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Monetize Your Passion- Make Money Online, How To Start A Business, Find Your Purpose, Coaching

  • "Bring Your Kids Into Your Business And Embrace Every Season!"-with YouTuber Nia Rader

    22 MAY 2024 · Today we have Nia Rader (of Sam and Nia) sharing her journey as an entrepreneur! When she felt the call to be at home with her kids she was forced to learn how to embrace God, business, and family without forsaking one for the other. She shares about how she’s pivoted during the different seasons and balanced being a full-time Vlogger, Homeschool Mom, and Influencer. Hear her story and her practical advice for Moms that want to start a business!  To get access to even more of Nia’s story and to hear the full story behind the Netflix documentary she stars in, click to buy her book. Her testimony of God’s redemption in her marriage will surely encourage and bring hope to anyone who has walked through infidelity, miscarriage, and brokenness in their own marriage. -> -> -> Follow us on -> Join our
    28m 26s
  • No Time To Focus and Dream? 3 Ways To Create More Time

    15 MAY 2024 · Hey friend, do you feel like you have no time to focus, find clarity, and dream again? Finding the time to actually sit down and do something uninterrupted and for yourself can feel like an impossible challenge. If your day is jam-packed with taking care of everyone else, feeding little people non-stop, and helping them manage their emotions- today’s episode will give you 3 ways to find alone time to unlock your creativity and create space to dream about your business. So if you’re ready to do the work, grab a notebook and pen and let's dive in! -> -> -> Follow us on -> Join our
    19m 17s
  • Afraid You Can't Make Money? 3 Mindset Shifts You Need To Make Right Now!

    8 MAY 2024 · Hey friend! We want you to have a profitable business and a scalable offer that you can use to infinitely make money and impact people with. That’s why today we’re talking about how your mindset could be holding you back from making money and starting a business that you love and are passionate about.We know that you can’t even create a profitable business if your mind is unable to see yourself as profitable or successful. If you view yourself as small, you will play small! So grab a notebook and pen if you’re ready for some powerful coaching as we give you 3 beliefs you can change right now to uplevel your mindset about money. Let’s dive in! -> -> -> Follow us on -> Join our
    13m 19s
  • Unsure If You Can Build an Online Business As A Busy Mom? 3 Ways to Build Your Confidence!

    1 MAY 2024 · Hey friend! Today we’re going to quickly help you boost your confidence so that you can build the online business you’ve been dreaming about. We know all of the questions & insecurities that come at you when you dream about making an income and an impact through building a business. Questions like, can I really add another thing to my plate? What if I fail? Will I be a bad Mom if I do this? And on and on. Which is why we’ve put together these 3 sure ways to build your confidence today! -> -> -> Follow us on -> Join our
    13m 16s
  • “A Call To Become The Greatest Version Of Myself!” From SAHM to Entrepreneur- Melissa Edmiston

    24 APR 2024 · Hey friend, do you feel like there’s more inside of you that has yet to be realized or seen? Do you long to make an impact for Jesus? Melissa shares her story of going from being a stay at home mom with her 3 boys to jumping into entrepreneurship. She is not the same woman we coached in our year long program at all. Why? Because she did the work, obeyed Jesus at every turn, said yes to business (even though it was super scary for her), and put herself with people and in situations that forced her to grow. If you’re like Melissa was, and you know you’ve got more to give, ask yourself these 2 questions while you listen- “How does this apply to me?” & “What is God saying to me through Melissa’s story?” -> -> -> Follow us on -> Join our
    31m 43s
  • We’re quitting the Joyful Mama Show- 2 Reasons Why and What's Next!

    10 APR 2024 · Hey friend, have you ever known that God had something more for you and that it was time to take action? Us too! Listen in to hear BTS of how we’re pivoting and to learn what we have in store for the next era of our Podcast. We’re not slowing down, in fact we’re ramping up and we can’t wait to serve you better and help you partner with Jesus to start a business that makes an impact and an income! We’ll see you next week, same time, same place! -> -> -> Follow us on -> Join our
  • Are You a Busy Mom? 5 Reasons You Should Start A Business Right Now

    3 APR 2024 · Hi friend! Have you been wondering if starting a business is right for you? Here are 5 reasons that we believe are indicators that yes, you should indeed start one right now. If you’ve dabbled in entrepreneurship before or maybe you’re unsure if business is something you can handle along with being a Mom, we hope this episode can clarify your next step! If this episode was helpful we’d love it if you left us a review or sent it along to a friend you know needs to hear this!  -> -> -> Follow us on -> Join our
    23m 54s
  • How To Build a Business That Creates An Impact with Tiffany Ryman

    27 MAR 2024 · Tiffany never intended to even start a business let alone have multiple businesses that have had a huge impact on the women she leads as well as her own life. This encouraging story will have you throwing your hankie in the air as Tiffany shares the twists and turns of navigating pivots, starting over, and following God’s voice above all else. If you want to create a business that has a Kingdom impact, then you won’t want to miss this episode! We promise you’ll leave encouraged! -> -> -> Follow us on -> Join our
    35m 4s
  • Need Clarity? 3 Solid Strategies That Always Work To Move Forward In Your Purpose

    20 MAR 2024 · If you feel like you’re overwhelmed, haven’t gotten the traction you need, or you want to produce more income and impact then we are 100% sure that one of these methods is for you right now. Friend, you don’t have to stay where you are and feel that horrible cloud of knowing you want to be somewhere you’re not or worse, feeling like you should be somewhere else by now. You can take powerful steps towards the calling on your life and the business you know you’re called to steward! Let’s go!!! -> -> -> Follow us on -> Join our
    31m 40s
  • Mastering The Strategy of Love: Helen Morrison Reveals The Success Of The Frownies Phenomenon

    13 MAR 2024 · Today we bring you an interview that was absolutely inspiring and vision expanding! From a school teacher to an online fitness coach, Helen shares how the journey prepared her for the role she's taken on as the face behind Frownies.  If you haven’t heard of Frownies then… what rock have you been living under? Seriously though, Helen’s desire to love each of her customers has skyrocketed their family business. She now works side by side with her husband Marketing the brand, encouraging women to love themselves, and encouraging entrepreneurs in the strategy of love. She truly embodies what being a Kingdom entrepreneur is all about! -> -> -> Follow us on -> Join our
    50m 51s

The Go-to Podcast for Christian Moms Who Want to Start Their Online Business! ** Top 5% Global Podcast** Ready to discover your purpose and start an online buiness? Do you...

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The Go-to Podcast for Christian Moms Who Want to Start Their Online Business!

** Top 5% Global Podcast**

Ready to discover your purpose and start an online buiness?
Do you know you’re a leader but wish you had the clarity and time to take your passion and turn it into your dream business?
Scared to start because you’re not sure what kind of business you should pursue? 

There's a way to discover the purpose God has for you, start an online business with God at the center, and also have balance in your life and business.

Hey, we’re Liz and Sara- we're Moms, Business and Life Coaches, and Entrepreneurs who are passionate about building God’s Kingdom and seeing women like you rise up into their destiny.

For years we longed to live out the God-given dreams in our hearts, use our voices to lead and help people, have more money so that our family could do everything we felt called to do, and leave a legacy for our kids. 
We were stuck in a tug of war between the call to lead inside our home and the call to lead others outside of our home. We tried to put all our passion into our kids, wait for the church leaders in our lives to give us leadership positions, and pray for money to appear in our mailboxes. 
We finally realized that if we wanted to truly impact more people and have more money to provide for our families, entrepreneurship was the easiest route to use our God-given gifts.

We found a sustainable way of doing business that fits your busy Mom life. A simple step by step strategy that unlocks your purpose and opens the door for unlimited income and impact. And we’re ready to share it with you! 

In this Podcast you'll:
-Get clear on your God-given purpose
-Start an online business that works for your busy schedule
-Learn how to have a Kingdom impact on the people God has called you to
-Create financial freedom
-Have more time to spend with the ones you love

We're here to help you grow in your assignment as Moms and as Entrepreneurs. It's time to start your business, become the woman you were destined to be, and expand the Kingdom together! 

Now let your kids have that screen time they’ve been begging you for and get ready to take some notes, it’s time to get started!
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