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    Kicking Butts and Smoking Chickens: ODO 232

    28 APR 2023 · It's been a busy couple weeks and you know I've gotta tell you about it. First off, the boys had a taekwondo tournament a few weeks ago. And, despite not coming home with nearly as many medals as some other recent tournaments, we were more proud of them all than probably any other tournament day before strictly becasue of their great attitudes. Then, watch out, a new "man hobby" has entered the field in the form of smoking meats. We have purchased a smoker, and I got to cook up my very first batch of smoked chicken this last weekend. A lot of lessons were learned, but the food was nevertheless amazing. Leave Me a Voicemail ‪https://tel
    47m 14s
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    I'm A Giant Bread Making Nerd: ODO 231

    11 APR 2023 · Not much going on this week besides me spending way more time than usual baking bread and watching nerdy TV. In my defense, the baking is my wife's fault. She asked me to make bread. The nerd bit is totally on me. I started watching Star Trek: Picard. In the news, we're going to court for some really stupid reasons. Leave Me a Voicemail ‪https://tel
    57m 8s
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    Plasma Delays, Surprise Drugs, and Revisiting Night Court: ODO 230

    4 APR 2023 · Lots of rambling to start off this time. I can't help it. I just have to tell you everything I've been up to since the last time I talked to you. A little bit about how my kidney problem affected my plasma donations. Some garden talk. A bit about grinding up brisket for hamburger. Ya know, my usual ramblings. I've got a couple quick "BS From The News" stories about some surprise cocaine, and about some government people getting sick in Ohio. And finally, I decided to change up my "Recommended Listening" segment and turn it more into a "what I've been watching" segment, starting with my recent rewatching of the classic sitcom, "Night Court." BS From The News What Am I Watching "Night Court" "An eccentric fun-loving judge presides over an urban night court and all the silliness going on there." Leave Me a Voicemail ‪https://tel
    56m 2s
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    Pain, Pain, More Pain, and Some Gardening Too: ODO 229

    13 MAR 2023 · It's been a while so this one is EXTRA LONG! I recently got my spring garden planted. This is my most intentional and, from an output perspective, ambitious planting yet. I got sidelined hard by a couple of kidney stones. And last but definitely not least, I address the two major family losses that have kept me away and the toll it's taken. Leave Me a Voicemail ‪https://tel
    1h 43m 35s
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    A Tale of Gardening and Ground Meats: ODO 228

    5 JAN 2023 · I know I've been doing all of the other things lately, but this week I'm back to just rambling about my garden, making my own sausages, and the wonders of growing and making your own fresh food. Leave Me a Voicemail ‪https://tel
    58m 32s
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    Christmas Cooking and Snappy Spending: ODO 227

    29 DEC 2022 · Hope you’re having a pleasant holiday season. It’s been crazy busy around here as usual. We had a well executed, albeit tiring, Christmas, even if I did have a slight miscalculation in cooking Christmas dinner. We’ve been watching some new stuff over the holidays. And the US government is not about to let the French or the EU upstage them in bullshit jackass spending. -What I’ve Been Watching- - - A modern retelling of a classic monster tale that is very easy to figure out if you’re paying attention. - - A film adaptation of the Cassandra Claire YA book series, it was meant to start a movie franchise but failed at the box office. (Per my wife: the movie follows the story of the first book fairly accurately, but the casting is not very accurate.) - - With the failure of the Mortal Instruments film, it was relaunched as a series on the Freeform network. (Again per my wife: the casting is much closer to the book descriptions, but the show very quickly deviates from the books.) -BS From The News- - A team at Georgia Tech was given a $118,000 grant to study snapping. They were especially curious to learn if Thanos would have been able to snap his fingers while wearing the Infinity Gauntlet. Spoilers, it only works because it’s a movie. Leave Me a Voicemail ‪tel: +1 516 636 7631
    1h 9m 35s
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    Busy Days, Bad Coke, and Black Adam: ODO 226

    21 DEC 2022 · I'm all over the place this week. But what's new about that? I'm finally doing our garage renovations. I'm scrambling to make french toast. I'm Live taste testing a Dreamworld Coca Cola. And I'm reviewing "" Of course there's also a very packed "Bullshit From The News," with more groans than you can shake an overpriced government program at... Join the Facebook Group Oddballs: Friends of The Odd Dad Out Buy Me A Coffee Follow Along on Social at
    1h 2m 17s
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    Stupid Is As Stupid Does: ODO 225

    8 DEC 2022 · After surviving NAPODPOMO, I’m trying to get back into the swing of doing more of the regular segments. In the news I have a battle for who can be the biggest dumbass. Between stupid criminals, stupid lawsuits, and stupid scientists, I think you may have to decide, just who is the “Jackass of the Week.” Of course, I have my regular ramblings, but I don’t have to tell you that, now do I? BS From The News -German Police Asking For Help Solving Bull Sperm Theft Authorities in Berlin are asking for the public’s help in locating approximately 60 containers of bull sperm stollen from a farm in Olfen. -Man Arrives To Court On Meth Charge, With Meth In His Pocket A Chatanooga man was found to have a canister full of meth on him after tripping the metal detector at the court house, while he was entering to face charges of possession of meth. -Woman Sues Kraft Over Cook Time On Velveeta Microwave Shells A Florida woman is suing Kraft Foods because the packaging on the Velveeta microwave shells and cheese does not account for prep time when claiming it can be ready in 3 1/2 minutes. -Scientists Have Revived an Ancient Zombie Virus A team of French scientists have revived a “zombie virus” that has been frozen in the Siberian permafrost for approximately 50,000 years. Join the Facebook Group Oddballs: Friends of The Odd Dad Out Buy Me A Coffee Follow Along on Social at
    45m 33s
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    We Made It!!: NAPODPOMO Day 30

    30 NOV 2022 · It's finally here!! We made it to day 30 of NAPODPOMO!! Here's what we did and hopefully where things will be going in the future.
    8m 45s
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    Drunk Monopoly Shooting: NAPODPOMO Day 29

    30 NOV 2022 · It's Day 29 of NAPODPOMO and for my second to last day I've got another dose of "BS From The News." Oklahoma man arrested for shooting at family over drunken game of Monopoly.
    5m 50s

Every week(ish) Adam Higgins shares personal stories and rants, talks Dad life, and just generally empties his brain out for your listening pleasure, and wraps it up with a podcast...

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Every week(ish) Adam Higgins shares personal stories and rants, talks Dad life, and just generally empties his brain out for your listening pleasure, and wraps it up with a podcast recommendation for you to check out because "sharing is caring."
Odd Dad Out: "Normal Is Not My Specialty"
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