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  • What "Going Full Tilt" Can Do To Your System

    26 MAY 2024 · Join Coach and Advocate, Jana M. Smith, and Kristin as they talk about how emotional dysregulation impacts those of us on the Neurodivergent Spectrum.
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  • Anonymous Addiction Stories: Addicts in the Dark

    22 MAY 2024 · Join "Quick Nick" AKA Ari Daniel, host of the exceptional podcast, Addicts in the Dark discussing his show with Kristin.  About Ari: Growing up, my battle with addiction began at just 14 years old, plunging me into a lifelong struggle that often felt like an uphill battle. Despite finding success in my career as a radio host, addiction lurked in the shadows, casting a dark cloud over my achievements and tarnishing my sense of self-worth. In the world of broadcasting, there's an unspoken pressure to be larger than life, to always be "on" and ready to entertain. It's a realm that demands perfection, or at least the illusion of it, and this expectation weighed heavily on me. Behind the microphone, I grappled with demons that few knew about, using addiction as a coping mechanism to numb the stress and anxiety that came with trying to meet my own expectations of success. It wasn't until I started my journey of recovery that I truly began to understand the depth of my struggle. I realized that addiction wasn't just about the substance itself – it was about the void it filled, the pain it masked, and the connections it severed. In my lowest moments, I found solace in the realization that the opposite of addiction wasn't just sobriety, but genuine human connection. That's why I started my podcast – to create a space where people could share their stories, free from judgment or shame. I wanted to show others that they weren't alone in their struggles and that there was a community of support waiting for them. Through the power of storytelling, I hoped to break down the stigma surrounding addiction and foster a sense of belonging for those who needed it most.
    Played 45m 59s
  • Why Do We Stay? Stephanie Quayle on Toxic Relationships

    22 MAY 2024 · Join Kristin and Stephanie discussing her new book on our most downloaded topic: toxic relationships. Stephanie Quayle is a Nashville recording artist who tours the world with her music and an entrepreneur with her own record label, Big Sky Music Group. Rolling Stone Country called her “an artist you need to know,” CMT named her as part of its “Next Women of Country” franchise, and she’s appeared on popular programs like The Kelly Clarkson Show and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. As an indie artist with two Billboard charted singles, “Selfish” and “Whatcha Drinkin ’Bout,” she has repeatedly performed at CMA Fest and the Grand Ole Opry. The Montana native has teamed up with recognizable brands like Wrangler, Harley-Davidson, Bass Pro Shops, Montana Silversmiths, as well as, Lucchese Bootmaker in the creation of her exclusive boot line. Quayle’s latest album On the Edge chronicles her personal experience in a toxic relationship and the healing she’s gone through since—inspiring others and redefining her future.It is with great honor, joy, and a healthy dose of nerves that Stephanie shares with you her debut book, It will be on shelves April 30, 2024 and is available for preorder now online everywhere books are sold.Why Do We Stay? is a continuation of the story she shared publicly for the first time on her album On the Edge, and with some additional insights from my friend W. Keith Campbell, PHD, they explore how to spot a toxic relationship, how to get out, and how to heal.
    Played 59m 4s
  • Nuerodiversity: Women on the Spectrum

    6 MAY 2024 · Join Kristin and Robin Tate as they talk about what being Neurodiverse means and how to navigate relationships while on this incredible spectrum! About Robin Tate: I am a trained Coach with ten years of teaching experience. As a Neurodivergent woman, I have a lifetime of personal and professional experiences with Autistic/ADHD/AuDHD adults and neurodiverse relationships. This foundation of lived experience and professional knowledge has shaped my unique coaching/education practice. My work is trauma-informed, strength-based, and person-centered. I am passionate about educating and helping couples build safe, inclusive homes where each person can be authentic.  If you’re working with me be ready to grow and reach your unique life and couple's goals. It's a privilege to help my high-achieving Neurodivergent clients accommodate and break through their obstacles.  As a life-long learner I am always looking for opportunities to enhance my strengths.  I hold a Master of Arts in Counseling and a Master of Science in Reading. I am credentialed as a Board Certified Coach (BCC), Associate Certified Coach (ACC), and Certified Autism Specialist (CAS). With a focus on Autistic individuals and their relationships, I trained with The Association for Autism & Neurodiversity (AANE). I hold AANE certifications as an "AsperCoach" and a Neurodiverse Couples Coach. I am a UCLA PEERS "Certified Young Adult Provider." I have also trained with JST Coaching Training, The Professional Christian Coaching Institute (PCCI), and The International Association of Neurodiverse Christian Couples. I have completed Gottman Level 1 and 2 training.  Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. I am here to help my clients co-create goals, build awareness, and develop the tools (executive function, communication, regulation, etc.) necessary to achieve success. I look forward to helping you learn and create better ways to handle the challenges standing in your way.
    Played 1h 10m 57s
  • Creating Art on Your Mental Health Journey

    4 APR 2024 · Join guest David Robatin and Kristin as they discuss his mental health journey. Creating art became a way to work through alcoholism, mental illness, and more. David studied communications and art at Denison University and has been painting for quite a long time.He started to share his work more widely and continue to progress as a thinker and artist as I try new ways to explore his figures. He uses mostly acrylics on art boards and canvas, and continue pushing the boundaries within his specific style. He has been influenced by everything from chiaroscuro to color field, from Dali to Rothko. Emotional connection is the reason why he works in the style he developed.He wants the viewer to find themselves in his paintings and apply their own story. He explores the positive and negative feelings that we all go through...and wants to find a common experience with the viewer.
    Played 1h 47s
  • On Going Healing: Mother Daughter Estrangement

    20 MAR 2024 · Join the amazing mother and daughter from the Which Way podcast, Shari and Jann Simmons, with Kristin discussing the healing journey of mothers and daughers.  In Which Way?…Mother and daughter tell parallel stories about trauma and its impact on the generations that follow. Jann Simmons’ story is a heart wrenching account of an orphaned child who suffered brutality at the hands of her mother, as well as many others. As an adult, Jann’s mind was closed to the horrors of her abuse, betrayal and abandonment until the day they all came flooding back to her conscious mind. That awareness began a 40-year transformation from a passive victim to resilient warrior. As a young teen, Shari struggled to make sense of her mother’s pain, but as a career mental-health therapist, she began to understand her mother’s journey and learn how trauma affects the brain. She offers strategies in this book for those suffering from past or present trauma or for those who love someone who is suffering. Both women tell their stories and drive home the fact that the choices we make can lead to self-hatred and resentment or to a life of courage, healing and beauty. Which Way? is an unforgettable story of love and transformation that will resonate with mothers, daughters, trauma survivors, those who love them and those who’ve made a career out of helping them heal. As authors and motivational speakers, a dynamic mother/daughter duo whose passion and expertise leave audiences inspired and equipped with tools to manage trauma, stress and relationships. When not speaking, Shari is a consultant, professor and licensed therapist who works with adolescents, adults, couples and families. Jann is a personal coach for women who have experienced past trauma. Both women have witnessed the power of unlocking personal stories and the resiliency that follows.
    Played 54m 58s
  • The Mental Health Impact of a "Karen"

    8 MAR 2024 · Join Dr. Mary Jones and Kristin as they talk about the dreaded but accurate title of "Karen" on entitled women. Not an easy conversation in this age of internet hate but we do the best we can!
    Played 1h 7m 38s
  • Did Your High School Have a Mental Health Department?

    7 FEB 2024 · Did your high school have an entire mental health department? Our host, Kristin, certainly did not experience this in the 80's at her high school! Tune in to hear two new podcasters to join our network that are currectly in high school (2024). Brannagh and Diya, two women we want to support with everything we can, created Y.A.N.A. (You are never alone) to help support mental health awareness for themselves and their peers! One of their amazing teachers is also a podcaster on the network, Amanda Grieme, of Who They Are We are juniors at Moravian Academy High School located in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. Mental health has played a major role in both of our lives. We believe mental health is of paramount importance as it directly influences our overall well-being and quality of life. It's the foundation for our emotional, psychological, and social well-being, and it impacts how we think, feel, and act daily. Good mental health enables us to handle life's challenges, cope with stress, build positive relationships, and make informed decisions. When mental health is neglected, it can lead to a range of issues, including depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders, which can adversely affect every aspect of our lives. Their Mission Our mission-goal:Around late June of 2023, we established a podcast called YANA LV which stands for You Are Not Alone Lehigh Valley. As of November 2023, we have established roughly 20 episodes and have more in the making. In these episodes, we interview a multitude of people ranging from individuals with disabilities to teachers, psychologists, authors, and individuals with varying disorders such as bipolar, etc, and ask them to discuss how their life experiences correlate with mental health. We believe prioritizing mental health through seeking support when needed and reducing stigma around mental health issues is essential for living a fulfilling and productive life. Our story:So why did we create YANA LV? Although we have both struggled with our mental health and wanted to establish a new coping mechanism it was two different experiences that led us to the creation of this podcast turned organization. For Brannagh it was her brother with autism who often found himself struggling with his mental health. She wanted to show him he was not alone. For Diya, it was how mental health and Indian dance correlate, especially how her instructor's mental health was impacted.
    Played 37m 25s
  • Transforming After Toxic Love

    25 JAN 2024 · Join Kristin and Stephanie as they discuss her podcast Toxic Love Transformation. Stephanie McPhail, M.S. has a Double Masters Degree in Health and Education, a Bachelors in Psychology, Certified Crisis Counselor, Certified Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Toxic Relationship Recovery Expert who specializes in helping professional women discover who they are after a toxic divorce/breakup so they can rebuild their lives to be happy whether single or in a relationship. Author of two books, Being Loved Shouldn’t Hurt book and workbook which were number one new release, Interviewed on FOX, featured in New York Weekly, Hosts a Weekly Cable Show Kick Unhealthy Relationships to the Curb, On the CORE counsel of Experts for Avaiya University, on the board of a non-profit.
    Played 51m 2s
  • Embracing Autism for the Entire Family

    10 JAN 2024 · Join Dr. Stephanie Holmes and Kristin as they talk about her new book, speaking and podcasting at the annual Converge Autism conference, and exciting new developments in the world of Autism. Stephanie's new book, Embracing the Autism Spectrum: Finding Joy & Hope Navigating the NeuroDiverse Family Journey, invites readers on a transformative journey into the realm of neurodiversity. Whether you're a family living with autism, an educator seeking to enhance your inclusive practices, or a dedicated advocate, this book offers invaluable insights and strategies to promote healthy neurodiverse marriages and families. Drawing from her background as a former licensed professional counselor (LPC), an ordained minister, an author, and a certified autism specialist, Dr. Holmes weaves a narrative that bridges the gap between personal experience and professional expertise. She earned her bachelor's degree in psychology from Campbell University, her Master's in counseling from Liberty University, and her doctorate in education from Abilene Christian University, equipping her with a deep understanding of the complexities of neurodiversity. As a mother whose world shifted when her daughter Sydney was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, Dr. Holmes transitioned from a thriving marriage and family therapy practice to a mission of advocating for neurodiverse individuals. This book encapsulates her journey, offering practical guidance for families moving from merely surviving to thriving. 'Embracing the Autism Spectrum' is not only a resource for families but also an eye-opening guide for educators. Dr. Holmes and her family shed light on the unique challenges and complexities that neurodiverse families face, enabling educators and leaders to serve every member of their communities more effectively and inclusively.
    Played 35m 57s

Keeping it real about mental health. Our guests and listeners are from all over the globe and all walks of life. The signature show on Mental Health News Radio Network...

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Keeping it real about mental health. Our guests and listeners are from all over the globe and all walks of life. The signature show on Mental Health News Radio Network - the world's first podcast network dedicated to our favorite subject: Mental Health!
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