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  • Episode 67

    3 MAY 2024 · About our recent Hokkaido trip: We went to Kuromatsunai, Lake Toya and Sapporo! Travel news: Bullet trains/shinkansen to get private room/booth section from 2026! New Costco reseller/retailer "Cospopo". And of course, Word of the Day.
    26m 40s
  • Episode 66

    16 APR 2024 · Welcome back to Episode 66 of the Ohazassu Podcast straight from Japan! In today's episode, Microsoft invests a whopping $2.9 billion to supercharge AI infrastructure in Japan. We take a look at official medical care information provided by JNTO, ensuring tourists stay healthy and informed while exploring this amazing country. Plus, I'll spill the beans on my personal secret hack for conquering muscle fatigue, whether you're hitting the road or kicking back at home. And of course, we'll wrap it all up with our regular language segment, Word of the Day.
    24m 33s
  • Episode 65

    15 APR 2024 · Welcome to Episode 65 of the Ohazassu Podcast straight from Japan! In today's episode, we'll explore Japan's ingenious vending machine reward system that keeps your thirst quenched for free. Then, we look at a news story about everyone's surname becoming "Sato" by the year 2531. Stick around for a lively review of the latest open ear earphones. And don't miss our favorite segment, "Word of the Day," guaranteed to tickle your linguistic curiosity. So grab your headphones and tune in!
    25m 35s
  • Episode 64

    5 APR 2024 · Free computer disposal and collection in Japan. Some life wisdom we found on a tea cup in a humble Japanese grilled fish restaurant. Bespoke tours in Kamakura by Buddha Bamboo and Zen. Word of the Day.
    14m 16s
  • Episode 63

    18 MAR 2024 · Been a while! Ohisashiburi and Gobusata, everyone! Welcome to March and to episode 63 of the Ohazassu Podcast. Since it's been a while, bit of a catch up to start off with. Things have been hectic, but OK. Today we covered kanji radicals (bushu) and how they can help us learn and remember characters. We also looked into some key differences between Australian and Japanese healthcare systems when specialists are involved. Been a while since we did a chapter review of the book Bilingual Life & Reality; we covered chapter 7 in this episode, which is about accents in bilinguals. As always, we did a Word of the Day at the end of the episode, related to one of the topics in today's episode, coz that's what we do! Bye for now!
    35m 31s
  • Episode 62

    20 FEB 2024 · Japanese kanji family names and why there seems to be more North and West in the case of ~mura. New Japanese banknotes are coming later this year; we do a quick overview of the new designs and features. Quick review of an excellent new article by Retire Japan about university fees in Japan. And of course - Word of the Day!
    24m 51s
  • Episode 61

    7 FEB 2024 · Sycophantic Starbucks. Seriously healthy snack options in Japan. Unique gift and souvenir ideas from Japan. Word of the Day.
    38m 34s
  • Episode 60

    23 JAN 2024 · Oshibori Shock! Quick optometrist visit. Who's heating up potato salad? Bilingual Life & Reality book review (chapter 6). Word of the Day
    31m 37s
  • Episode 59

    6 JAN 2024 · First episode for 2024. Earthquake and disaster prevention. About survival kits and local evacuation centers. Getting prescription glasses. Online machine translation and potential corporate data leaks. McDonald's seasonal dessert menu item starting on the 10th. Word of the Day.
    39m 20s
  • Episode 58

    20 DEC 2023 · New mic and PC. Choc-mint sandwiches. Intro/Shout-out: Interesting Japan-related X and YouTube channel covers "Goroawase" which we looked at in Ep. 43. Bilingual Life & Reality: Chapter 5 Pt. 2 Borrowing. Word of the Day.
    14m 6s
Shootin' the mornin' buriizu podcast based in Japan. News, lifestyle, food, travel, language and more. New episodes *almost* every weekday.
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