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North Texas Wealth Podcast

  • Navigating Wealth Preservation: Long-Term Care Medicaid vs. Disability Benefits

    17 NOV 2023 · Join us on The North Texas Wealth Podcast as we delve into the intricate world of wealth preservation with esteemed guest Michael B. Cohen, Attorney and Counselor at Law at Michael B. Cohen and Associates. In this episode, we explore the critical distinctions between Long-Term Care Medicaid and non-service-connected disability veterans' benefits. Gain valuable insights into safeguarding your assets and making informed decisions regarding your long-term care planning. Don't miss this insightful discussion on securing your financial future. Tune in now!
    Played 31m 58s
  • Leadership & Success Strategies in Financial Services with Managing Director at LPL Financial, Matthew Enyedi

    29 AUG 2023 · Dive into the world of financial leadership and gain invaluable insights on this episode of The Values Exchange Podcast with Matthew Enyedi, Managing Director of Client Success at LPL Financial as he shares his remarkable journey, that shaped his leadership perspective. Gain insights into Matthew's client-centered philosophy and how it guided unconventional decisions that ultimately fueled success. Delve into personal philosophies, work-life balance, and the wisdom gained through experience. Tune in to this thought-provoking conversation as these financial leaders reflect on their journeys and share their aspirations for the future.
    Played 38m 55s
  • Unlocking Real Estate Success: Expert Insights with Ryan Cave, Owner of The Cave Realty Team

    15 AUG 2023 · Join us on The Values Exchange Podcast as we uncover real estate investing secrets with Ryan Cave, Owner of The Cave Realty Team. This episode delves into essential factors for new investors, profitable investment property strategies, and assessing rental property profitability. We also explore the impact of the pandemic on property investment and discuss ethics in real estate, Ryan's personal journey, and advice for aspiring realtors and real estate investors. Don't miss this insightful episode filled with valuable tips and expert knowledge!
    Played 25m 34s
  • Unveiling Market Outlook and Recession Predictions

    4 JUL 2023 · Join us for an illuminating episode as we sit down with Meera Pandit, Executive Director and Global Market Strategist at J.P. Morgan Asset Management. In this in-depth conversation, Meera shares her expertise on the current market outlook for the remainder of the year, while diving into the intricacies of recessions. We explore the fundamental question of what a recession entails, analyzing historical patterns and key economic indicators that shape these downturns. Delving further, Meera provides her insights on whether we are heading towards a recession, discussing potential timing and the magnitude of its impact. Drawing on her extensive experience in conducting research on the global economy and capital markets, Meera offers strategic perspectives on navigating through uncertain times. Don't miss this engaging discussion as we uncover the market's future trajectory, decipher the complexities of recessions, and gain valuable insights into the timing and significance of any potential economic downturn.
    Played 26m 18s
  • Conquering Fear: Insights from a Former Navy SEAL and CIA Contractor, David Rutherford

    6 JUN 2023 · Join renowned Navy SEAL veteran and CIA instructor, David Rutherford, as he shares his invaluable insights on conquering fear and unlocking your true potential. In this captivating discussion, David draws upon his extensive 28-year exploration of the human condition and his remarkable UDT Navy SEAL experience, offering a comprehensive approach to overcoming fear and achieving success in any environment. Discover practical strategies, mindset shifts, and actionable steps to embrace fear, unleash your inner strength, and triumph over adversity. Don't miss this empowering conversation that will inspire and motivate you to conquer your fears and reach new heights in life. Tune in now to learn from the expertise of a former Navy SEAL and CIA contractor and embark on your own path of conquering fear.
    Played 47m 6s
  • The Value of Understanding The Intersection Between Markets and The Global Economy with Dr. Quincy Krosby

    5 MAY 2023 · In this episode, host Mike Crews interviews Dr. Krosby about the value of understanding the intersection between markets and the global economy and how it affects the macroeconomic environment. Dr. Krosby is the chief global strategist and spokesperson for LPL Research, focusing on key areas such as global capital markets. Her extensive background in global capital markets includes positions at Prudential Financial, Deutsche Bank Asset Management, Credit Suisse, and Barings. During this episode, listeners will gain valuable insights into the current conditions affecting the global economy and markets. Dr. Krosby shares her expertise on topics such as market trends, geopolitical events, and monetary policy, as well as the potential impact of these factors on investments and the broader economy. Whether you are a seasoned investor or simply interested in learning more about the global economy, this episode is a must-listen.
    Played 52m 13s
  • The Value of Perseverance

    2 MAY 2023 · In this episode, Mike interviews Monessa "Siren" Balzhiser, an accomplished pilot who has shattered glass ceilings throughout her career. Balzhiser made history by becoming Lockheed Martin's first female F-35 Production and Training Pilot, and previously served as the first female Filipina F-16 Fighter Pilot in the US Air Force. In this inspiring conversation, Balzhiser shares her journey and the role perseverance played in achieving her goals. She offers insights on the importance of mentorship, self-belief, and embracing failure as a stepping stone to success. Join Mike and Monessa as they delve into the value of perseverance and how it can propel us forward in the face of adversity. Tune in to this episode of The Values Exchange Podcast and be inspired by the courage, resilience, and determination of this trailblazing pilot.
    Played 35m 38s
  • The Value of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    18 APR 2023 · In this episode of The Values Exchange podcast, host Mike engages in a thought-provoking conversation with three esteemed executives from LPL Financial - Regina Heyward, Nicole Nichols, and Vance Kirksey - as they delve into the invaluable topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The episode delves into how LPL Financial, a trailblazer in DEI efforts with the launch of its diversity program in 2018, has been recognized by for its unwavering commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment through its impactful series, Around the Table: Black Advisor Voices. The episode also explores the intricacies of measuring the effectiveness and impact of DEI initiatives. Join us as they shed light on the significance of DEI in the workplace and beyond, and share their wealth of experience and wisdom on this vital subject.
    Played 48m 5s
  • The Value of Personal Branding with Kait LeDonne

    4 APR 2023 · In this episode of The Values Exchange podcast, Mike interviews Kait Ledonne, founder of Brandwise Media, a personal branding agency based in New York. Kait shares her insights on the value of personal branding, and she discusses what a personal brand is, why everyone needs one, and how our values drive our brands. This podcast episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in personal branding and leveraging social media to grow their personal or corporate brand.
    Played 44m 11s
  • The Value of Integrity with retired US Army CWO4 Jacques B. Loraine III

    22 MAR 2023 · In this episode, Mike interviews Jacques B. Loraine III, a retired US Army CWO4 and Senior Principal Systems Engineer at Raytheon. Jacques discusses the value of integrity as he shares his extensive experience serving in various Intelligence Officer roles in Special Mission Units, Corp & Army tactical-level Units, and National Intelligence organizations.
    Played 49m 14s

Welcome to The North Texas Wealth Podcast. This podcast uncovers the values and habits of highly successful people and dives into how it has shaped their success and what you...

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Welcome to The North Texas Wealth Podcast. This podcast uncovers the values and habits of highly successful people and dives into how it has shaped their success and what you can learn from their personal stories.
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