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    9 - Doxing Vtubers with Stargirl

    12 APR 2023 · The nanicast this time features our good friend stargirl, talking about her many connections and friendships with nerdcore musicians, vtubers, and the burden that comes with knowing these people's real names. We also talk about record of ragnarok, hell's paradise, and the daily role of our new live-in maid.
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    8 - Nerdcore Battle of the Bands ft. McGwire

    22 MAR 2023 · Welcome to episode 8 of the nanicast with shwabadi and connor quest, featuring our special guest mcgwire! On this episode we talk about mcgwire's surprisingly illustrious career so far, we draft nerdcore artists for a battle of the bands, and war is mentioned a disturbing amount of times....
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    7 - Freeced Dropped an Elevator on 10 Nerdcore Rappers

    3 FEB 2023 · This episode of the nanicast features tales of daring-do, from delayed flights to elevator mishaps nearly leading several nerdcore rappers to their demise! This time we're joined by special guest Freeced!
    Played 1h 13m 15s
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    6 - Merry Christmas to Everyone Except Gaara

    29 DEC 2022 · The nanicast is back for a (slightly belated) holiday special, with your hosts shwabadi and connor quest! This episode we talk about advice for content creators, naruto fan fictions in our comment section, and we look back on what we did in 2022!
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    5 - We invented the BEST Anime Dating Sim

    23 OCT 2022 · The nanicast with shwabadi and connor quest is finally back with episode 5, sorry for the long wait! This time we talk about the start of the chainsaw man anime, dating sims, overwatch 2, esports, mystery chocolates, and bad comments.
    Played 1h 8m 30s
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    4 - Our house is HAUNTED by DADDY BROLY

    11 SEP 2022 · We made it to 4! Is Daddy Broly haunting our house? D: Who is better, Dragons or Elves? and How many people does Shwabadi look like? Find out all these in todays episode!
    Played 1h 14m 4s
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    3 - Breeton Boi: Sonic Feet Collection

    16 AUG 2022 · Breeton Bois unveils all, travelling with us through the incredible feets of one Sonic D. Hedgehog, and letting us know which chao chao he would plough plough if you know what I'm saying. We also clean up the DESPICABLE language in Yayu's F.F.F verse to make it more marketable to a young and hip audience.
    Played 58m 32s
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    2 - Good Fortune on a Sunday

    30 JUL 2022 · The 2nd episode is here! We continue our venture this time into some more obscure Manga we've been reading, delve into the dregs of our Youtube comment section, and get a mystical fortune from our favourite hip and hopping canvas cat! Will it be our lucky day?
    Played 58m 51s
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    1 - Chainsaw Man is Anime Pringles

    21 JUL 2022 · Welcome to the first episode of NANICAST!? with Nerdcore/Anime musicians Connor Quest & Shwabadi, the start of our adventure into the viscous battleground that is Anime and Weeb culture! We discuss the second coming of Chainsaw Man, our favourite and least favourite animes, and teach about British cuisine!
    Played 1h 12m 5s

Anime Rappers Shwabadi & Connor Quest discuss all the things they love and hate about Anime, Manga and Otaku culture! Grab your cup of sake, things are about to get...

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Anime Rappers Shwabadi & Connor Quest discuss all the things they love and hate about Anime, Manga and Otaku culture! Grab your cup of sake, things are about to get weeby!
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