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Memoirs of a Father

  • A Clear Conscience

    13 JUN 2019 · When facing hard decisions, do you pay attention to your conscience? And is it necessarily wise to trust this inner voice? God gave everyone an internal sense of right and wrong. In fact, reflecting His truth inwardly is one way that He reveals Himself to mankind. The conscience is a divine alarm system that warns us of oncoming danger or consequences. Its primary purpose is protection and guidance.
    8m 4s
  • God Has a Purpose for Storms

    12 JUN 2019 · Psalm 119:71 Perhaps you’ve seen a TV show in which a distracted person is about to step in front of a moving vehicle. Then suddenly another character races onto the scene, tackling him to prevent a catastrophe. Stunned and indignant, the near-victim fumes and swats at his rescuer—that is, until realizing he has just been saved from a far worse outcome. What at first seemed like a bad thing turns out to be very good.
    4m 8s
  • The Hard-Hearted Believer

    11 JUN 2019 · Hebrews 3:12-19 The believer’s path toward a hardened heart can start innocently enough—it’s easy for us to become preoccupied with things that have little or no spiritual value. Once our focus is diverted from God, it doesn’t take much for the preoccupation to take up greater amounts of time. The diversion can become so consuming that we end up ignoring matters of importance to the Lord.
    7m 30s
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  • The Blessings of God

    3 JAN 2019 · Ephesians 1:3-14 Everyone experiences difficulty in life. During painful times, we may feel as though God is not blessing us. But even then, we are experiencing many of His amazing gifts, despite the fact that they might be escaping our notice.
    3m 45s
  • The Riches if the Grace of God

    2 JAN 2019 · Ephesians 1:1-8 What would it take for you to consider yourself rich? Would it require a healthy bank account? A fancy new car in the garage? The freedom to go online, click a few buttons, and have anything you want delivered right to your door?
    7m 20s
  • A Heart of Gratitude

    1 JAN 2019 · 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 Today’s passage instructs us, “In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thess. 5:18). That directive might seem easy when life is going well. But if painful situations arise, expressing gratitude can become difficult.
    6m 14s
  • God is Good

    24 DEC 2018 · Psalms 100 One of the earliest truths a child learns in Sunday school is that God is good. The simplicity of these three words masks the depth of such a remarkable attribute of the Lord. He is absolutely perfect and holy, which means that He alone is the standard of all righteousness. And since the expression of the Father’s goodness is revealed in His actions, all that He does is just and right, because He cannot violate His own nature.
  • Victory Over Guilt

    22 DEC 2018 · 1 John 1:9 At times people are bound by guilt long after the feeling should have been resolved. For some, this is appropriate because they refuse to give up the sin that brought it on. Others suffer the weight of false guilt because they harbor shame that doesn’t belong to them. Whatever the root cause of your self-condemnation, the battle plan remains the same.
    5m 22s

With the thought of leaving a legacy to my sons, I am recording a 1 year daily devotional that they can have and fall back on. I hope this blesses...

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With the thought of leaving a legacy to my sons, I am recording a 1 year daily devotional that they can have and fall back on. I hope this blesses you as well.
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