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Main Street Mavericks Radio with Donna Gunter

  • Tessa Stowe, Happiness Path Finder

    9 OCT 2018 · Tessa Stowe wants to see a world where people know how to be happy and are happy most of the time, no matter what significant events have happened in their lives. An event or crises often causes us to "wake up" and realize that being as happy as we can be is urgent. The event or crisis that delivers this wake-up call could be something like the loss of a loved one, divorce/separation, illness, loss of a job, a financial crisis, or a natural disaster. Or it could be waking up one morning asking, "Is this it? Surely there must be more to life. What did I miss since I'm not as happy as I thought I'd be by now?" Tessa's goal is for no one to miss out on being as happy as they can be because they don't know how to be, or they are following the wrong formula. For many years she was following the wrong formula for happiness. She was doing all those things you are "supposed to do." She ended up being busy, stressed out and unhappy, and it almost cost her everything. Join our interview with Happiness Path Finder, Tessa Stowe, and discover: - What you can do to be happier - How to fit this happiness regimen into an already full day - How to get yourself to do those things that you know will make you happy - How you can access the benefits of happiness - Happiness is a learnable skill Tessa Stowe is the founder of "Saying YES to Happiness" and helps those who are ready to move forward and be happy after a significant event has sucked happiness out of them. Tessa does this by teaching quick, easy, fun, and effective happiness practices that you can fit into your day. Tessa is NOT a counselor, a therapist or a psychologist in happiness. Instead, her happiness expertise comes from two main areas: real life and extracting the gems from mountains of information and research by happiness scientists and scholars. For more information about Tessa and the "How to Reclaim Happiness Roadmap" mentioned in the call, visit Main Street Mavericks Radio with Donna Gunter
    41m 10s
  • Liz Wenman, UK's Premier Classic and Vintage Car Rally Organizer

    18 JUN 2018 · Liz Wenman is the founder and director of Rally Round, as well as a genuine motorsport enthusiast. Having previously followed Superbikes, Liz has been involved with historic cars for many years alongside her husband and stepson, both of whom compete. Liz has driven on several events ranging from the Pyrenees Rally to the 2010 Peking-Paris. It was those experiences that inspired her to set up her own rally company, focusing on customer care and relaxed competition, allowing ample time to socialize and explore the wonders of the world. The goal of Rally Round is to help their clients travel with their best friends to spectacular destinations in their own vehicle that may have been recently purchased or a family heirloom. They provide the support from the time clients sign up to join the rally, which is usually 18 months to 2 years before the start, to the end of the rally. They help organize their shipping of their cars, their documentation and then they look after them providing all accommodation, food and beverage, medics, mechanics and media for the duration as well as the route and road books, decals and numbers, insurance, and prizes at the end. To learn more, contact Liz at Main Street Mavericks Radio with Donna Gunter
    40m 37s
  • Beth Christo, Tampa Area Luxury Property Realtor

    9 APR 2018 · Beth Christo is a luxury property realtor with Re/Max Realty Unlimited, has been in real estate in the Tampa, FL, area since 1999, and has a diverse background including assisting real estate investors, facilitating residential sales, and counseling homeowners dealing with foreclosure and short sales. She has experience in luxury homes as well as helping first-time home buyers. Beth conducts all the research and footwork to provide all the information clients need to make the best decision, as well as provides them with information about lifestyle and individual neighborhood "personalities" that the online listings don't include. She has access to a proven first-class network of professionals on which she can depend to provide excellent service during the sales process, including a mortgage lender, inspector, title company, real estate attorney and insurance professional. Whether her client is a buyer or seller, the sales process boils down to asking more questions to discover what the client needs and wants and being clear and honest about what she and what they can expect. Beth has created systems to ensure that the client knows what is happening throughout the process as well as the market knowledge and experience to provide the information and services Tampa-area residents need to make their next real estate transaction a great experience. For more information about Beth, visit her website, Main Street Mavericks Radio with Donna Gunter
    38m 26s
  • Amy Praskac, Austin, TX Professional Organizer on End-of-Life Planning

    28 FEB 2018 · In this episode, Amy Praskac discusses the importance of being prepared for a medical emergency or end of life. She tells stories along with lessons to be learned and shares observations from her organizing practice. Amy Praskac reunited with her high school sweetheart only to be widowed a few years later. Her experience served as a springboard for a new career as a records organizer specializing in end-of-life planning. Her book, The Critical Information Workbook: Creating a Road Map for Your Family, helps you record all of the information that you might need in any emergency. Amy believes that being organized frees one to lead a more fulfilling life. Amy's book is available on Amazon at Main Street Mavericks Radio with Donna Gunter
    22m 28s
  • Amanda Bodkin, Enrolled Agent with the IRS on Common Myths of Tax Debt and Negotiation

    28 FEB 2018 · In this episode, Amanda Bodkin discusses what to do when you owe the IRS. Amanda breaks the whole process down from the beginning, with common IRS notices, to the end of the negotiating process. She explains the IRS jargon and all the forms needed to complete this process. Amanda Bodkin is an Enrolled Agent with the IRS and author of the book, Win the IRS Game: A Step-by-Step Guide to Negotiating Your IRS Tax Debt. She is experienced in tax preparation, tax planning, representation, and payroll taxes and has worked with over 1,000 clients on their finances to determine a financial plan and negotiate a payment resolution with the IRS. She enjoys helping clients navigate the complex world of small business and tax law. Amanda's book is available on Amazon at Main Street Mavericks Radio with Donna Gunter
    29m 3s
  • Thomas Schmitt - Automotive Management Professional on Building Relationships Is Key to Managing a Successful Car Dealership

    21 JUN 2017 · In this episode, Thomas Schmitt, automotive management professional, discusses how building relationships is key to managing a successful car dealership. Thomas has noticed that many dealerships are still viewing customers as numbers rather than as people. Tom Chesser, owner of Solutions Plus made an appearance on this episode of Main Street Mavericks Radio. Tom provides custom-tailored solutions for business owners who need to gain an advantage in the market place. His slogan is "Solutions that put more money in your bank account." Thomas goes on to say that everything that happens in a car dealership is about relationships, from the customer to the bank to the dealership employees. In order to get happy customers, a dealership needs to show that they are willing to work with the customer. Because dealership management is so overwhelmed with paperwork, they don't have the opportunity to review how their sales team is making sales. Thomas has extensive experience directing multi-franchise dealerships from small to high volume scale and has been acknowledged for his superior ability to recruit, develop, train, and retains top talent across all areas of the dealership. As an award-winning management professional, he has a strong record of success in directing dealership operations to increase sales, profitability, market share growth, and CSI scores and improve used car departments. He has excelled in providing leadership, strategy, and visioning in architecting and executing successful turnarounds of several underperforming and down trending dealerships. His expertise encompasses multiple brands and price points, including Infiniti, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Honda, Toyota, and Chevrolet. If you would like to learn more about Thomas' amazing track record, recommendations and awards please visit, email him at or call him at 818-522-4777. Main Street Mavericks Radio with Joel Helfer
    30m 38s
  • Peter Cotton – Sales Talent Recruiter – Best Sales Talent Improves Bottom Line

    11 MAY 2017 · In this episode, Peter Cotton, President of Best Sales Talent, LLC, discusses how small and medium-sized companies can significantly improve their bottom line when they invest in attracting and hiring the best sales talent. As an executive recruiter, Cotton has nationwide contacts of client companies and candidates. He also has a national network of fellow recruiters who work with him to find the most outstanding candidates. Cotton and his firm act as consultants to help employers find the best sales, sales management and marketing individuals who have a reputation for building profitable business relationships with new and existing customers. Peter is a talent acquisition professional offering management consulting services in the search and recruitment of the best sales, sales management and marketing professionals. He says that employers need to know exactly what they are looking for and what they need before they set out to hire anyone. "If they don't know what they are looking for, they will never know if they found it," he says. When it comes to sales talent, the profession of selling is a very specialized skill that takes time and practice to perfect. Identifying the best sales talent is a specialized skill that Peter has refined over forty years. He views sales as a consultative process of understanding customer needs and problems and then solving those customers' problems and satisfying their needs. Cotton operates on the basic principle of "it takes one to know one." Before entering the recruiting profession, he was an award-winning salesman and sales manager for GAF, a Fortune 500 company. In 1977 he became the President and owner of MRI-Sales Consultants of Rhode Island, a franchised office of MRINetwork, the world's largest executive search firm. For 37 years he operated that business which conducted search, recruitment and placement of sales, sales management and marketing talent. In 2014 he became the President and owner of Best Sales Talent, LLC in Massachusetts, where he continues with the same recruiting specialization of sales, sales management and marketing talent. Peter has more than four decades of experience in this area. Capitalizing on his own sales management experience, Peter co-authored a book for the American Management Association, How To Be An Effective Sales Manager. Utilizing his sales and organizational management skills, while he was operating his recruiting business, Cotton became the Founder and President of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Rhode Island. The all-volunteer Rhode Island chapter was the 75th in the U.S. and was the fastest start-up in the charity's national history. The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Rhode Island granted more than 1,000 wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses in less than ten years. For more info about Peter, visit his website, Main Street Mavericks Radio with Joel Helfer
    39m 22s
  • Steve Kiges, Co-Founder of The Coach Training Academy on 2-Day ICF Accredited Fast Track Professional Coach Training

    25 APR 2017 · In this episode, Steve Kiges, co-founder of The Coach Training Academy, discussed several programs that he offers through The Coach Training Academy. The core program is the 24-week International Coach Federation accredited program for people who are busy and those who want to up their game by adding coaching to their current offerings. The second program, the Fast Track Program, is not for everyone. It is designed for motivated individuals that want a fast paced, turn-key certified coaching model that will allow them to hit the ground running. This is tailor-made for people who do coaching as a part of their regular job, like therapists, social workers, physicians, lawyers, etc. but don't have a certification in coaching. One key difference in the programs is that the 24-week program includes business and marketing information on how to build your business as a coach and market a coaching practice. One of the obstacles that coaches face is the fact that prospective clients are often not ready to take action. Steve explains that oftentimes, coaches often take that personally, when, in fact, it has nothing to do with the coach and everything to do with where the prospect is in his/her life. The prospects may not be ready for another failure or challenge in their lives or may need therapy rather than coaching. Steve Kiges is a speaker, author, entrepreneur, coach trainer, and Certified Master Life Coach: a distinction held for coaches who have logged over 5000 hours with clients. After a fifteen-year international performing and university teaching career, Steve became restless and wondered what the world of business would be like. He immersed himself in business by taking classes and searched out top business mentors. Within a short time, he became Vice President and partner at Mercedes Dental Software. With Steve's energy and perseverance Mercedes grew to be one of the largest Dental software companies in North America. After selling Mercedes, Steven moved on to pursue his real lifelong dream, touching people's lives. Steve is a Master Neuro-Linguistic-Programmer, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist (American Board of Hypnotherapy), Time Line Therapy Specialist and a Certified Master of Communication Skills. He brings to his clients a wide array of techniques and applications that help them get unstuck and reach goals quickly. For more information about Steve, you can call him at 360-312-7372 or visit his website at or Main Street Mavericks Radio with Joel Helfer
    34m 12s
  • Owen Moon, CEO of on Hyperlocal & Targeted Advertising for Car Dealerships

    20 APR 2017 · In this episode, Owen Moon, CEO of, discussed hyperlocal and targeted mobile advertising for car dealerships. Owen notes that about 75% of all Internet usage is done through a mobile device and when people go to their mobile device, they will start with a mobile app. The advertising shows up for the consumer when it is makes sense for the consumer as they are living their lives. Because the ads are locally-based, the ads can be shown to the consumers in that specific geographic marketplace when they are on their mobile devices. This mobile marketing help dealerships find car shoppers and buyers and connect them via advertising on mobile devices to get them to walk into car dealerships. These ads are served up as messages on popular apps such as The Weather Channel and ESPN. They put these ads in front of car shoppers multiple times. Statistics show that between 30 and 50 percent of people who go to dealerships end up buying a car or at least using the dealer for servicing of their existing vehicles. His mobile messaging and advertising service can be used for other business as well, like restaurants. For more information about Owen, visit his website at Main Street Mavericks Radio with Joel Helfer
    35m 51s
  • Craig Petronella – Raleigh, NC Top Cybersecurity Expert and IT Authority on the Importance of Employee Computer Security Awareness Training

    17 APR 2017 · In this episode, Craig Petronella, Amazon #1 Best-Selling author and CEO of Petronella Technology Group, Inc., discusses how to educate employees about corporate policies in working with IT about security issues. The training is delivered through online video and follow up exercises to assess each employee's comprehension of the training. Craig goes on to say that there are a series of tests, or trust factors, that each employee should complete when receiving an email to ensure it is safe to open. First, check to see if you recognize the person and email address that has been sent to you. Second, if there is an attachment, determine whether you were expecting an email with an attachment from that person. Third, look at the type of attachment to see if it is formatted with a recognized program (Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, etc.). Fourth, look at the links in an email and ensure that they are going where you expect them to go by hovering your mouse pointer over the link to see the destination and make sure it matches. Fifth is to look at the language used in the email and determine if it matches the sender's normal language pattern. If you fail to follow these trust factors and your system is breached, it may be months before you discover the breach and the ramifications of a breach. Another protection against malicious software or malware is to use next generation antivirus technology that protects against 99% of the threats. However, these solutions are typically only available to corporations with 5,000 employees or greater. Craig has developed a partnership to deliver this type of protection to much smaller businesses to avail them of the same protection afforded to large corporations. When combining this software with security awareness training and good data backup, the lower the risk your business has for a breach. Infection with ransomware, or where a company's data is held hostage until a ransom is paid, can completely destroy a business. Your company can also be easily infected by one of your vendors, who is unaware that their system has been hacked. Because the infection and impact can be months, if not years, apart, it is often difficult to connect the two. Craig Petronella, Raleigh, North Carolina's top cybersecurity expert and IT authority, has authored multiple books, including How HIPAA Can Crush Your Medical Practice and Peace of Mind Computer Support. He has spent thirty years advising clients and protecting computer information. Craig makes sure your medical practice network works when you need it the most, and is a celebrity in his field and hometown. Craig is frequently quoted in the local Raleigh news and appears on local TV news for his expertise in protecting local businesses and medical practice owners from hackers halfway around the world in places such as Ukraine, Russia, and China. For more info about Craig, visit his website, or call him at 1-877-468-2721 and request his "9 Ways to Prevent a Ransomware Attack" infographic or his Antivirus Audit special. Main Street Mavericks Radio with Joel Helfer
    30m 41s

Main Street Mavericks Radio brings you insights and strategies of exceptional Main Street businesses serving friends and neighbors in their communities as educators and advocates for their customers. With this...

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Main Street Mavericks Radio brings you insights and strategies of exceptional Main Street businesses serving friends and neighbors in their communities as educators and advocates for their customers. With this show, we build the awareness of the importance of Main Street businesses across the nation because they are the places where we do business, make memories, and help our communities thrive.
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