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My Happy Ass Life

  • Radical Hospitality and Zig Ziglar’s Wisdom on Self-Improvement

    20 MAY 2024 · Hi, Happy Asses! It’s Karen, and I’m so glad you’re here with me on My Happy Ass Life. Today, we're diving into the power of choices and how they shape our lives. I had a moment of reflection that I want to share with you—how when we don’t actively choose, we end up living by default, letting others decide for us. Key Topics in Today’s Episode: - Living by Default: When we don’t make conscious choices, we let others dictate our lives. Let’s take control and make intentional decisions to create joy, peace, and hope. - Zig Ziglar’s Wisdom: Inspired by Zig Ziglar, we explore doing something to improve or worsen our lives in the next seven days. It's up to us to choose positivity and growth. - Dealing with Stress: I recently had a vasovagal response that forced me to stop and rest. It made me realize how stress affects us physically and the importance of managing it. Personal Story: Flipping through my late husband Hugh’s Big Book from AA, filled with notes and thoughts, reminded me of the importance of radical hospitality and unconditional support. Today’s Affirmation: I’m reading an old affirmation about the miracle of breath I wrote after COVID-19. It reminds me to breathe in grace, love, peace, and kindness. Encouraging Wrap-Up: Let’s live intentionally and mindfully, taking deep breaths when stressed. Remember, what we breathe in, we breathe out. So, breathe in love, grace, and joy, and that’s what you’ll breathe out into the world. Join Us Online: Visit for the blog and merch, and follow us on all socials Don't miss our live stream on every Monday through Friday at 7:45. Thanks for tuning in to My Happy Ass Life. Stay sweet, stay strong, and keep shining your light, my happy asses! Bye, y’all!
    8m 26s
  • Embracing Awareness The First Step to Change

    16 MAY 2024 · Hi, Happy Asses! Welcome back to 'My Happy Ass Life,' where we unite to nurture our minds, bodies, and spirits and strive to make the world a brighter and sweeter place. Today’s episode dives into a fundamental truth: we can't fix what we don't look at. In Today’s Episode, We explore the importance of facing our challenges head-on, guided by the story of my recent wake-up call with my fitness coach. This discussion isn't just about physical fitness—it's about confronting any area of our lives where denial has taken root. Episode Highlights: - Confronting Denial: This is about my personal journey of acknowledging weight gain and the pivotal conversation that sparked a change in mindset. - The Power of Awareness: Drawing inspiration from Ayanna Van Zandt’s narrative in her book One Day My Soul Just Opened Up, I share how awareness can fundamentally alter our approach to personal challenges. - Community and Support: How the help of coaches, mentors, and friends can be instrumental in fostering awareness and facilitating growth. Closing Thoughts: Awareness isn't just about recognizing flaws or challenges; it’s about opening ourselves up to transformative growth and the support of those around us. Let's not shy away from the truths that can set us on the path to a better, healthier life. Thank you for joining me on ‘My Happy Ass Life.’ Remember, facing our realities is the first step toward making substantial changes. Keep striving, keep growing, and until next time, continue to spread happiness and light. Bye y’all!
    9m 38s
  • Replacing Our Old Programming

    15 MAY 2024 · Hi, Happy Asses! Welcome back to 'My Happy Ass Life,' where we come together to grow in mind, body, and spirit, aiming to make the world a brighter and sweeter place. Today’s episode is a poignant reminder of the enduring impact of our words and the influences we cherish. In Today's Episode, I reflect on the powerful lessons from Joyce Buttermore, my college professor, who not only influenced my academic journey but also my personal growth through her recommendation of a transformative book, What Do You Say When You Talk to Yourself? This episode is a tribute to her lasting impact and the importance of expressing gratitude. Episode Highlights: - Old Programming vs. New Programming: Exploring the need to replace old, limiting beliefs with empowering new thoughts and behaviors. - Joyce Buttermore’s Legacy: The story of a Professor Who Significantly Shaped My Life with a Simple yet profound book recommendation. - The Power of Acknowledgment: A call to express appreciation for those who have touched our lives before it’s too late. Thank you for joining me on ‘My Happy Ass Life.’ Remember to reach out and thank those who make a difference in your life. Stay sweet, stay strong, and until next time, keep shining your light. Bye, y’all!
    9m 24s
  • Find Peace Through Giving

    13 MAY 2024 · Hi, Happy Asses! It’s Karen, and oh my, do we have some juicy stuff to dive into today on 'My Happy Ass Life.' Just so you know, a dog just sauntered past me and I had to do a double-take—what a way to start the day! I’m overjoyed you’re here with me this morning (or whatever time it is for you). Today’s Sizzling Topic is radical Hospitality. My mind has been buzzing nonstop with thoughts about this, especially after an incredible sermon I heard this Sunday by Pastor Amy at the United Methodist Church in Point Washington. She spoke about radical hospitality and extravagant generosity, and let me tell you, those words struck a chord. What’s Cooking in Today’s Episode: - Radical Hospitality in Real Life: The most intense and true form of hospitality I’ve ever seen? The rooms of AA. It’s there that people offer their hearts and hands to others unconditionally. - The Gift of Giving Freely: This concept of extravagant generosity is intertwined with hospitality. It’s all about giving without expecting anything in return, enriching our lives as we enrich others. A Heart-to-Heart: I was flipping through my late husband Hugh’s Big Book from AA today—it's filled to the brim with notes and highlights. He used to jot down thoughts about folks he was helping, like this guy I’ll call Bill. Bill was almost part of the furniture at our place, struggling to grasp the deeper parts of his journey. Hugh’s notes were a promise never to stop caring—a promise of radical hospitality. Today’s Special Share: Instead of our usual affirmation, I will read something deeply special—the promises of AA, which were so dear to Hugh. These promises encapsulate the hope and transformation that come from deep, meaningful efforts to reach out and support others. Wrapping It Up With Love: Let’s live out radical hospitality in every corner of our lives. Whether in church, at an AA meeting, running our businesses, or in everyday encounters, let’s overwhelm every space with love, acceptance, and kindness. We give what we wish to receive; in that giving, we change lives—ours included. Thanks for tuning in to ‘My Happy Ass Life.’ Inspired to spread that radical hospitality? I hope you are because when we give love, we live to love. Stay sweet, stay strong, and till next time, keep shining your light, my happy asses! Bye, y’all!
    9m 14s
  • Celebrate More, Criticize Less: A Path to Happiness

    9 MAY 2024 · Hey, Happy Asses! Welcome back to another inspiring episode of 'My Happy Ass Life,' where we aim to enrich our lives in mind, body, and spirit. Today, I find myself pondering as I sit propped in my car—do you think there'll ever be a podcast episode where everything just works perfectly? Well, maybe that’s just life, beautifully imperfect! In Today’s Episode, we delve deep into our attitudes towards criticism and negativity. Following up on our previous discussions, today, we focus not just on how criticism feels but on what it does to us. How do we handle those tiny, critical moments that tend to stick and overshadow the positive? We explore the concept of negativity bias and how it affects our emotional wellness. Highlights: - Negativity Bias: Exploring why our brains cling to negative feedback like Velcro and let positive moments slip away like Teflon, affecting our mental health. - A Critical Spirit: I share a story about Fred and Martha to illustrate how a critical eye often causes us to miss the beauty in our everyday lives, emphasizing the importance of a positive mindset. - Choosing Celebration Over Criticism: Tips on how to cultivate an elevated spirit that celebrates the positives in life, benefiting not just others around us, but enriching our own lives too. This approach is key for life improvement and handling negativity. Today’s Takeaway: The way we process and respond to our experiences shapes our reality. By choosing to focus on the positives and reducing our critical nature, we can transform our lives and the lives of those around us—this is essential for personal growth and cultivating happiness. I’d Love to Hear From You: How do you shift your focus from the negative to the positive? What strategies help you maintain an elevated spirit? Share your stories and tips on our "Happy Ass" page! A Parting Thought: Life is filled with imperfections, but it’s also brimming with opportunities for joy and positivity. Let’s make a conscious effort to celebrate the good in our lives and in others.Thank you for joining me on 'My Happy Ass Life.' Here’s to embracing the beauty of our perfectly imperfect lives. Be sweet, y’all. Bye!
    7m 16s
  • How to Protect Your Mental Space from Unwanted Criticism

    8 MAY 2024 · Hey, Happy Asses! Welcome back to another enlightening episode of 'My Happy Ass Life,' where we grow in mind, body, and spirit to make the world a brighter and sweeter place. I’m thrilled you’re here with me today—yes, right at the start of a new week, and oh, what a start it has been! In Today's Episode: We're diving into a topic that touches everyone—criticism. Whether you're giving it or on the receiving end, understanding the true nature of criticism is crucial. We’ll explore how to handle criticism gracefully and use it to empower ourselves rather than letting it diminish our spirit. Highlights: - Dealing with Criticism: I share some personal anecdotes about how criticism has shaped my life, especially during challenging times like my separation, and how to avoid letting criticism from others influence one's self-worth. - Grounding in Truth: Learn how to stay grounded in your own truth when faced with criticism. We’ll talk about filtering what's useful and discarding what's not. - Protecting Your Mental Space: I'll share the powerful metaphor of not letting anyone "trample through your brain with dirty feet," and how to maintain your mental space clean and positive. Today’s Takeaway: Criticism can often reflect more about the critic’s own issues than about you. Learning to discern the truth in feedback and maintaining your self-esteem are crucial steps in nurturing your emotional and mental health. I'd Love to Hear from You: How do you deal with criticism in your life? Have you found effective ways to use it constructively? Join the conversation on our "Happy Ass" page and let us know your strategies! A Parting Thought: Remember, the truth of who you are is not found in the criticism of others. Stay true to your path, and let your heart guide you through the noise. Thank you for tuning in to 'My Happy Ass Life.' Here’s to living each day grounded in who we are and embracing our truths. Be sweet, y’all. Bye!
    9m 3s
  • Harnessing Brain Power: Cutting-Edge Insights into Neuroplasticity

    6 MAY 2024 · Hey Happy Asses! Welcome back to another enlightening episode of 'My Happy Ass Life.' Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of neuroscience, focusing on neuroplasticity and how understanding our brain's capacity to change can transform our lives. In Today's Episode: We explore breakthroughs in neuroscience with a special focus on neuroplasticity. Inspired by the pioneering work of Dr. Daniel Amen, we'll discover how we can harness our brain's dynamic abilities to enhance our mental wellness and overall brain health. Highlights: The Power of Neuroplasticity: Learn how our brains can adapt and evolve, debunking the myth that we're stuck with the brain we're born with. Brain Health Tips: I’ll share practical tips and positive steps we can all take to protect and enhance our brain function, based on the latest research and insights from brain health experts like Dr. Daniel Amen. Today’s Takeaway: Embracing the principles of neuroplasticity can lead to significant improvements in our brain health. By understanding how adaptable our brains truly are, we can begin to implement changes that foster a healthier, more vibrant mind. I'd Love to Hear from You: What steps are you taking to enhance your brain health? Have you tried any techniques that have positively impacted your mental function? Share your experiences on our "Happy Ass" page—your stories could inspire others! A Parting Thought: As we continue to explore and learn, remember the importance of gratitude and positive thinking in maintaining our brain health and overall well-being. Thank you for tuning in to 'My Happy Ass Life.' Remember,
    8m 50s
  • Does It Fit? Embracing Imperfection

    2 MAY 2024 · Hey there, Radiant Souls! It's Karen, welcoming you to another uplifting episode of 'My Happy Ass Life.' Today, we're going to keep things light and breezy as we talk about lightening up every area of our lives. In Today's Episode: Let's explore the concept of "Does it fit?"—a question I've been pondering amidst the chaos of daily life. I'm sharing stories about clutter, both physical and metaphorical, and how simplifying our lives can bring us peace. From expensive golf shoes that don't fit to old habits that no longer serve us, it's all about letting go. Highlights: - Clutter's Madness: Today, I discuss how physical clutter, like the clothes strewn across my bed, reflects the clutter in our minds and lives. - Letting Go: I'll talk about the importance of discarding what no longer fits, whether it's shoes, habits, or even relationships. - Embracing Imperfection: Inspired by the Amish tradition in quilting, I reflect on the beauty of our imperfections and what they teach us about grace and self-acceptance. Affirmation for Today: "Does it fit?" This simple question will guide our discussion as we assess what's truly valuable in our lives and what's merely taking up space. Today’s Takeaway: Sorting Through Life's Clutter As we sort through the clutter, we find opportunities to embrace what truly adds value and discard what doesn’t. It’s about creating space for new growth and experiences. I'd Love to Hear from You: What have you discovered doesn't fit in your life anymore? How are you lightening your load to make room for what truly matters? Share your decluttering journey on our "Happy Ass" page—your insights could help light the way for others. A Parting Thought: In our quest for simplicity, let's remember that nothing is wasted. Each piece of our life, no matter how quirky or imperfect, forms the beautiful mosaic of our existence. Thank you for joining me on 'My Happy Ass Life.' Remember, life is about adjusting, reshaping, and sometimes, just lightening up. Happy New Year to all of us, every day is a chance to start fresh. Be sweet, y'all. Bye!
    5m 35s
  • Energy:Recharge Your Spirit

    1 MAY 2024 · In Today's Episode: We're talking about energy — not just any energy, but the kind that fuels our passions and dictates our daily vitality. I'll share how trying to control the uncontrollable can zap our energy, and how aligning our actions with our passions can supercharge our days. Highlights: - Energy Zappers vs. Energizers: I’ll discuss how spending energy on things we don't love drains us, while engaging in activities we are passionate about fills us with vibrancy. - The Essence of Energy: Energy is more than just activity; it's how we present ourselves, interact with others, and feel deep inside. - Recharge Your Life: Like a rechargeable battery, we can continuously renew our energy by aligning with our true purposes and engaging in activities that fulfill us. Today’s Takeaway: Harness Your Personal Energy Energy is a transformative force. When we channel our energy into what we love, the impossible becomes possible. We’re like seeds flourishing under the right conditions — sunlight, water, and good soil. I'd Love to Hear from You: What energizes you? What activities fill you with life and passion? Share how you harness your energy for a fuller, more vibrant life on our "Happy Ass" page. A Parting Thought: Every day, we have the choice to either drag ourselves through or to dance through it with energy that comes from doing what we love. Let's make the choice to energize and uplift not only ourselves but everyone around us. Thanks for joining me on 'My Happy Ass Life.' Remember, your energy is contagious. Make it a force for good. Be sweet, y'all. Bye!
    5m 20s
  • Life’s Lessons: Learning to Let Go

    29 APR 2024 · Hello Radiant Souls! It’s Karen here on 'My Happy Ass Life,' ready to tackle life's twists with a smile and a dash of audacity. In Today's Episode: I’m revisiting a question that keeps circling back to me: "How many times do we need the same lesson?" Tonight, as we journey through those sleepless hours where our thoughts run wild, I’m reflecting on what it truly means to control, and more importantly, to let go, finding that path to peace we all crave. Highlights: - Struggling with Control: I'll share some of my recent struggles with sleeplessness and the desire to control everything, a feeling I know resonates with many of you in your quieter moments. - The Power of Letting Go: Inspired by beautiful messages and the courage to face what we cannot change, I’ve found a profound strength in surrender, which I’m excited to share with you. - Moments from My Talks: I had an enlightening experience at a recent speaking engagement where I learned a valuable lesson about focusing on those who connect with my message, rather than the few who might not. Affirmation for Release: Today's affirmation is about embracing the wisdom of releasing what we cannot control. It's a reminder that peace comes not just from action, but also from understanding what we should let pass by. Today’s Takeaway: Embracing the Uncontrollables Life is unpredictably beautiful, and it teaches us lessons in the most unexpected ways. By accepting what we cannot control, we open up to new opportunities and gain a deeper peace. I'd Love to Hear from You: Have you experienced similar struggles with trying to control too much? How have you learned to let go and find peace? Please share your stories on our "Happy Ass" page; your journey could be the beacon that lights someone else's path. A Parting Thought: Every challenge of control is a hidden lesson in patience, acceptance, and resilience. I keep these lessons close as I navigate through life's complexities, always with a smile and an open heart. Thank you for joining me on 'My Happy Ass Life.' Remember, it's all about finding balance—knowing when to hold on and when to let go. Stay sweet, stay strong, and until next time, keep radiating positivity! Bye y’all!
    8m 23s

Join Karen Key-Smith to grow mind, body and spirit so that we can in turn go out and make the world a brighter and sweeter place. Every episode, Karen aka...

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Join Karen Key-Smith to grow mind, body and spirit so that we can in turn go out and make the world a brighter and sweeter place. Every episode, Karen aka Happy Ass shares original positive affirmations, stories, and tips to help you live a happier life. Be sweet and remember to follow the podcast to hear new episodes every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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