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  • Entering the Dark Ages of Marvel

    21 NOV 2023 · The Marvels is the MCU’s first box office bomb. And not only that, but a number of marvel projects have had significant drops in viewership. What all led to this downward spiral? How did the blockbuster reign of marvel devolve into these dark ages? The Nerd Bros discuss marvel’s troubling future along with the bright spots of Loki season 2 and (hopefully) What If…? Season 2. 0:00 - Entering the Marvel Dark Ages 3:15 - The Marvels (Spoiler Review) 16:40 - Loki Season 2 (Spoiler Review) 23:15 - Kang Discussion 25:55 - What If…? Season 2 (Preview) 30:18 - Marvel’s Future (2024-2025) 34:34 - Loki Rating 35:46 - Spider-Man Wishlist & Closing Thoughts Season 8: Ep. 3 Nerd Bros Podcast - Episode 66.
    38m 59s
  • Spider-Verse 2 Review and Marvel Breaking News!

    16 JUN 2023 · Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse spoiler review with Mick and Hunter. Is it a glorious sequel or a microwave fire? Is this the best Spider-franchise of them all or a poor imitation of other better Spideys? We also break down the recent news of the MCU's many shifting dates for their phase 5 and 6 films. All that, plus Deadpool 3 talk and predictions in yet another classic outing for the Johnson Brothers. Season 8: Ep. 2 Nerd Bros Podcast - Episode 65.
    45m 39s
  • The Illustrious Career of Harrison Ford

    25 MAY 2023 · What do Ke Huy Quan, Asa Butterfield, Ana De Armas, Brendan Fraser, and Chadwick Boseman all have in common: they’ve all starred in films with the rough and rumble Harrison Ford. Does he make everyone around him better? Can we credit him for the success of everything he touches? Mick and Hunter dive deep in preparation for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, as well as Ford’s soon-to-arrive introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Season 8: Ep. 1 Nerd Bros Podcast - Episode 64.
    44m 13s
  • Best Ever Theatrical Musicals: La La Land, Sweeney Todd, Sound of Music + more

    9 FEB 2022 · Mick and Hunter are breaking the internet with their newest top ten list. Today they’re narrowing down the best live-action theatrical movies. Prepare to seethe with palpable anger as we choose which films make the cut, and which ones don’t. La La Land, Sweeney Todd, The Sound of Music, and so many more are talked about in this podcast of epic proportions. Season 7: Ep. 3. Nerd Bros Podcast - Episode 63.
    58m 17s
  • Your Complete Guide to the Best Movies of 2021

    27 JAN 2022 · Mick and Hunter break down 2021 in film. What are the best films of the year? Who’s going to win best actor at the Oscar’s? Why is it going to be Andrew Garfield? That and more in this jam packed episode. Season 7: Ep. 2. Nerd Bros Podcast - Episode 62.
    54m 22s
  • 2022 Marvel's Multiverse, Spider-Man, Moon Knight and More

    18 JAN 2022 · In-depth conversation on past and future Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Season 7: Ep 1. Nerd Bros Podcast - Episode 61.
    1h 15m 40s
  • The Mandalorian Review & 2021 Star Wars - FULL EPISODE

    28 JAN 2021 · The Mandalorian Review & 2021 Star Wars (Episode 60)
    42m 54s
  • 2021 WandaVision & Marvel - FULL EPISODE

    18 JAN 2021 · 2021 WandaVision & Marvel (Episode 59)
    53m 28s
  • John David Washington Lands Next Big Role in Upcoming Tenet Movie

    17 OCT 2019 · Highlight topic video of Nerd Bros Podcast. Season 6: Ep. 4
    6m 55s
  • Netflix Films Receiving More Oscar Nominations with 'The Irishman' Streaming Soon

    12 OCT 2019 · Highlight topic video of Nerd Bros Podcast. Season 6: Ep. 4
    5m 38s
Nerd Bros Podcast is hosted by the Johnson brothers: Mick, Wyatt and Hunter. Nerd Bros brings you the ultimate nerd talk on topics for movies and television.

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