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  • We need to teach our kids the value of failure

    16 MAY 2024 · This week on Now and Next: Rocco Rossi is the inaugural President and CEO of - a new movement "cultivate a BOLD and thriving Canada - teaching our kids "every failure is just feedback on the way to success." And Keith Currie, President of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture joins us to talk about the challenge of balancig the need for farmland, housing, and food production in Canada. AND.. The chorus and calls to fast track a three year road maintenance and construction project on the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto are hitting a cresendo! The road work is causing extraordinary chaos for commuters, (including some local polticians). It's just hell trying to get around downtown. Now, what's getting glossed over is the story that transit workers in Toronto could go on strike in a month or so. And, remember, we haven't had a strike in Toronto at the TTC since it was declared an essential service in 2011. Now, I like to think I'm paying attention, but a court quietly overturned that Essential Service Order about a year ago. Transit workers can now go on strike. And if they do, we'll be entering a whole new circle of Hell! You think commuting is screwed up now because of the Gardiner construction? Wait until there's no subway. Wait until there are no buses. Wait until there are no streetcars. And then tell me that Doug shouldn't be using the notwithstanding clause and declare the TTC an essential service.
    47m 36s
  • Is the Toronto Police Service facing an integrity crisis?

    9 MAY 2024 · This week on NOW and NEXT: We're excited to introduce an All-Star Roundtable including,,, and They're all veteran Comms pros and they bring their considerable collective experience in war rooms, boardrooms, behind private and public sector podiums. In our inaugural sitdown: - The Toronto Police Service is in a rolling boil integrity crisis. Supt. Stacey Clarke has helped officers cheat on promotional exams. And the OPP has been called in to investigate the Under Cover unit after Justice Anne Molloy raised a concern that Toronto police officers "colluded" when offering eye witness testimony during the trial of Umar Zameer - accused of murdering Det. Const. Jeffery Northrup. The jury found Zameer not guilty on all counts. - Did Story Daniels say "too much"? Does her testimony at Donald Trump's criminal trial in New York actually help the former President? - Pierre Polilievre has weaponized "disrepect" and "outrage" in his campaign against the Trudeau government since taking on the job as leader of the federal Conservative Party. But he took it to a whole new level when he launched his "Wacko" campaign in the Commons. - And, WTF is going on with Robert F. Kennedy Junior?
    41m 36s
  • The time has come to talk seriously about a Basic Guaranteed Income

    3 MAY 2024 · This week on NOW and NEXT: We're joined by Sheila Regehr, Chair of Basic Income Network Canada and Jessie Golem, who is part of a class action lawsuit seeking $200 million in damages from the Ontario government. The lawsuit claims the government breached terms and conditions of a contract it entered with 4,000 low income Ontarians who qualified for a basic income pilot project. The program was cancelled after the Progressive Conservatives defeated the Liberal government in 2018.
    32m 36s
  • What are we looking for in a Prime Minister?

    27 APR 2024 · This week on Now and Next: Abacus Data CEO David Coletto joins us to talk about his latest research. He wanted to know what Canadians are looking for in a prime minister. David says, "In our survey, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reigns as the premier party host, which might not come as a surprise given his charismatic and sociable public persona. However, in scenarios that required quick thinking and practical skills—like solving an escape room, putting out a kitchen fire, or managing a road trip as the navigator—Pierre Poilievre has the advantage." The problem for the Liberals is Trudeau presents as "the guy who shows up as the party host in the fancy car in the fancy clothes but he leaves before the staff has been paid and the mess has been cleaned up" leaving the guests to hold the bag.
    39m 4s
  • Has the Trudeau government weaponized poverty?

    18 APR 2024 · This week on NOW and NEXT: We go deep on two line items in the the federal budget. Legislated poverty is now a nationally funded program. The 2024 Trudeau budget threw pocket change at the Canada Disability Benefit and, in so doing, managed to add to the $80 billion annual cost of poverty in this country. The government's refusal to fully fund the Canada Disability Benefit leaves more than a million Canadians to languish in poverty. It's a polticial play that effectively weaponizes poverty. We talk to Daily Bread Food Bank CEO Neil Hetherington. AND...we talk housing...housing....and housing. Richard Lyall, President of the Residential Council of Ontario says the announcements are promising but will they do anything to lower to cost of building...not the cost to purchase...the cost to build new homes? [Don't hold your breath]
    57m 27s
  • The paper bag discussion at the LCBO misses the point - ENTIRELY!

    12 APR 2024 · This week on Now and Next: The Ford government in Ontario is patting itself on the back for forcing the Liquor Control Board of Ontario to reversing a ban on paper bags. The LCBO made the move in August 2023, claiming it was an environmental initiative aimed at saving our forests. Premier Ford says it's a matter of affordability for Ontarians. But both the LCBO and premier either misunderstand or are wilfully ignorant pfthe effects of a paper bag ban. Using recyclable paper actually contributes to saving our forests. We explain! Also, we introduce you to Sue Larkin, the COO at Look Good Feel Better. She hosts a Story Studio Network podcast called Facing Cancer Together.. This interview was orginally recorded before the show launched. But we thought it was a good idea to revisit the discussion now that the 13 part series is available on all your podcast apps. AND to celebrate the success of the show. They've had remarkable reach with the remarkable stories they've shared.
    43m 20s
  • Will the US be a more dangerous place if Donald Trump wins or if he loses in November?

    5 APR 2024 · We are seven months from election day in the United States and its outcome could prove to be the most significant since Abraham Lincoln was elected with less than 40% of the popular vote in 1860. Lincoln’s election is cited as the primary cause that triggered the US Civil War. With that in mind we ask the question: Will the United States be a safer place if Donald Trump wins or if he loses?  In this episode of NOW and NEXT, we’re joined by veteran pollster, John Wright, SVP at Maru Public Opinion and David Schultz, professor of political science and constitutional law at Hamline University in Minnesota.   We explore the political landscape focusing on the dissonance between the political narrative and the state of the economy.  - David Schultz: Generally, voters’ perceptions of the economy, along with approval rating for the president, are pretty good predictors - not guarantees but pretty good predictors - of what happens in elections. And even though all the numbers look pretty good in terms of the economy, it’s the inflation factor that's souring a lot of people right now. And this is the problem that Joe Biden faces. - John Wright: “You see two things through my lens. Number one is this hyper -partisanship, which drives everything (in the U.S.). But secondly, it's a culture war in the United States. It doesn't surprise me at all that in the last week, Joe Biden has decided with his vice president to go after the Roe v. Wade vote. I mean that's that's the counter measure to the economic piece that's on the other side of the aisle. It just seems that it's not just about the economy, it's about the culture of the United States.” The polarization and extreme partisanship in the United States is driven by cultural issues and amplified by social media bubbles. And the ultimate result will come down to a small number of voters in 5 or 6 counties in 5 or 6 states.  - David Schultz: “I describe it this way. 5 -5 -5, 270 or 6 -6 -6, 270. Either 5 % of the voters in 5 counties and 5 states tell us who gets to 270 electoral votes or 6 % of the voters roughly in 6 counties and 6 states." - John Wright: “It would be like trying to figure out the national election based on doing all of your polling in Cornwall Ontario.”
    37m 44s
  • Remembering the Honourable Roy McMurtry

    29 MAR 2024 · In this episode of NOW and NEXT: A funeral was held this week for Roy McMurtry, the former Chief Justice of Ontario and Ontario's Attorney General in Bill Davis' government at Queen's Park. McMurtry at the age of 91 on March 18, 2024. I had the chance to interview the Chief Justice when he retired from the bench in 2007. We replay that sit down for you in this episode of the podcast.
    37m 41s
  • Can we achieve Truth and Reconciliation in the Mining Industry?

    15 MAR 2024 · This week on NOW and NEXT: We explore truth and reconciliation in the mining industry. It's a critical issue, especially when you consider how much mining in Canada is done on the traditional lands and territories of First Nations right across the country. Brandon Ringham, from Creative Fire, sat down with us at the PDAC confernece in Toronto. We're also excited for a new season of Popping the Bubble Wrap! Our friends at Parachute are back in the studio and their CEO Pam Fuselli is going to tell you, it's okay to let the kids engage in risky play. Not dangerous play, but they need to learn by taking risks. And I discovered a beautiful song about Ellis Island this week. It tells the story of Annie Moore. Something to consider as we mark St. Patrick's Day this week. I'll even sing it for you. Now and next is the flagship podcast at Story Studio Network.
    53m 30s
  • Did Ottawa get it right with the Online Harm bill?

    8 MAR 2024 · Today on NOW and NEXT: It's been a LONG TIME coming but the feds have finally tabled their legislation aimed at curbing online harm. That includes new measures to deal with hate speech and puts a major onus on the big tech companies to take responsibility for content posted on their platforms. Owen Charters is the President and CEO at BGC Canada. He says it's a good first step. "We do think the government it right" particularly when it comes to protecting our kids and teenagers when they're online. "It is something we've been waiting to see because we see the harms. We see the harms each and every day. And it's both perpetrated on and unfortunately sometimes perpetrated by young people." We also sit down with Story Studio Network CEO, Erin Trafford. We recorded the segment LIVE from our Podcast Newsroom at the Prospecter and Developers Association of Canada convention in downtown Toronto. It is the largest mining industry gathering in the world. Remarkably, there was next to NO media on site to report on some major economic, environmental and indigigenous stories.
    43m 38s

Welcome In! This is the home for our SSN daily flagship podcast - NOW & NEXT. Join Story Studio Network's Chief Executive Producer Dave Trafford Monday to Thursday, highlighting news...

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Welcome In!
This is the home for our SSN daily flagship podcast - NOW & NEXT.
Join Story Studio Network's Chief Executive Producer Dave Trafford Monday to Thursday, highlighting news stories of the day that are most likely to affect you and your family, you and your business, you and your future.
PLUS: We include a featured interview with newsmakers and analysts on the big stories of the week.
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