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  • S2 Ep4 Do you really want to experience God? | Jeff Vines

    10 NOV 2020 · Many people set out to hear from God, experience God, or even just to find God. What does it mean when someone says, “God spoke to me”? In this episode of the ONE&ALL Podcast, Jeff Vines talks about how to actually experience God and what is required to do so.
    Played 1h 6m 13s
  • S2 Ep3 | "But we didn't vote the same"; Jeff's sobering analysis of the current U.S. political climate

    3 NOV 2020 · This episode of the podcast releases on Election Day and we wanted to pick Jeff's brain on the current political climate in America. We have a fresh, candid conversation about how to engage with those who voted differently than us. Regardless of how the votes stack up in the 2020 election, we must continue to love our neighbors and work to stay unified within the church.
    Played 37m 25s
  • S2 Ep2 | Comfortable chairs and uncomfortable conversations: Jordan Lounsbury on Christian young adults leaving the Church amongst political

    27 OCT 2020 · The 2020 U.S. election has caused polarizing tension in America. This political tension exists everywhere you turn including the Church. Ben's brother, Jordan Lounsbury, joins the podcast to have an uncomfortable conversation about these political tensions. As the Assistant Director of Residence Services at Loyola Marymount University, Jordan has unique insight into the conversations the young adult community is having about the political tensions in the Church.
    Played 1h 22m 33s
  • S2 Ep1 | Are we physically gathering too soon? | Jeff Vines

    20 OCT 2020 · Welcome back everyone, we missed you! Aaron and Ben catch up with Jeff Vines to see what he's been up to during the break. They talk about the International Conference On Missions (ICOM) and Jeff's involvement as the president. We also hear from Jeff regarding his thoughts on ONE&ALL Church physically starting to gather again on campuses. All this and more as we kick off season 2 of the ONE&ALL Podcast! More from the ONE&ALL Podcast:
    Played 1h 8m 39s

    29 SEP 2020 · How do we live our best life? Wild Life explores the story of Gideon. God placed Gideon in leadership over the Israelite armies. He wasn't ready for what was ahead of him, but God taught him 7 principles on the road to victory. These 7 principles can be applied to our lives too and lead us to a wild, fulfilling life!
    Played 16m 52s

    25 AUG 2020 · Do you know the real Jesus? It's easy to have the wrong idea of someone by the way others talk about them or what they're tagged in. A mistaken understanding of Jesus will dramatically affect the way we live our life, and a true understanding of Jesus will do the same. Everything we see about ourselves, the nations, pop culture, science, and even death has an explanation in Jesus's teachings. Join us in a discovery of the true identity of Christ and how it will change your life.
    Played 19m 2s
  • S1 Ep20 | Season 2 Preview | Aaron & Ben

    14 JUL 2020 · Aaron and Ben wrap up season 1, by reviewing the first 20 episodes and sharing some of their favorite parts. They also give you a sneak peak into what season 2 will be about and where this podcast is headed.
    Played 36m 10s
  • S1 Ep19 | "Are we a spirit that hovers over cheesecake in Heaven?" (Jeff Q&A) | Jeff, Aaron & Ben

    7 JUL 2020 · As season 1 of the podcast comes to a close we wanted you to have a chance to ask Jeff questions from the various episodes. This is the first Q&A of many to come with Jeff so please enjoy listening to him answer your questions. You can also submit your questions for the next one by sending us an email!
    Played 1h 2m 26s
  • S1 Ep18 | Is My Life Predetermined? | Jeff, Aaron & Ben

    30 JUN 2020 · Are our lives predetermined or do the decisions we make actually matter? In this episode of the podcast we talk with Jeff about how free will works, if we have it and his take on how it plays out.
    Played 48m 17s
  • S1 Ep17 | Transparent Conversation About Race | Jeff, Aaron & Ben

    19 JUN 2020 · With all that is going on with race in America, Jeff, Aaron and Ben wanted to have a transparent conversation about the subject. Listen in on the conversation that must continue as followers of Jesus.
    Played 54m 49s

Pull up a chair with ONE&ALL's Online Pastor, Aaron Magnuson and producer Ben Lounsbury as they have perspective shifting conversations about the Church, current events and other global topics.

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Pull up a chair with ONE&ALL's Online Pastor, Aaron Magnuson and producer Ben Lounsbury as they have perspective shifting conversations about the Church, current events and other global topics.
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