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New Earth Alchemy: How to Heal & Manifest

  • The Next Level of Quantum Healing: Understanding Scalar Energy

    18 JUN 2024 · This episode delves into the fascinating intersection of quantum physics, consciousness, and the potential of scalar energy in healing.We'll explore: - Quantum Leaps in Healing: Is there a scientific basis for the mind-body connection? We'll explore the emerging field of quantum healing and how it challenges traditional models of health. - The Enigma of Scalar Energy: What exactly is scalar energy, and how might it influence our well-being? We'll unpack the science (or potential science) behind this mysterious energy field. - Harnessing the Power for Healing: Can scalar energy be harnessed to promote healing and improve overall health? We'll explore the latest research and anecdotal evidence surrounding scalar energy healing practices. This episode is perfect for you if: - You're curious about alternative healing modalities. - You're interested in the potential of quantum physics to revolutionize healthcare. - You're open to exploring the unseen forces that might influence our well-being. Join us as we crack open the door to a new frontier in healing! We'll separate the fact from fiction, explore the exciting possibilities, and leave you with a deeper understanding of how quantum mechanics and scalar energy might hold the key to unlocking a new level of healing.
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  • How to navigate the stigma of neurodivergency & learning disabilities

    11 JUN 2024 · You're a Thriving Neurodivergent: Navigate Stigma & Unleash Your Potential Ever feel like you learn or process information in a way that sets you apart? Maybe you've been diagnosed with a learning disability or identify as neurodivergent. This episode is your empowering guide to navigating the world as a thriving neurodivergent individual! We'll unpack the concept of neurodivergence, exploring the beautiful spectrum of how brains can be wired. We'll debunk negative stereotypes associated with learning disabilities, equipping you with the language to challenge them with confidence.But this episode goes beyond just surviving – it's about thriving! Learn powerful strategies for advocating for yourself in educational and professional settings. We'll share tips for building a supportive community that celebrates your unique neurodiversity, a community where you can truly shine. Here's the best part: we'll help you reframe challenges as superpowers. Discover tools to maximize your strengths and unlock your full potential.Whether you're neurodivergent yourself or supporting someone who is, this episode is a treasure trove of valuable information and empowering strategies. Join us as we smash the stigma and celebrate the brilliance of neurodiversity! It's time to rewrite the narrative and embrace the incredible strengths that come with thinking differently.
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  • How to Find Energy Patterns that Alcohol is Covering up so that you can live your life with purpose

    4 JUN 2024 · Episode Description: Unleash Your Power: Heal Energy Blocks & Manifest Your Dream Life Have you ever felt like an invisible force is holding you back from achieving your goals? You might be surprised to learn that these obstacles can often be traced back to energetic blockages. This episode will equip you with the knowledge and tools to clear these hidden barriers and step into the life you were meant to live. Uncover the Root Cause: We'll guide you through the process of identifying energy blocks, those unseen limitations that can prevent you from manifesting your desires. Learn to recognize the signs that your energy is stagnant and discover how these blocks can impact your life. From Stuck to Soaring: We'll explore powerful techniques to heal and clear these energy blocks. These practical tools will empower you to remove these energetic roadblocks and unleash your full potential. The Alcohol Connection: We'll delve into a surprising yet important topic: the link between alcohol and energy flow. Learn how using alcohol to numb emotions can actually hinder your ability to manifest your dreams. Sober & Electric: This episode goes beyond the typical conversation about energy work. We'll explore the fascinating connection between sobriety and your energetic state. Discover how choosing sobriety can enhance your ability to work with energy and create the life you desire. Electricity & Energy Work: Buckle up for a mind-bending exploration of the relationship between energy work and the very electricity that powers our world. This unique perspective will shed light on the power of energy and its potential to transform your life. By understanding and clearing these energy blocks, you'll be well on your way to manifesting the life you've always dreamed of! Join us for this insightful and empowering episode as we unveil the secrets to healing your energy and stepping into your full power.
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  • How Past Life Regression can help you heal, understand, let go and move forward

    28 MAY 2024 · Have you ever felt an inexplicable pull towards a certain historical period, or experienced seemingly random fears or behaviors that defy easy explanation? Past life regression, a practice that explores the possibility of accessing memories from previous lifetimes, might hold the key to unlocking these mysteries and fostering profound personal growth.In this episode, we embark on a captivating exploration of past life regression, delving into its potential to: - Uncover the Roots of Current Challenges: Past life regression can act as a powerful tool for introspection. By revisiting potential past experiences, you may gain valuable insights into the root causes of your present anxieties, phobias, or recurring patterns. This newfound understanding can pave the way for self-compassion, acceptance, and ultimately, the release of these burdens. - Heal from Past Traumas: The emotional wounds we carry can sometimes have surprising origins. Past life regression can create a safe space to explore and address past traumas, emotional blockages, or limiting beliefs that might be stemming from unresolved experiences in previous lifetimes. By revisiting and processing these past events in a therapeutic setting, you can begin the process of emotional healing and liberation. - Release Negative Patterns: Do you find yourself repeating unhealthy cycles or struggling to break free from self-limiting beliefs? Past life regression can offer a unique perspective on these patterns. By uncovering their potential origins in past experiences, you gain the power to break free from their hold. This newfound awareness empowers you to create new, positive patterns and behaviors moving forward. - Embrace a Deeper Understanding of Yourself: Past life regression isn't just about revisiting the past; it's about gaining a deeper understanding of your present self. By exploring potential past lives, you may discover recurring themes, talents, or personality traits that resonate across lifetimes. This journey of self-discovery can foster a sense of purpose and a deeper connection to your own unique essence. Whether you're a skeptic curious about the concept or someone actively seeking deeper self-knowledge, this episode offers a thought-provoking exploration of past life regression and its potential to heal, empower, and transform your life. Join us as we delve into the fascinating tapestry of the soul and discover if past life regression could be the missing piece on your path towards wholeness.
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  • How to Trust Your Intuition & Give Yourself Permission to Grow

    21 MAY 2024 · Feeling lost or stuck? This episode dives deep into the power of intuition and self-belief. Learn how to tap into your inner wisdom and silence the doubts that hold you back. Discover practical tools to cultivate trust in your intuition and empower yourself to embrace growth in all areas of life.You'll learn: - The signs your intuition is trying to guide you - Techniques to overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs - How to quiet the noise and connect with your inner voice - Practical exercises to build confidence and make decisions with clarity - Strategies for stepping outside your comfort zone and embracing new possibilities This episode is perfect for you if: - You struggle with making decisions - You feel stuck in a rut and crave change - You're afraid to take risks - You want to unlock your full potential and live a more authentic life Ready to trust your gut and give yourself permission to grow? Join us for this insightful episode!Keywords: intuition, self-trust, self-belief, personal growth, decision-making, confidence, overcoming doubts, inner voice, authenticity, personal development.
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  • How to Normalize Death in Order to Ease the Process

    14 MAY 2024 · Duncan Trussell has a podcast where he brought on his mother as a guest 2 weeks before she died (also made into a Midnight Gospel episode). They knew she was dying and spoke on the acceptance of death in this episode, made even more powerful by the fact that she did pass so quickly after it’s recording.Alan Watts spoke about how you can be on your death bed and your well meaning friends and family will come into the room insisting that you’ll be better soon which isn’t helpful. A well versed preacher however can come in and make you feel good about dying.Our society and culture spends a lot of time avoiding the fact of death which makes it harder on each and every one of us when we are inevitably forced to face it. It’s something that we all have to interact with sooner or later and next to none of us are prepared for it or know what to do and how to handle it because it’s such an avoided subject.Toxic positivity is a problem here. We want to cheer people up and we’ll use all sorts of words to try and do so but it often ends up doing more harm than good. Some things in life are dark and not at all cheery. Trying to pretend they are isn’t helpful but just because they are on the darker side of things doesn’t mean that we have to avoid them. They’re uncomfortable, but they are normal.Toxic spirituality is a thing, where people put their own ideologies on others in an effort to calm the pain, lend some advice or provide comfort. Unfortunately, this well meaning tactic can cause the person who’s already experiencing pain to now feel uncomfortable if their own beliefs don’t align with the ones being called upon and shared.These methods silence the person who is struggling. Not intentionally, but the discomfort they feel leads them to silence rather than the comfort of being allowed the space and freedom to process the way they need to process in order to find acceptance and move forward. When provided with the space and freedom needed for these emotions, our person in question may be able to find within themselves the words or actions needed to connect with their loved ones in a safe and meaningful way that helps everyone survive this intense moment in a constructive way.Being able to ‘bear witness’ to their pain and suffering allows them the opportunity and ability to have what we call a ‘good death’. Where they’re able to speak their truth, be heard and focus on what’s truly important.We accomplish these desired results by saying and doing less which is counter intuitive. We feel, think and want to do something to lessen the pain and suffering of our fellow humans but where death and severe sickness or injury are of subject, there is nothing we can do or say to make anything better. The best that we can do is to simply be present and allow those suffering to lead the show in what they need.To support someone in pain and suffering: Anticipatory grief is when something like a severe chronic illness is dragged out for years. You know it will eventually end in death and pain but it can feel like it takes forever to actually occur. Sometimes it’s spoken about like losing pieces or the loss before the loss. This is often met with relief when the loved one does die and guilt is felt around that feeling of relief. This is natural though because it’s been prepared for for so long and they’ve watched their loved ones in pain, not themselves or slowly deteriorating.Don’t hold guilt around the form your grief takes. It can come with a myriad of emotions and how yours forms may sometimes surprise you. Settle into it and try and find acceptance for how you feel.The western culture is mostly isolated from the fact of death. In the western culture, when asked ‘what is the opposite of death’ you’ll find people answer ‘life’. But in the eastern cultures, when presented with the same questions, they will answer ‘birth’, because they understand more the cycles of life.10:26 –Simply 100 years ago, death mostly occurred in the home. Nowadays, death mostly occurs in the hospital setting as a cleaned up version of what our ancestors were more or less used to. We’re not used to seeing it as much these days which can add to the shock factor.
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  • How to Understand the Elements in Your Astrological Birth Chart

    7 MAY 2024 · Beginning –Astrology is so much more than your sun sign. Your sun sign isn’t even where you should be focusing if you’re only going to look at one sign, which you should never just look at one. At minimum, you want to know your “big three” which consists of your sun, moon and rising signs. Beyond that though, you have an entire natal chart with signs correlating to each planet, celestial body and even some comets. Each one relating to the others in some form or fashion that is intricately and delicately complex.It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe in astrology. The power of it lies in it’s qualities. Studying your natal chart can shine light on a multitude of facets, including every aspect of your life. This can give you a great starting point if you’re ready and wanting to do some work on your life but aren’t sure how to get going initially.Focusing on just your sun sign is like trying to bake a cake with just flour. Flour is the basis but all of the other ingredients are necessary for the whole picture. We have to look at all of the other aspects to see what kind of cake you are, and each one is beautifully unique.Understanding your astrological chart can help you to understand yourself. It can offer some validation into aspects of yourself you may have struggled against and tell you what you posses a large or a small quantity of. For example, the astrological chart works with the four elements of water, fire, earth and air. Each of these elements carries with it a particular archetype and someone who posses many fire signs in their chart will carry more of those characteristics. Someone who carries a lot of water signs but very little fire will present characteristics heavily associated to the water but struggle igniting their inner fire. To find balance within yourself, it helps to know your particular quantity of each element so that you can focus on gaining more of what you lack from your environment and choices. For example, if you possess a lot of air but lack in earth, you may struggle with anxiety. Bringing more earth energy into your life via can help create more balance.Having zero of one element in your chart can mean either that you need to work really hard to cultivate that elemental energy or it can mean that you’re good without the extra.Each element has positive and negative aspects, just as with all things. are present in everything. Some astrological signs have a bad reputation but all of the zodiacs present this same light and dark aspects. We need the duality of both sides in order to create the existence in the middle.Each one posses a beautiful depth to the world we live in, important to the harmony of us all.15:35 –We’re all born our authentic selves. As children, we’re often times told to be different than who we are in the forms of being shushed, controlled and conditioned by the people and culture around us. This leaves us confused as we learn to conform in order to be pleasing to the community. Many of us “wake up” then in our adulthood, with no idea who we really are compared to the show we’ve been putting on our entire lives. We then must struggle to rediscover the parts of us we’ve spent a lifetime burying.Coming back to the 4 elements, we have an analogy of a vehicle driving down the freeway. Each tire represents one of the elements. If one is flat or too inflated in comparison to the others, you limp along. Only with a good balance do you drive smoothly.Bringing balance doesn’t have to be grand. You find the elemental energy in every single thing, big and small, that you come into contact with. Use your intuition to decide what task has what type of energy. Communicating with others is going to increase the air within you. Spending time in nature is going to increase the earth. Exercise is going to lend to the fire and spending time with water is going to lend to the water. You’ll find that, with just a little practice, knowing what goes with what becomes pretty innate.Twins can have mostly the same birth chart (they do change by the minute) but present completely different characteristics. Often, if you dig into it, you’ll see that one twin is leaning into the flow of the naturally presented energies while the other is leaning against them. It’s essentially one twin embracing the yin and the other the yang side. We always have the free will to choose how we want to use the energies we’re presented with. Our interpretations are always going to be unique.We don’t want to use the words “good” and “bad” when speaking on the 2 sides of the energies. Good and bad are human constructs and not actually present in nature. Nature just is. It simply exists as a mode of one way or the opposite to tap into. What we do with them are what makes them one or the other.When we label something as good or bad, we suppress anything that may be against what our particular culture and society has labeled as bad, regardless to if other cultures view it as good or neutral. This in and of itself can create an unhealthy balance within us that leaves us perpetually confused at how to find balance. This is the essence of what we call shadow work by the way.For example, money has a reputation for being evil. Money simply exists as a tool, though. It’s people who come along and use it for either good or bad that gives it that meaning. Like a magnet, we need both sides in order for anything to exist.27:35 –We tend to think we need to be consistently constant all of the time and beat ourselves up when we’re not but the nature of life is a constant teeter totter. Balance in the center should be your aim but you’re not going to stay there all of the time and that’s okay. Instead of staying in the middle, (which if you’ve ever played on such a device, you know is really hard to do)you want to aim to be not too much on one side or the other for too terribly long. Movement is the flow, stagnation is the still. Just keep it moving. Hit the middle as often as you can.We liken life to a roller coaster ride often. Life with it’s ups and downs. The only constant is change and the sooner we accept that, the sooner we can have more fun on our roller coaster rather than fearing it. A lot of us try to stop our roller coaster because we don’t want to feel the emotions that are coming along with it but that’s when stagnation occurs and we fall into depression or manifested illnesses. We have to keep it moving.We have to flow with our roller coasters ups and downs or else we’re going to cause more damage by getting ran over or drug along by it. You can’t fight it. The downs are temporary. When you think about an actual roller coaster ride, sometimes you hit these low valleys and the ride stalls out for a moment. Consider this depression. The tracks then have to hook the carts and click, click, click drag them back up to the top. It takes work. And then the momentum takes us again and we flow easily.Remember this and that all downs will eventually end if you just keep it moving. Sometimes it’ll be harder to move and sometimes it will be effortless but it will always move on to a new part of the track if you allow it to and help it along when you need to.34:20 –You’re learning. You’ll get a little bit better, a little bit stronger each time. Even if it feels like you’re running in place. Because it most likely will feel like that. You’re not that same person that you were last time the thing in question occurred. You’ve been here before so you’re now better equipped to handle the situation. Explore your triggers with curiosity. When you notice them popping up again and again, pay attention to that because awareness is the most important tool we have available to us. Ask yourself why they’re triggering you. What inner hurt are they pointing to that needs healing? Because that’s exactly what they’re doing. Each trigger is an opportunity to heal a little bit more of whatever has hurt you in the past so that you can move forward towards your goals.Physical ailments stem from stagnation. I know that doesn’t make sense to most of us but if you begin emotionally healing yourself from past experiences you’ll begin to see physical ailments that you had accepted as part of your existence to vanish.We innately want to avoid and ignore that which is bothersome but that falls into the categories of escapism and avoidance which isn’t going to do anything to help fix the problem. Just like if our kid is causing a ruckus, we don’t need to turn a blind eye, we need to address it, the same goes for our patterns that our messing with what we want in life. We have to address the issue or it’s just going to keep getting worse.You can’t just ignore something and hope it gets better and you have to have the same approach with your belief systems. If something isn’t working for you, question it and try and figure out what it needs because just like children, they only act out when they need something they aren’t already getting. It’s an attention thing.Puppy analogy!To end, astrology amongst other things, gives us a set of cards we’ve been dealt and it’s up to us to do what we can to play those cards to the best of our abilities.About Our Guest Laura is a Mindset Mentor and Master Hypnotist, as well as a Professional Intuitive and Astrologer and is also certified in NLP and more. She uses that unique combination of skills to help you tap into your own success, opening up your life quickly, easily, and completely and a great side effect is that you get to hold onto your sanity and soul as you go! She knows that when you change your mind, you’ll change your life. And she does that with a mix of the practical
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  • How Breathwork Recalibrates the Nervous System

    30 APR 2024 · A pause to just exist and recollect ourselves. There’s nothing more under rated than the pause. Giving yourself ample space to exist counters the constrictions we’re so often feeling.Breathwork is one of the most valuable tools for emotional regulation and it’s accessible to everyone, provided you’re alive and breathing.We take breathing for granted. We’ve all experienced a stuffy nose or something else that makes breathing difficult. In those moments, we’re quick to notice our breathing and wish it were easier. We need to also notice the moments when it’s easy so that we can be appreciative that it is.The magick is in the mundane. We don’t pay any attention to those things though, generally. We don’t want to think it can be as easy as simply appreciating the simple things present in front of you. There are no grand secrets hiding up in the mountains with the monks.The “yang” culture we’ve been conditioned to keeps us busy and distracted from the peaceful joy of the yin. We’re all too busy and think we don’t have time for the slowing and resting aspects of life. Learning how to incorporate these slower energies though only takes 30 seconds at a time. Weaving them into our day to day routines with only a thought and intention to do so. This is how we create balance.Shallow chest breathing is a stress response we become accustomed to. If you watch a baby sleeping, their bellies are what’s going up and down, not their chests. That’s because they’re still utilizing their diaphragm to pump the air in and out.Deep belly breathing fills the lungs fully, bottom to top, calming the nervous system in the process. When you first start trying to consciously do this, it may feel as though you’re having a hard time catching your breath. Give it a bit of continuous practice and you’ll begin to notice your muscles relaxing as soon as you switch to deep belly breathing.It’s just that you’ve spent most of your life probably at this point shallow chest breathing and switching that over is a bit of a process. Kind of like learning posture or increasing your strength to be able to hold your planks longer.10:50 –The rhythm of your breathing is a window into how you’re feeling. Our society does everything they can to avoid feelings and emotions. Usually in the form of distractions. Only when we allow ourselves to feel them, though, do we begin to metabolize them. This processing allows them to be released from the body rather than becoming stuck in the body. If they aren’t processed and released, and do instead become stuck, they may very well cause problems in our health, wellbeing and quality of life. Radiating out from us to touch everything and everyone we interact with.If you want to hold onto an emotion forever, suppressing it is exactly how you do that. If you don’t want the emotion you’re feeling, you have to create space around it to exist for the amount of time this particular feeling needs. It may only need a few minutes, or it may need a few months. It will be uncomfortable but it will get better until it finally dissipates.Sometimes things can feel so powerful that the breath is all you have. For example, we’ve all had some sort of sickness we thought was for sure trying to take us out or an injury that came with blinding pain. Be it the flu, mono, covid or something else like an excruciatingly broken bone. In these intense moments, sometimes all we can do is exist and breathe.“Breathe” is the first and foremost direction that medical professionals give to us in these moments. Laboring mothers are told to focus here. It’s not because they have no other advice for helping with the situation but because this IS how you get through the situation. Focus on your breathing. This is much easier accomplished when you’ve had some practice during times of no urgency and distress but when you find yourself in these moments it does become something your body says yes to. Because in these moments it really is all you have. The rest is just patience attached to the knowing that the moment of intensity will eventually end.16:30 –*GUIDED BREATHWORK MEDITATION*We feel as though we need to label and describe the feelings that arise when we create space like this to listen to them. We don’t have to understand where they’re coming from though, in order to process them. We only need to notice, sit with and create space for them to exist as long as they want to until they slowly let go and move on.If you want to label them you can, but don’t get too hung up on “is this this or is this that.” Simply decide whatever you want to decide it is and allow it to be that. Only you can define your experiences and you may do that however you see fit. Or you can choose not to define them and allow them to just be whatever they are. This latter route is the one I personally take because it feels broader, more encompassing and free with no constrictions or doubt. It’s more expansive where as labeling and defining can be more constrictive.The chakra system helps us to understand what’s going on in our own bodies and where we need to focus on things. It helps give us words and a framework to the formless energy flowing within and around us so that we may communicate with our own minds and others on how to work through what we have. Understanding makes things easier on us even though we don’t have to understand it for it to work. Kinda like a computer printer: you don’t need to understand the functionings to simply push the buttons and have it do what you need it to do, but a little background knowledge on how it works can help you trouble shoot any “why isn’t this working!?” that may arise. - Find the feeling within your body and where it’s located - Sit with your attention on it - Notice how it feels - Allow it to process out The next thing you know, that thing that happened 18 years ago, that has routinely popped in your head again and again ever since, causing cringe, ceases to pop up anymore. That’s what true healing is. When you no longer think about the thing anymore or when you do, it’s rare and has no problematic emotions accompanying it.It’s hard for us to find time and space to sit with ourselves in order to do this practice only because we would rather avoid it. We come up with all sorts of reasons why we can’t or don’t have time but it’s usually just forms of avoidance.“Escapism” is the word I couldn’t find in the episode. Where we won’t give ourselves an hour to sit with this practice but we’ll spend 6 hours on Netflix or Xbox.37:20 –The most sustainable form of activism is that if you allow yourself to shine as your best you, you give others permission to do the same. You’re not going to burn out from being yourself. Grand activism in the traditional sense is great but if it’s unsustainable for you, it isn’t the best way for you to go about things.For the first time in history, we have the knowledge of what is and what could be and the opportunity to choose a path that benefits all involved. This isn’t accomplished by grand gestures but by breaking the patterns that came before us. Day by day, with each small choice we make. Changing the world is often seen as something too big for one average person, but by living our lives as an example of what the world should be rather than “what it is”, we inspire others to do the same. This creates a compounding effect with waves bigger than you could imagine. The biggest effects seen with children.We think we need to go spend a month living in the mountains amongst the months to find out who we are when really we just need to learn how to sit quietly with ourselves. Our culture has a thinking we need to always be doing more but the answers to everything are within the doing less. Instead of trying to find the boxes we fit into in order to understand ourselves, we need only to allow ourselves to be whoever and whatever we are in each moment. It’s fluid like anything else and changes all of the time. Figuring out who we are is an “allowing” rather than a “finding”.If you don’t know where to start: - Sit with yourself in the now - Focus on your breathing - Relax your muscles - Maybe check in with your senses - Just be hyper-present. We spend most of our time in the past or the present but all we actually have is right now.Lots of space created in this episode.
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  • How to Practice Grounding Your Energy to Reduce Anxiety

    23 APR 2024 · Beginning –Food is a great way to ground yourself. Root vegetables help you get in touch with the element of earth, which carries the energy of stability, solidity and safety. Mushrooms and protein are also need more grounding in the vata, winter months as they naturally carry more air energy which can leave us less grounded. Root vegetables are more in season at this time of year. The Earth always provides what we need, when we need it. We have to find balance by bringing in more of what we’re lacking. Most of us have an easier time being grounded in the spring and summer months and the garden helps us balance these days out with more leafy greens, watery fruits and edible flowers.There are tons more from the ground food options than what’s available at your local grocery store which can be frustrating. Food desserts are a thing. Some people can have a really hard time finding whole foods where they live.When you go to the grocery store, try and pick a new fruit of vegetable you’ve never had before. Take it home and Google up a recipe to try. You never know what you may discover you like. If you don’t like it cooked the way you decide, don’t give up on it or write it off as not for you. There are tons of ways to cook everything.Add your intentions into your food as you prepare and/or eat it. Doing this is as simple as imagining the desired energy flowing into the food or speaking words over it. Much like blessing the food as seen in many cultures and religions.10:30 –Being out in nature can be very grounding. As cliche as it may sound, lean against a tree, hug it, put your to it, give it all of your anxieties and tune yourself to it’s stable, calm energy.Pulling your focus into the soles of your feet, into your knees, your hips. There’s a lot going on in the top half of our bodies because this is where most of our senses and organs lie. Bringing our attention down into the lower half of our body where there’s less going on can help to calm us.The beauty about using your attention and focus to ground yourself is that you don’t have to carve out time and space to do it. It’s accessible at every moment, no matter what else is going on. All it takes it the thought to do so.Sitting on the ground, touching grass, putting your bare feet onto the ground. This is called ‘earthing’ and has been scientifically shown to reduce not only anxiety but inflammation throughout the entire body.Check in with your senses. Notice what you feel, hear, see, taste, touch. Generally speaking, we tend to be anxious when we’re spending too much time in our heads. This by far isn’t the only form of anxiety. Sometimes, bringing our focus to our physical body can cause more anxiety. You really have to analyze your own unique flavor of anxiety, try various things and find what works best for you.Exercise is a great way to ground yourself. That can mean any form of movement be it walking, dancing, hard core exercise or something else you find joy in. Get the energy in your body moving so anything bothering you can be released.You can absolutely take exercise too far, becoming addicted and using it to avoid other things in your life that need attention as well.17:20 –Every exercise is a whole body exercise. In the fitness community we have “leg day”, “arm day”, “ab day”, etc. Which is another example of us sectioning ourselves off into pieces and parts instead of acknowledging ourselves as a whole.When you’re engaging one area of your body, the rest of your body is reacting to that whether you notice it or not. This is most notable in yoga and we’re being directed by our instructor to engage all parts of our body in each stretch. Proper form focuses on posture, alignment, engagement of certain muscles, etc. It’s complex and touches all parts of us, integrating the entirety of our body.Exercise and food can particularly help health related anxiety. Nothing calms health anxiety like working on your health. If you can build your strength through physical training, you prove to yourself that you are strong and healthy. If you can tame your eating habits to support your system, you worry less about what poor eating habits may be doing to you.Think of yourself as a video game character. Feed yourself healthy foods for strength and stamina, put yourself to sleep when you need to recover, make yourself a green smoothie or a glass of orange juice and call it a health potion. Think of everything you do, ingest and interact with as either building your character or damaging it.Food is not like medicine, food is medicine. The cleaner your diet, the clearer and better you’ll feel.Imagine there’s an energy field around you and each piece of fruit or vegetable you eat, it fortifies this protective shield, keeping you from harm.24:15 –Be a little delusional if that’s what you need to be/ believe in to get you by easier. The placebo and nocebo effects are things that prove the power of our minds. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s “real” or not. You can decide to tell your mind that it is and your body will follow suit as though it is.Companies market all sorts of things to us as healthy that aren’t. Greenwashing is a thing to look out for because it’ll look like it’s healthy but when you read the ingredients it’s full of chemicals and things you can’t pronounce.Reality is created in our heads, literally and figuratively. We can visualize things that help and they do. They can be whatever we want them to be and take from it whatever we need.Where we focus is what we get. If we’re constantly focusing on “I don’t wanna get sick, don’t wanna get sick” the universe sees us focusing on getting sick and that’s exactly what’s going to happen. The universe and the law of attraction just copies and pastes anything that we’re putting our attention on. That’s why it’s best to not pay any attention to that which you don’t want, not to be confused with avoiding your problems. are spells. We’re casting them all day long so be sure you’re being careful, purposeful and intentional. Our language literally, in every way creates our world and many believe that the English language was created to keep us limited and small. So it’s really best to never complain.Stonewall your own negative thoughts, find a neutral position and then flipping it into something you do want. The greyrock method is something aimed at dealing with narcissists generally but you can use it to help you with manifesting as well.Our brains are designed to pick up and focus on things that could cause us problems or harm. That’s why it’s so much easier to notice and find the bad things in life and so difficult to focus on the good and happy.34:15 –Watching our words and thoughts, when we notice we say/think something that is in the opposite of the direction we want to go, we pause and find a neutral position to uphold. This brings us to the meditation direction of “silencing the mind,” Which we all agree is laughable.“Silencing the mind” tell us to do nothing and how can we do nothing? It goes against our nature and causes the opposite. Instead, we actively try and tune ourselves to a neutral position, focusing on the spaces between thoughts and attempting to make them larger and longer.We know what calm, ease and grace feels like. Visualize it. Try and find it right now in the moment. Create it in the now. It’s a muscle just like we move our hand or we don’t move our hand. Our minds are the same way.Be attentive of your words so that you’re not postponing, subconsciously or otherwise, that which you actually want. Sometimes we use our words to unknowingly self sabotage ourselves in order to stay in sameness because there’s safety in the known and familiar. Feel the energy of the wording.You are not your brain. Your brain will pop up all sorts of intrusive thoughts that you didn’t ask for or want. You are the conscious observer that notices these and doesn’t like them. You can then rework them as you see fit.We call this little brain child that is not you, the ego. It’s trying it’s best to keep you safe based on the programming it’s received from the world up until this point. You can give it a name if you like so that you can better differentiate whether or not it’s actually you when it pops up.The past is the past. It’s hard to accept it but accepting it is the only way of moving forward. Accepting it doesn’t mean it was okay. It just means that you’re not going to continue to let it effect things in your present. Now is all we have. Most often we’re living in the past or the future, but now is all there is and in this moment, we get to decide what reality is.What is the purpose of this moment?46:20 –All the different types of anxieties. Anxiety isn’t always a result of over thinking or worry. Anxiety is our body’s alarm system that something is wrong and that could be anything from a physical threat, a thought to a toxin, allergen or even hunger. It’s all the same alarm. There are a tons of different types of anxieties.Learning how to trust and talk to your body can help you with the clarity of knowing when you should probably go to the emergency room and kno
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  • How to Tune Your Energy to Manifest Whatever You Like

    16 APR 2024 · Beginning –We section ourselves off in order to explain and understand who we are and still come out with no answers because we fail to see ourselves as a whole. It’s hard to understand ourselves as a whole which is why we section ourselves off.The boxing is what our culture has taught us in order to be digestible but the nature of humanity is too big on an individual scale. It can’t be boxed. It’s like slicing a horse into sections (did you see that movie “The Cell”? It scarred me a bit) and trying to determine what you’re looking at from just one section.Marketing pitches are extra hard in the energetic field because we’re working with all of the known universe. That seems to grand to be possible but once you understand the fundamentals of the area of study, it’s all quite simple yet expands across all things. How do you put that in an elevator pitch?Society and culture tells us that we need to know what we’re going to do for the rest of our lives by the time we’re in our teens. This construct counters what is normal for human development. We’re still children in our teens with a next to nothing knowledge of the world and what’s available to us. It’s unfair to ask a teen to decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives at this early point.There is no such thing as having your life put together. No one has their life completely put together. The people who seem as though they have their life put together are either only putting on a show or only have certain parts ‘put together’. All aspects are never completely put together. That’s a myth. It’s definitely not a thing.We all have various roles that we take on. It’s important that we don’t over identify with these roles and instead allow space for the flexibility of who you are without them to fill in the gaps. You are not your roles. You step into roles as yourself, independent of the role itself and bring your own flare to that contracts. Why would a spirit want anything easy? That’s a waste of their time. Instead, you’re going to choose that which has the most contrast because that’s where most of the learning occurs. As Abraham Hicks says, “When you know what you don’t want, you know what you do want.”The more you step into yourself, the more you give permission to others to do the same. It’s the lighthouse effect. You become a beacon of light.11:30 –So many of us are comfortable in discomfort. It’s easier to continue to doing what we’ve been doing rather than try and form new habits around what we may actually want.Perhaps most people don’t actually feel as though they belong. We’ve all just been conditioned to go along with what everyone else is doing, without a thought about what we want. What we want as individuals was always shoved to the side as not important. So we all just accepted it.When you start pulling at the threads of things, they quickly unravel. People don’t like for you to pull at the threads of society and culture so those who do often get labeled as ‘bad’ or ‘rebellious’. Generally speaking, these people (often children) are only looking to understand.It’s natural to want to conform, fit in and be liked. This urge can be the center of our turmoil, there is no greater reward than the relationships you build. As hard as it may seem, our focus instead should just be to focus on finding our own happiness. This means creating our own happiness, despite the circumstances.Not to be morbid, but we’re all going to die sooner rather than later and so we should probably be getting on this ‘happiness’ thing sooner rather than later. None of us are getting out of this alive.You only want what you think you want because of how you think it will make you feel. If you focus on the feeling alone, without all of the circumstances that you think need to occur before you can get to these emotions, you’ll find things arising that get you to them more often and in ways you never dreamed possible.The less you do, the more everything unfolds. It sounds counter intuitive because it is, but it’s exactly what the 12 laws of manifesting say to do. We’ve been programed to be doers. We’ve been taught that the more we do, the closer to success we will be but the feminine energy needed to create requires space for that creation to come into being.The heart sends more messages than your brain. It’s the forefront that you should focus on and follow. The world doesn’t operate under the logic that we think it does. The is proving all of this for us on a scientific level.We can’t afford to continue to play around with these positive habits that could make a difference in the world. It’s time for us to commit to these lifestyle practices that we know will make a difference to both ourselves and others. In order to do this, you have to understand and know your own values and priorities.Mexican story about how a fisherman meets a business man who tries to convince him to spend more time catching fish so that he can make a bigger profit in order to grow rich and be able to do whatever he likes. The fisherman replies with “I already do whatever I like.” In a nutshell. I definitely paraphrased.27:45 –Shopping, sex, substances and whatever other are a shot of dopamine and not real happiness.World schooling as an alternative option for schooling your children. I recently did an episode on which is another option to traditional public school totally worth exploring.Deciding what’s for you is a definite yes or a definite no. If you’re unsure, it’s a no and it’s not personal. If it’s not for you, it’s not for you. Allow the frequency of expansion. This allows for possibilities to unfold. The opposite of expansion is contraction. Allow the space for it. That’s all it takes. If you’re not allowing for this expansion, you’re creating tension in your life and body.You have to tap into the awareness of your body and life and notice where you’re feeling tension and where you’re not so you can address it. In particularly, the nervous system, which will always direct you towards what is working for you and what isn’t. Our is another way to tap in to your own alignment.Stress, anxiety, tension and all of the lower energy emotions you can feel as muscle contraction in your body. This tension impedes the energy flow not only in terms of chi or ki, but also in physical terms of blood circulation, oxygenation of the cells, digestion, lymph node detoxification and all other bodily function that requires unconstricted movement to work optimally.Our minds are a powerful tool we’re always using whether intentionally or not. We can use it to create stories in our head that cause anxiety or we can use it to daydream about what we want in life. We allow our thinking to get in the way of our own happiness.Imagine someone asked you if you wanted to move to a tropical paradise on the other side of the world. Instead of freaking out with a “that sounds scary, how could I possibly!?” Just allow it to be a “Man yeah that sounds like a good time.” or a “Nah, I don’t think that’s for me.” and then go about your life. If you find yourself googling What are the steps? What do I need? What do I need to learn? Then cool, and you may find yourself becoming swept away in the getting of just that.We stress and worry too much about things when we could really just sit back, relax, have a good time and allow things to unfold however they will. When you allow energy the space for expansion, that’s exactly what it’s going to do because expansion is the nature of energy. If you just let things happen for you, they will unfold in ways you never thought possible.Release attachment to whatever you think is or will be.To do this means being present in the moment. Noticing how you feel right now and adjusting accordingly to what’s happening right now. We don’t want to give any attention what so ever to that which we don’t like or want. Don’t ignore your problems, but you can also be delusional in how they’re all going to work out for the best and decide to trust that.34:15 –We spend most of our time in the past or present.We can’t possibly know how things are going to unfold for us, so we shouldn’t even try to predict it. In order for new things to come into our life, the old things have to fall away to make space for them. You have to make a mess to clean a mess. If you have a closet you’ve spent years shoving things into because you didn’t want to / know how to / have the space to deal with them and now you want to clean and address it, you first have to pull everything out of the closet before you can begin putting things back in an organized manner.This is why things may appear to be falling apart sometimes. Especially when you start the inner work required to heal and put these practices into your daily habits. Like a caterpillar turning to mush in order to reform itself into a butterfly, this process can be super scary and uncomfortable.Our brains are wired to keep us safe so anything different, no matter how innocent or for our own good, will set off alarms of caution within us. Different is unknown so our brains will fight to keep us in sameness, even if it’s detrimental to our wellbeing because there’s a sense of safety in the familiar.You should absolutely curate your social media feeds to support what you want and how you want to feel. In this same way, we should work to curate our lives to only allow access to us that which brings us the energy we desire.Our nervous systems developed in a mostly peaceful era, when we
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Our focus is how to heal the individual in order to heal the world because we're all tired of how things are and know there are better ways. It's a...

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Our focus is how to heal the individual in order to heal the world because we're all tired of how things are and know there are better ways.

It's a practice. We'll learn about quantum physics and how it's bridging the gap between spiritual "woo-woo" and (seemingly) concrete science. 

How to take this information and turn it into energy work, introspection, healing and manifestation so we can all get out of the reality we're trapped in. 

Good luck to us all.

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