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    4 SEP 2021 · NEW INTERVIEW with talented composer and producer with ODD COUPLE
    1h 4m

    1 SEP 2021 · NEW INTERVIEW with talented artist and songwriter RILEY CLEMMONS
    51m 28s

    18 AUG 2021 · New conversation with talented producer and multi-media genius CRANKDAT
    1h 49m 24s

    11 AUG 2021 · New interview with SMLE  & ATHENA TV Award-winning video game Rocket League’s leading female streamer Athena just announced her first foray into music, joining forces with Grammy-nominated duo smle for their vibrant new single, “Eternal.” Out on Monstercat, the unmatched gamer turned singer-songwriter introduces her powerful vocal chops and pop sensibilities, elevated by smle's masterful production skills.
    53m 34s
  • Explicit

    TISOKI | Round 2

    31 JUL 2021 · TISOKI is back on the podcast to talk about angel investing, fashion, and his new album release.
    53m 47s

    12 JUL 2021 ·   A conversation with talented artist ANAGEL ENGLUND Anabel Englund’s sound is entrancing in its dichotomy; bright and carefree with her authentic Southern California breeziness. Other times she irresistibly alluring with her dark, smoldering touch. The singer-songwriter explores the dynamics of that captivating contrast with her debut album Messing with Magic. The Los Angeles-based artist spent late 2019 and all of 2020 putting out singles from Messing With Magic leading into its formal release in December on MK’s AREA10 label with Ultra Records. Beyond two #1 US Dance Airplay singles “So Hot (MK & Nightlapse Remix)” and “Picture Us,” the album highlights a variety of dance floor friendly tracks and heartfelt compositions including singles like “Underwater” with MK, “Warm Disco” with Lee Foss and “See the Sky.” There are a select few voices of house music that have paved their own pathway to legendary. Singer, songwriter & DJ Anabel Englund carries unforgettable, powerful melodies, and choruses to huge success. Listen to Anabel's Music on Spotifiy:
    44m 47s

    9 JUL 2021 ·   Interview with amazing musician KATE SCHUTT Kate is an award-winning songwriter, singer, guitarist, and producer. In 2018, Schutt gave a TEDx talk, “A Grief Casserole - How to Help Your Friends & Family through Loss,” which has been called “nothing short of life-changing” for people dealing with grief.  Kate took a 5-year break from songwriting, performing, and touring to be her mom’s primary caregiver. Her new album, Bright Nowhere, details her emotional journey through the five years as her mother’s primary caregiver, including moments of hope, despair, optimism and acceptance. Bright Nowhere is a gift to her mother and the culmination of their bittersweet journey together Today's episode gets very deep. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this special chat between the two of us. 
    57m 54s
  • Explicit


    6 JUL 2021 · Interview with talented musician HUSKS Brooklyn, NY- Husks is the brainchild of Brooklyn singer, producer, and composer Connor Small. A multi-instrumentalist, Small has a penchant for crafting dark, experimental electronic-pop atmospheres: fusing icy synths and booming industrial percussion with delicate, vulnerable vocals. His work is influenced by his religious upbringing, exploring themes of purity, anxiety, tension and isolation in the face of cosmic uncertainty.
    1h 1m 32s

    2 JUL 2021 · Interview with multi-talented actor, writer, and musician JOHN ROBERTS Emmy nominated John Roberts provides the voice of Linda on the Emmy winning FOX animated primetime comedy Bob's Burgers. He has appeared several times on NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Watch What Happens Live, IFC's Comedy Bang! Bang!, Archer and The Awesome's. Listen to John Roberts' Music:
    48m 47s

    28 JUN 2021 · Interview with talented duo FORESTER Formed in 2019, Forester is a new indie electronic duo that has already made a lasting impact in the scene. The Los Angeles-based group is comprised of Xander Carlson and David Parris, both of whom write, produce and sing. Their music blends acoustic instrumentation with electronic elements that transport the listener to wide-open spaces, allowing for introspection as well as the desire to dance.
    51m 23s

The Nebula Music Podcast is an interview series that teaches you how to build and grow your music career using social media and other creative ways. Featuring interviews from musicians...

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The Nebula Music Podcast is an interview series that teaches you how to build and grow your music career using social media and other creative ways. Featuring interviews from musicians and entrepreneurs that used social media to catapult their career to the next level, The Nebula Music Podcast will dive into actionable strategies to propel your music career to the next level, no matter what stage you’re on.

Aside from being obsessed with music, I absolutely LOVE space and everything in it. Believe it or not I wanted to be an astronaut for most of my life (haven’t given up yet… just waiting for commercial "Mars Travel" to become a thing). It’s so vast, yet empty. We know so much about it, yet almost nothing in comparison to how large it is. Needless to say, anytime I stare at the night sky I feel inspired.

Nebulas are clouds of dust, gas and other space elements that float around aimlessly. These clouds can become almost anything, but they almost always turn into stars.

With that in mind, I came up with the name “Nebula Music Podcast”. A series that helps you discover how to use your elements to become the star you were meant to be!
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