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Mission Supercritical

  • High-Quality Laboratory Drying Ovens For Engineering And Production Drying Requirements

    25 SEP 2018 · Today on Mission Supercritical we are joined by Catherine Sidman, Vice President of Sales at Cascade Sciences. She talks about her past work designing, developing and manufacturing vacuum and lab ovens for the aerospace markets, including the NASA Langley Research Center and then her transition into the cannabis industry while maintaining their legacy. After 10 years in the laboratory equipment industry, she began pursuing opportunities in the emerging cannabis market. Cathrine has delivered technical laboratory solutions to clients operating primarily within the cannabis industry for six years and introduced professional-grade systems including Welch, Edwards, and Agilent to the industry. As an Equipment Specialist with Cascade Sciences, LLC, she acted as an intermediary between distributors and cannabis clients. By facilitating the introduction of high-quality, laboratory-grade products to the underserved cannabis industry, Cascade provides distributors with all of the benefits of a sales channel in the cannabis industry while insulating them from associated risks. They offer high-quality laboratory drying ovens for engineering and production drying requirements. Vacuum ovens are our specialty - designing automated vacuum drying ovens to dry product quickly, consistently and efficiently.
    40m 9s
  • Providing Of High-Quality Medical And Retail Cannabis Products

    25 SEP 2018 · Today on Mission Supercritical we are joined by Eric Goddard, Assistant Lab Manager-Terrapin Care Station. As a Plant Pathologist working with the Peace Corps in Jamaica who incidentally found himself using his expertise to help cannabis growers grow healthy plants in the country free from impurities. He als talks about his transition into cannabis extraction Founded in 2009 in Boulder, Colo., Terrapin Care Station is a consumer-focused cultivator, processor and provider of high-quality medical and retail cannabis products, with some of the most competitive prices on the market. The company leads the industry in corporate responsibility, developing one of the most comprehensive cannabis training programs for its staff of nearly 250.
    36m 50s
  • The Risks Of Dealing With Cannabis As A Pharmacist

    22 AUG 2018 · Today on Mission Supercritical we are joined by Director for Ohio grown Therapies, Scott Miglin. He is a dispensary director in the state of Ohio and effectively the customer of our customers. His current profession is a pharmacist and has been in the Community Retail Pharmacy world for about 24 years. Scott went to college at Ohio Northern got his Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy and have been practicing ever since. It’s quite interesting how he got into the Cannabis space, it was mainly because of the state of Ohio’s house bill 25-23 indicated they wanted the pharmacist to run the dispensaries in the first bit of legislation before the legislation actually passed. That's what first caught Scott's eye and he a joking text to his buddy was also pharmacist said hey I think we found our new career. They speak about the risks of dealing with cannabis being a pharmacist and on a personal level he has no involvement he is only licensed by the state. The state was clear to point that out that the pharmacist does not have a conflict of interest in the state of Ohio contrast that with a physician, a physician has what's called a DEA license to prescribe Controlled Substances there is a potential conflict with there DEA and the federal restriction and much more.
    31m 54s
  • The Therapeutic And Socio-Economic Benefits To Legalization

    10 AUG 2018 · Today on Mission Supercritical we are joined by Tracy LaBarge and John Nemeth from THC Alaska, Top Hat Concentrates, Top Hat Cannabis and Top Hat Collective. Tracy joined the group to help advocate as a successful small business owner. She has helped secure Top Hat as a legitimate and beloved local business. Tracy handles investor relations for Top Hat and is involved in strategic growth planning. John Nemeth, serves as the President of Top Hat. He has a background in large project management, real estate, and construction. John also has a passion for the cannabis industry and a vision to see it become the next great American Industry! Top Hat was founded in 2016 by Benjamin and Lacy Wilcox, Tracy LaBarge, and John Nemeth in Juneau, Alaska. Structured as a vertical integrated company which incudes, Top Hat Cannabis, Top Hat Concentrates and Top Hat Collective Retail.
    35m 11s
  • A Rich Mix Of Advice, Reporting And Award-winning Journalism

    31 JUL 2018 · Today on Mission Supercritical Andy is joined by Jason Lupoi and Celeste Miranda. Dr. Lupoi’s roots and passion run deep in the cannabis industry, most recently with RJ Lee Group. Jason has tremendous range and versatility as an editor, and his experience lines up perfectly with Extraction Magazine, a magazine that reaches extractors of every age in every pocket of the country with a rich mix of advice, reporting and award-winning journalism. Celeste Miranda’s journey into the legal marijuana trade began in 2012, when she took a leap of faith and decided to focus her established marketing company solely on cannabis. Since re branding as The Cannabis Marketing Lab, Celeste has helped countless cannabis entrepreneurs build their business through an integrated strategy that includes social media promotion, packaging design and product roll-outs. In recent years Celeste has taken on an activist role as the founder of MC4MS, a non-profit with the mission of pushing state and federal legislators to loosen restrictions that impede research on the medical benefits of cannabis for treating multiple sclerosis.
    34m 38s
  • Aggregating Content And Partnering With Industry Experts

    31 JUL 2018 · Today on Mission Supercritical our host Andy Joeseph is joined by Rob Meagher. Rob is a publishing executive with more than thirty years experience. Now he is bringing his expertise to cannabis. His company, CBE Press Inc. is an integrated business to business media company serving the marijuana industry. CBE Press currently publishes CBE Press LLC distinguishes itself as the premier authority by aggregating content and partnering with recognized industry experts.
    37m 12s
  • Done Cannabis –What’s Next?

    17 JUL 2018 · Today on Mission Supercritical Andy i joined by Mark Webb from Aromatic Medicine. Mark says he knew from childhood that he would be a scientist or chemist. He was inspired to pursue studies and a career in Aromatic Medicine after attending a workshop with Ron Guba in the 1990’s. Guba, who studied aromatherapy with France’s Dr. Daniel Pénoël, has been described as “Australia’s leading proponent of Aromatic Medicine”. Mark Webb’s definition of ‘Aromatic Medicine’ is “the use of extracted aromatic compounds by ALL body interfaces (channels of absorption) and dose forms to effectively treat a wide variety of physical, psychological and spiritual (body, mind, spirit) conditions and diseases.” By the way, Mark suggests we learn French in order to access the rich resource of current and historical botanical and ‘aromathérapie’ material available in that language.
    37m 18s
  • Research And Development Stage Of Processing Botanical Material

    13 JUL 2018 · Today on Mission Super critical Andy is joined by Devin Patten from Tree People Botanical. Tree People Botanical is not a cannabis extraction company. They are based in New Jersey, as of right now we are awaiting pending legislature and an opening of the application process to become a cannabis business. Currently they are in a research and development stage of processing botanical material other than cannabis using Apex equipment. They market their specialty products locally at farmers markets and soon their online store. Tree People's overall strategy is to develop a line of products, as well as the necessary expertise, that can be easily translated into cannabis products once our state laws allows them to do so. They are finding this to be a unique strategy to overcome many of the challenges that arise to new and aspiring cannabis businesses.
    35m 5s
  • Safe, Reliable, Proven Products Ready For Phase I Formulations

    9 JUL 2018 · Albert is an operationally focused executive who leverages his strategic vision to increase production. He has a background in program management and portfolio management. Albert is an Agile Certified Practitioner through the Project Management Institute, Certified Scrum Master, Agile Coach and Certified Scrum Product Owner. Albert has been a part of and helped build, many successful companies to include: ClickFox, The Regis Company, Qualvu,, and Medicine Man. He is responsible for successfully managing several multi-million-dollar projects from Visa, MasterCard, Google, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Accenture, AT&T, Verizon, John Deere, Bose and many more. Albert holds a B.S. from Metro State University and a graduate degree from Colorado State University Business School. MedPharm is a phytopharmaceutical and intellectual property holding company that has been created to develop innovative cannabis products, using accepted pharmaceutical formulation techniques, to reliably produce identifiable and replicable dosage forms for human use.MedPharm will lead the industry in developing products to improve the human condition and better the lives of those who suffer from the disease. It is MedPharm’s intent to position itself to have safe, reliable, proven products ready for Phase I formulations when such trials become available.
    33m 22s
  • High-Quality Extracts With No Added Chemicals

    25 JUN 2018 · Today on Mission supercritical our host is joined by Bryan Haskins, Minister of Pi (CEO) at Materia Medica Extractions. Based out of California’s SF Bay area, Materia Medica specializes in CO2 extractions. They focus on producing safe, high-quality extracts with no added chemicals. Before extraction, all plant materials are tested for pesticides and we work with growers who use OMRI certified growing techniques. They pride themselves on producing whole plant extracts with an explicit focus on maintaining a strain’s identity by not removing its cannabinoid profile and preserving its terpenes. This provides for their patients the most natural and strain-specific entourage effect. This determined whole plant process produces vapes with an experience that is as close to the flower as you can get, with the convenience of a vape pen.
    40m 49s

Our mission is to discuss extraction, processing, business practices and lessons learned with the established experts of the extraction process. Mission: Supercritical is presented by Apeks Supercritical, the leading CO2...

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Our mission is to discuss extraction, processing, business practices and lessons learned with the established experts of the extraction process. Mission: Supercritical is presented by Apeks Supercritical, the leading CO2 extraction equipment manufacturer. The host of our program who navigates our broadcast is a US Navy veteran, and the founder and president of Apeks Supercritical, Andy Joseph.
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