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  • Dennis Prager, one of America’s most respected radio talk show hosts, joins Man Up!

    4 DEC 2019 · Dennis Prager, one of America’s most respected radio talk show hosts, joins Man Up!
    Played 50m 2s
  • Fritz Coleman, the popular Los Angeles weatherman for KNBC, joins us this week!

    27 NOV 2019 · Fritz Coleman, weathercaster for KNBC-TV in Los Angeles, joins Man Up this week! Did you know Fritz was a comedian and disc jockey who has written and performed two one-man theater acts, titled The Reception and It's Me! Dad!.
    Played 50m
  • Stephen Chbosky, novelist, screenwriter, and film director makes for one of our funniest shows!

    20 NOV 2019 · In what might be our funniest show yet, the guys welcome superstar author/filmmaker Stephen Chbosky, who wrote the biggest Young Adult bestseller of the 2000s, 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower," wrote and directed the movie of it, and now is the author of the new horror thriller novel "Imaginary Friend," described by many as "Stephen King with Christian undertones." They also take on the fact it's illegal to sleep on the streets in Las Vegas but legal to urinate anywhere in San Francisco, then tell about a guy who got arrested for eating a sandwich on a subway platform and Carl talks about his own ticket for eating a Subway on the subway! Plus hear all about the Arkansas cop who got arrested for dancing naked in a nightclub.
    Played 53m 9s
  • Ed Asner, the most honored, seven times, male performer in the history of the Primetime Emmy Awards!

    13 NOV 2019 · The guys welcome legendary actor ED ASNER, whose 7 Emmys gives him more than any male actor in history! They also talk about how 80 percent of Millennials feel they're "not good enough," about how people nationwide are killing each other to get hold of Popeye's chicken sandwiches, how Kanye led 2000 people to Christ at just ONE of his concerts, and how a drunk man stole a motorized cart from a Wal-Mart thinking he couldn't get a DUI if he didn't drive his own car! You gotta hear this!
    Played 52m 2s
  • Liv Teixeira, Life Results Coach, teaches #ManUp a thing or two

    5 NOV 2019 · Our special guest this week is life results coach Liv Teixeira, and the guys discuss the funniest news of the week affecting men, including a judge allowing a teenager to sue the Washington Post for $250 million, how two beauties managed to flash their breasts on national TV at the World Series and how a guy managed to steal a $1000 worth of scotch by stuffing it down his pants! Tune in!
    Played 49m 21s
  • John Kasich, longtime congressman, Ohio governor teaches us ways to bring about change!

    30 OCT 2019 · The guys discuss the dangers of a new wave of robot soldiers being created by the US Army and whether this will finally subject us to robot overlords, plus they dare each other to take part in the scariest haunted house on the planet and pay tribute to the hero of the week: a man who adopted five siblings so they could all stay together! Then they have VERY special guest JOHN KASICH, the longtime congressman, Ohio governor and 2016 presidential candidate who is the author of the terrific new book "It's Up to Us: Ten Little Ways We Can Bring About Change"! Man UP has got a real power player in the house, so tune in!
    Played 52m 43s
  • Jeff Allen tells how he went from atheist drug addict to Christian comedy superstar

    23 OCT 2019 · The guys welcome star comic Jeff Allen, who's become a superstar on the Christian comedy circuit through his appearances on "Thou Shalt Laugh" and "The Apostles of Comedy" tours and videos, as he shares his amazing journey from atheism and drug abuse to faith, while giving hilarious rants about everything under the sun! The guys also take on LeBron James' crazy attack on the NBA exec who praised Hong Kong protests against Communist China and "Sesame Street" using Muppets to teach five year olds about the opioid crisis! Tune in!
    Played 50m
  • Alonzo Bodden: The "Last Comic Standing" champ on his Middle East tour, motorcycles and more!

    15 OCT 2019 · This week's guest is "Last Comic Standing" champion and standup comedy superstar Alonzo Bodden, whose latest special "Heavy Lightweight" is currently on Amazon Prime! And the guys have fun with a crazy week of news, telling you about a man who won $750,000 suing his ex-wife's lover and how you can do it too! Plus they share details of an outrageous Snoop Dogg concert at University of Kansas that made the school publicly apologize, discuss the surprising friendship between Ellen DeGeneres and former President George W. Bush, give kudos to a Colorado boy who saved his high school from a shooter and has now become a Marine, and name two guys who tried to pour beer down a wild alligator's throat as the Boneheads of the Week! Tune in!
    Played 49m 59s
  • Art Laffer: the surprisingly funny, legendary Reagan economist schools the guys on economics

    9 OCT 2019 · Ron has a bucket list experience geeking out on economics with legendary economist Art Laffer, who created the two biggest tax cuts in American history under Presidents Reagan and Trump! He and the guys get schooled on everything about economics and the Laffer Curve, while Art expounds in really funny fashion! Also they take on the week's news, including how New York City will now fine you $250,000 if you say "illegal alien," how a city building in Portland had a $195 million overhaul but forgot to include urinals, and how actor Randy Quaid (Cousin Eddie from the "Vacation" movies) is getting ready to clean out the s***er in Washington, DC by running against Adam Schiff! You gotta hear this!!
    Played 52m 23s
  • Jeremy Cowart: the internationally renowned photographer shares his profound life wisdom

    3 OCT 2019 · Jeremy Cowart was named the "Most Influential Photographer on the Internet" by Huffington Post, Forbes and Yahoo in 2014. He's also an incredible creative philanthropist and the author of the terrific motivational book "I'm Possible: Jumping Into Fear and Discovering A Life of Purpose". He shares his wisdom with the guys, after a hilarious first half in which they talk about how Argentina's economy is so bad people can't even afford condoms and how Colorado just became the sixth state to legalize toplessness for women and much more! Fasten your seatbelts, it's a wild one!
    Played 52m 43s

Join co-hosts Antonio Delgado, Carl Kozlowski and Ron Pearson each week as they take a humorous look at the top news stories affecting modern manhood — with the help of...

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Join co-hosts Antonio Delgado, Carl Kozlowski and Ron Pearson each week as they take a humorous look at the top news stories affecting modern manhood — with the help of celebrity guests.
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