a better leader and to more effectively serve the people who trust in your leadership.

You leave with one idea, strategy or tactic that will help you connect––to help you lead by earning the respect, trust and loyalty of the people you serve. More than that, you leave with DISCIPLINES to transform these ideas into real action.

Inspire, Empower and Guide people to their very best. Today––take ONE STEP!

Hosted by Jim Bouchard––Leadership Activist, Speaker, Author and founder of THE SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT

"Every journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." ~Lao Tzu
"The rest of the trip is one step after another!" ~Jim Bouchard
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