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  • Florida Woman Solves Car Theft, A Chevelle Sends a Minivan Flying, and More…

    15 DEC 2022 · For the last time this year, the Motorious Podcast reviews the recent headlines that include Cristy Lee’s stolen Hellcat, a Florida woman who found a stash of stolen cars, and Hertz settles with their customers. We also discuss why BMW is telling you to hang onto your used car, the Camaro becoming a sub-brand, and a Chevelle sends a minivan flipping in Florida. Headlines: Inventory Picks:
    38m 41s
  • Hurricane Mopars, Stolen Split Windows, And A Morbid Ending To A Car Chase

    6 OCT 2022 · We’ve all seen the pictures of the Plymouth Superbird and Dodge Charger Daytona damaged by Hurricane Ian, and we find out the full story. A rare 1963 Chevy Split Window Corvette is stolen during a car show, and a GT500 thief is killed in a morbid way. Another disappointment from Dodge, and a 15-year-old crashes his family’s Challenger. Then, we share our inventory picks of the week. Follow Us: Instagram: (Elizabeth) Twitter: (Steven) Headlines: Inventory Picks:
    39m 49s
  • Do Hemis Belong In PT Cruisers? Women Of Reddit Share Red Flag Cars, And More…

    22 SEP 2022 · A PT Cruiser rocks a 392 engine meant for a Scat Pack, women on Reddit think muscle cars and trucks are red flags, the collector car market is strong, and there’s one last Crown Vic at a Florida police department. A man trying to sell his Tesla finds out how expensive batteries are to replace, and a Dodge Durango driver pretends to be a cop. Follow Us: Instagram: (Elizabeth) Twitter: (Steven) Headlines Inventory Picks:
    47m 17s
  • One State Is Backing Classic Car Owners Into A Corner, A Yenko SUV, And Hellcats Are On Patrol

    15 SEP 2022 · This week on the Motorious Podcast, the editors share little tidbits from their background before discussing why Nevada’s registration laws might be a threat to all classic car owners in the country. Then, we get into a debate over Yenko SUVs, a Camaro driver gets into a hilarious police chase, and Texas cops will sick a Hellcat on you. Street takeovers are killing people, and we reveal our one of the coolest inventory picks of the week. Follow Us: Instagram: (Elizabeth) Twitter: (Steven) Headlines: Inventory Picks:
    1h 12m 26s
  • Cops Aren’t Going To Drive EV Chargers, Guy Is Pantsed By A Mustang, And A BMW Lands On A Corvette

    1 SEP 2022 · Idaho State Police are already saying no to the new Charger EVs, a Mustang takes a guy’s pants off, a BMW flies off a bridge, only to land on a Corvette, and a Bugatti driver is attacked by not for his car. Plus, Apple gets hoodwinked for its trade secrets, again, and our inventory picks of the week. Headlines: Inventory Picks: Follow Us: Instagram: (Elizabeth) Twitter: (Steven)
    26m 8s
  • Car Repos Surge, Tow Trucks Are Being Stolen, And Tesla Owner Gets Key Implant

    25 AUG 2022 · Drivers are struggling to make car payments, causing a surge in car repos. Meanwhile, crooks are stealing tow trucks to more quickly steal your car. The media finally realizes that automakers are nickel and diming drivers with subscriptions, a California city installs dots to stop street takeover, and more than one person gets their Tesla key implanted in their body. Then, we reveal our inventory picks of the week. Headlines: Inventory Picks: Find us: Instagram: (Elizabeth) Twitter: (Steven) Facebook: (Steven)
    37m 22s
  • Dodge Timeline: The Beginning Of The End For Muscle Cars

    19 AUG 2022 · It’s unofficially official, the wildly popular and successful Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger are done as we know them. At some point next year, if you believe the rumors, you and I will wake up in a world where these glorious modern muscle cars are no longer being produced. We go way back to the beginning of Stellantis and talk about the current state of the brand, and our thoughts on the future.
    57m 42s
  • Mustang Week Crushed, A Cop Who Can’t Throw, And Kids Are Stealing Your Cars

    11 AUG 2022 · This week on the Motorious podcast, we talk about the end of Mustang of Mustang week. This week’s headlines include cops using stop sticks in a chase, Dodge Challenger goes full Dukes of Hazzard, car thieves are recruiting children, and a muscle car crabbing on the highway. Then, a Camaro gets pulled over twice with minutes, and we reveal our inventory picks. Topics: Inventory Picks:
    34m 20s
  • Dodge Gets Its Wires Crossed, Teslas Are Getting Wheels Stolen, And Arkansas Police Give Chase

    4 AUG 2022 · Welcome back to the Motorious Podcast, today we’re talking about the confusing future of Dodge muscle cars. Then, we talk about the trend of Tesla wheel theft, the reported reason why California Sheriff Raids Indiana Auto Shop, a Camaro driver thinks he’s the next Steve McQuee. A YouTube is lucky to be in jail, and we share our inventory picks of the week. Topics: Inventory Picks:
    45m 34s
  • Bad News For Ford, A Celeb's Kid Was busted In A Stolen Car, And An Unfortunate Corvette Wreck

    28 JUL 2022 · This week on the Motorious podcast, we talk about why Ford is having a pretty bad week. Then, we discuss which celebrity’s kid was found in a stolen luxury car, and Jason Momoa’s wreck in his 442. Plus, automakers are wanting to keep dealers in low supply and the car that might require you sign an NDA to own…And a Delaware man gets his Corvette stuck in an unusual case.Then we’ll tell you which vehicle is the most likely to get stolen, and reveal our inventory picks of the week. Topics: Inventory Picks:
    38m 54s
Each month, the team at Motorious will break down the latest industry news, top headlines, and a little history from days past.

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